Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Thomae to Towle

Charles Thomae & Son, Inc. / The Thomae Co.

Attleboro, MA 1920-c. 2015
Founded by father Charles Thomae and his two sons Charles G.
Thomae and Herbert L. Thomae then owned by grandson Charles F. Thomae.  Makers of sterling holloware, novelties and baby items.  The oldest marks are the crown/Old English T/lion.

Henry E. Thomas

Nashville, TN 1839-1840

Thompson & Ranger

Brattleboro, VT c. 1850-1878
Daniel B. Thompson and Bethuel Ranger. Thompson died in
1876 and continued under the same name until 1878 when
Ranger took Thompson’s son as a partner, changing the name to Ranger & Thompson.

Daniel B. Thompson

Brattleboro, VT  c. 1817-1876
Partnered with Bethuel Ranger in the firm of Thompson & Ranger 1843-1868.

James Thomson

New York, NY 1834-1841

William Thomson

New York, NY  1810-1833

Tiffany & Co.

New York, NY 1853-Present
Founded by Charles L. Tiffany and began as Tiffany & Young in 1837. Website.
See flatware patterns.

Tiffany, Young & Ellis

New York, NY  1841-1853
Retailers. Successor to Tiffany & Young.  Became Tiffany & Co.

Tifft & Whiting

North Attleboro, MA 1840-1853
Founded by Albert Crandall Tifft and William Dean Whiting.  Makers of sterling holloware and jewelry, with flatware production beginning in 1847.  Whiting bought out Tifft in 1853, the company became W.D. Whiting & Co., the precursor to the Whiting Mfg. Co.

Tilden-Thurber & Co. / Tilden-Thurber Co.

Providence, RI  1880-1991
Founded by Henry Tilden and Gorham Thurber, and William H. Thurber.  Successor to Henry T. Brown & Co., with roots back to 1856.  Went by the name Tilden-Thurber & Co. from 1880 until 1892 when the business incorporated, changing its name at that time to the Tilden-Thurber Corporation.  Manufacturing ceased c. 1980 and they continued as dealers in art and antiques to c. 2015.

James R. Tillotson

Terre Haute, IN 1859-1877

Samuel Tingley

New York, NY 1762-1767 and Philadelphia, PA 1796

Foster Tinkham (1803-1871)

New York, NY 1837-1847 and Middleborough, MA c. 1855-1865

Benjamin H. Tisdale

Newport, RI 1812-1859 and Providence, RI c. 1824
Was in the partnership of B.H. Tisdale & Son with Henry Tisdale 1850-1855.

Albert Titcomb

Portland, ME 1823-1828 and Bangor, ME c. 1830-1888
Was in the partnership is Ilsley & Titcomb with David Smith Ilsley
1825-1826 then later the partnership of A. & P. Titcomb with his
brother Philip Titcomb 1835-1837.

Titlow & Fry

Philadelphia, PA 1844-1847

James Titus (1811-1858)

Philadelphia, PA c. 1833 and 1856-1858 and Easton, PA c. 1850-1856
Silversmith and watchmaker.

Edward Todd & Co.

New York, NY 1869-c. 1930
Primarily makers of high end writing instruments; also made
sterling souvenir spoons and novelties.

George S. Tompkins

Newport, RI c. 1814 and Providence, RI c. 1816-1834
Silversmith and watchmaker.

Daniel Toncray (1778-1829)

Martinsville, VA (now WV) c. 1799, Allegheny Co., MD 1800-1803;
Shelbyville, KY c. 1803; Nelson Co., KY 1807-1810; Louisville, KY 1813-1828; and Memphis, TN 1829.

Silas Tracy Toncray

Shelbyville, KY c. 1812; Little Rock, AR 1821-1829; and
Memphis, TN 1829-1847
Being a Baptist minister, Toncray formed the first Baptist church in Little Rock.  Upon his move to Memphis, it is unclear as to whether or not he continued silversmithing.

James Horne Took (Tooke)

St. Louis, MO c. 1842-1860
Began advertising as both a dentist and a jeweler in 1859.

Toronto Jewelry Mfg. Co.

Toronto, ON, Canada c. 1900-1915

Totten & Sommer Co.

North Attleboro, MA 1884-1898
Founded by Albert Totten and John J. Sommer.  Jewelry manufacturers and makers of small sterling items.

Towle & Jones / Towle, Jones & Co.

Newburyport, MA 1857-1873
Founded by Anthony Francis Towle and William P. Jones when they acquired the business of their master, William Moulton IV.  Became Towle, Jones & Co. in 1870.  Became A.F. Towle & Son Co. when Towle’s son, Edward Bass Towle, became a partner in 1873.

Towle Silversmiths / Towle Manufacturing Co.

Newburyport, MA 1882-Present
Roots go back to 1690 with William Moulton II. Founded by Anthony Francis Towle as a separate company from A.F. Towle & Son.  The Towle “lion T” logo was created in 1890.  Acquired some of R. Blackinton & Co. dies in 1967.  Acquired Poole Silver Co. in 1970. Became a part of the Syratech Corporation in 1986 then Lifetime Brands in 2006.  Major manufacturer of sterling flatware and holloware.
See flatware patterns.

A.F. Towle & Son Co.

Newburyport and Greenfield, MA  1873-1900
Founded by Anthony Francis Towle and his son Edward Bass Towle. Successor to Towle & Jones.  Began as A.F. Towle & Son Mfg. Co. in Newburyport, changing it to A.F. Towle & Son Co. in 1883.  The company moved to to Greenfield in 1889.  The business failed in 1900, and George C. Lunt purchased it in 1902 and formed Rogers, Lunt & Bowlen (Lunt Silversmiths).
See flatware patterns.

E.J. Towle Mfg. Co.

Seattle, WA 1938-1980
Successor to the Joseph Mayer Co. Succeeded by West Earth, Inc. 1980-1985 which in turn was succeeded by the Metal Arts Group in 1985-2014 and then by The Tharpe Robbins Co. and moved to Attleboro, MA.

Henry Towle

Haverhill, NH 1805-1850