Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Ames to Ayres

Ames Manufacturing Co.

Chicopee, MA  1829-1920
Founded by brothers Nathan Peabody Ames and James Tyler Ames.  Well known maker of knives and swords, they were the first company in the U.S. to cast bronze statues.  Their sterling division was sold to Gorham c. 1872, although their mark continued to be used for many decades.

AM’N Sterling

See American Sterling Co. in Silverplate section.

Amston Sterling Co.

Meriden, CT c. 1905-1960
Acquired c. 1940 by the Ellmore Silver Co.  Flatware dies were purchased by the Crown Silver Co.  Makers of sterling flatware, holloware, and jewelry.
See flatware patterns.

Anco Silver Co.

New York, NY c. 1920-1927

L.D. Anderson Jewelry Co.

Reading, PA  1901-1944
Makers of sterling jewelry and souvenir spoons.

Andras & Richard

New York, NY  1797-1799
William Andras and Samuel Richard.

John Andrew (1747-1791)

Salem, MA 1769-1788
Andrew had a branch location in Cambridge, MA.

Henry Andrews

Philadelphia, PA 1795-1800

Jeremiah Andrews

New York, NY 1774-1776; Philadelphia, PA 1779-1788;
Augusta, GA 1788-1789; Savannah, GA 1789-1790; and
Norfolk, VA 1791-1817

Charles H. Ankeny / C.H. Ankeny & Co.

Richmond, IN 1867-1879 and Lafayette, IN 1879-1908
In the partnership of Seib & Ankeny in Richmond 1867-1869.  Was in the firms of C.H. Ankeny & Co. in 1879-1896, Ankeny & Erisman with Charles Q. Erisman c. 1901-1902; and C.H. Ankeny & Co. again c. 1905-1908.  Ankeny died in 1908, and the business of C.H. Ankeny & Co. continued until 1931 when it was succeeded by the Hays Jewelry C0.  Silversmith and jeweler.

Joseph Anthony, Jr. (1762-1814)

Philadelphia, PA 1783-1814
Formed J. Anthony & Sons when sons Michael and Thomas Anthony joined him 1810-1814.

Lorenzo Dow Anthony / L.D. Anthony & Co.

Providence, RI c. 1832-1894
Anthony was in the firms of Clark & Anthony 1836-1837 and
L.D. Anthony & Co. c. 1850-1894.

Apollo Silver Co.

New York, NY c. 1898-1932
A subsidiary of Bernard Rice’s Sons. Makers of sterling novelties and silverplate holloware.  Sterling dies were acquired by Garden Silversmiths.

James Appleton (1785-1862)

Marblehead, MA 1823-1833 and Portland, ME 1833-1852
Was in the partnership of J. & J. Appleton with son James Appleton, Jr. 1834-1849.  Served as a colonel in the War of 1812, later promoted to brigadier general.

George B. Appleton

Lowell, MA c. 1849-1852 and 1875-1892 and
Salem, MA c. 1855-1872

Ariston Silversmith Corp.

New York, NY 1930s
Makers of sterling holloware.

Dorland P. Armer (1843-1910)

Richmond, KY 1865-1902 and Richmond, IN 1902-1904

James R. Armiger / James R. Armiger Co.

Baltimore, MD 1866-1896
Was in the partnership of Justis & Armiger with John C.C. Justis 1877-1892.  Armiger died in a house fire in 1896, and the business was incorporated that same year as the James R. Armiger Co. and remained in business until c. 1970.

George Armitage

Philadelphia, PA 1797-1825
Maker of military insignia and silverplater.

Allen Armstrong

Philadelphia, PA 1806-1817

Thomas Arnold

Newport, RI 1760-1817

Arrowsmith Silver Corp.

Brooklyn, NY c. 1960-1966
Succeeded by Garden Silversmiths.

Artcraft Silversmith Co., Inc.

New York and Mount Vernon, NY 1927-Present
Manufacturers of sterling holloware.

Art Silver Shop / Art Metal Studios

Chicago, IL 1918-1934
Edmund Boker and Ernest Gould founded the Chicago Art Silver Shop in 1912, changing the name to Art Silver Shop in 1918. The focus of the shop changed to primarily jewelry in 1934 and the name was changed again at that time to Art Metal Studios. Makers of handwrought sterling Arts & Crafts holloware and jewelry.

Asheville Silvercraft

See William Waldo Dodge, Jr.

Charles Asmann (Asman)

Cincinnati, OH c. 1854 and Covington, KY 1863-1906
Primarily a jeweler and retailer.

Attleboro Chain Company

Attleboro, MA 1909-1915
Maker of sterling vanity items and jewelry.

Marshall Attmore

Philadelphia, PA 1821-1837

Ebenezer Austin

Charleston, MA Before 1761 and Hartford, CT 1761-1787

Elijah J. Austin

Vergennes, VT 1825-1843

Nathaniel Austin (b. 1734 d. 1818)

Charlestown, MA c. 1760-1776 and Boston, MA 1776-1816

Thomas Merrill Austin

Erie, PA 1840-c. 1890
Silversmith and jeweler.

Harvey Avedon

New York, NY c. 1940-c. 1965
Maker of sterling and gold men’s accessories and jewelry.

James Avery, Craftsman, Inc.

Kerrville, TX 1954-Present
Primarily a jewelry maker with a focus on Christian jewelry, they also make some small sterling items.

John Avery, Sr. (b. 1732 d. 1794)

Preston, CT 1765-1794
Silversmith and clockmaker.

John Avery, Jr. (b. 1755 d. 1815)

Preston, CT c. 1776-1815

Samuel Avery

Preston, CT c. 1779
Son of John Avery, Sr.

Ayers & Beard

Louisville, KY  c. 1820-1831
Elias Ayers and Evans C. Beard.

Socrates Ayers (Ayres)

Elmira, NY 1835-1837; Penn Yan, NY 1837-1844; and
Elmira, NY 1844-c. 1877 and c. 1891-1894
Was in partnership with Amasa M. Badger in the firm of Ayers & Badger 1835-1836. He went into the insurance business by 1878 and continued in that occupation until his son, Frederick S. Ayres, and he formed a jewelry and insurance business as S. Ayres & Son c. 1891-1894.  Silversmith and jeweler.

Ayres & Haydon

Lexington, KY 1811-1813
Samuel Ayres and Noah Haydon.

Samuel Ayres

Lexington, KY 1787-1823 and Danville, KY 1823-1824
Silversmith and jeweler. In the partnerships of Ayres & Haydon
1811-1813, Ayres & Hiter with John G. Hiter c. 1813, and Ayres &
Jameson with John D. Jameson 1817-1818.

Thomas Robinson Jamison Ayres (1805-1883)

Danville, KY 1823-1857 and 1861-1864 and Keokuk, IA 1865-1878.
Son of Samuel Ayers.  Was in the partnerships of R.V.V. Bailey & Co. in 1866; Ayres, Mann & Ayres 1866-1868; and founded the jewelry business of T.R.J. Ayres & Sons 1868-1878.