Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Ballou to Beauchamp

B.A. Ballou & Co.

East Providence, RI 1871-2009
Founded by Barton Allan Ballou. Manufacturers of gold and sterling jewelry, findings, and novelties.

Boris Bally

Providence, RI  1980-Present

Baltimore Silversmiths Mfg. Co.

Baltimore, MD  1907-1910
Succeeded by the Heer-Schofield Co.

Baltimore Sterling Silver Co.

Baltimore, MD  1896-1904
Originally founded by Charles C. Stieff in 1892 as the Florence
Sterling Silver Co., the name was changed several months
later in 1893 to the Sterling Silver Mfg. Co. and changed again
in 1896 to the Baltimore Sterling Silver Co.  In 1904 it became
The Stieff Co.  Makers of quality sterling flatware and holloware.

Adrian Bancker

New York, NY c. 1725-1772

John J. Bangs

Maumee City, OH 1837-1839 and Chillicothe, OH 1839-1870

James L. Banker (1839-1929)

Albany, NY  1896-1902

Banks & Hatch

Portland, ME  1837-1858
A partnership between Edward Prince Banks and William Henry Harrison Hatch. Silversmiths, jewelers, and watchmakers. Both men continued to work independently after the partnership dissolved.

Edward P. Banks

Portland, ME 1830-c. 1870
Was a partner in the firm of Banks & Hatch with William H.H. Hatch c. 1837-1857.

Michael & Maureen Banner

Chicago, IL 1964-1969; Glencoe, IL 1969-1975; West Stockbridge, MA 1976-1977; and Monterey, MA 1977-Present
Makers of quality handwrought sterling holloware and jewelry.

Barbour Hobson Co.

Hartford, CT 1890-1892
Formed as a merger between I.J. Steane & Co. and Barbour Bros. Co.  Precursor to the Barbour Silver Co.

Barbour Silver Co.

Hartford, CT 1892-1899 and Meriden, CT 1899-1943
Founded by Samuel L. Barbour. Succeeded Barbour Bros. Co. and the Barbour Hobson Co. One of the founding companies of International Silver Co. Makers of sterling and silverplate holloware.  The BSC mark continued to be used in conjunction with an International Silver mark through at least the 1930s.  Their silverplated wares are marked BSCEP.

Bard & Lamont

Philadelphia, PA 1841-1845
A partnership between Conrad Bard and Robert Lamont.

C. Bard & Son

Philadelphia, PA 1849-1859
Began by Conrad Bard and son Edwin Milford Bard.

Conrad Bard

Philadelphia, PA c. 1825-1854
Was in the partnerships of Bard & Hoffman with Frederick Hoffman 1837-1838, Bard & Lamont 1841-1845, and C. Bard & Son from 1850 until his death in 1854.

J. & S. Barkley (Barklay)

Baltimore, MD 1812-1816
Joseph and Samuel Barklay.

Edward Callistus Barlow (1829-1897)

Georgetown, KY  1851-1897
Silversmith and jeweler.

James M. Barlow (1812-1892)

Lexington, KY 1835-1845; Georgetown, KY 1845-1848; and
Salt Lake City, UT 1850-1870
Silversmith and jeweler.

James P. Barnes

Louisville and Jeffersontown, KY 1848-1887

Archibald Barnet

Baltimore, MD c. 1791

Samuel Barrett

Nantucket, Hingham, and Hull, MA c. 1765-1800

James Madison Barrows

Tolland, CT 1828-1831

Standish Barry

Baltimore, MD 1784-1810
In the partnership of Rice & Barry with Joseph Rice 1785-1787.

Barstow & Williams

Providence, RI 1888-1906
Nathaniel Barstow and Walter S. Williams. Makers of sterling and
silverplate jewelry, souvenir spoons, and novelties.

Edward M. Bartlett (1808-1874)

West Chester, PA c. 1833-1840 and Philadelphia, PA 1843-1850
Was in the partnership of Butler & Bartlett with Henry W. Bartlett 1834-1835.

Israel Bartlett (1748-1838)

Newbury, MA 1769-1800 and Haverhill, MA 1800-1838
Served as a Massachusetts state senator 1810-1811 and

Nathaniel Bartlett

Concord, MA  c. 1760

Samuel Bartlett (1752-1821)

Woburn, MA 1776; Concord, MA 1775-1795; and
Cambridge, MA 1795

E. Barton & Company

New York, NY 1814-1823
A partnership between Erastus Barton and Isaac Marquand.

Benjamin Barton (b.1803 d. 1887)

Alexandria, VA 1816-1887
Silversmith, watchmaker, and instrument maker.

Joseph Barton

Stockbridge, MA 1791-1798 and Utica, NY 1804-1832
Was in the partnership of Barton & Porter with Joseph Sewall Porter 1811-1816.

William Bartram

Philadelphia, PA c. 1769

Hiram Baxter Bascom (b.c. 1808-1843)

St. Louis, MO  1832-1843
Partnered with Horace P. Woodbridge c. 1835.

E. & J. Bass

New York, NY c. 1895-c. 1930
Acquired dies of Reeves & Browne and of Bachrach & Freedman in 1900.  Makers of sterling and silverplated novelties.

Bassett & Warford

Albany, NY  1800-1805
A partnership between Nehemiah B. Bassett and Joseph Warford.

Nehemiah Beach Bassett (1770-1844)

Albany, NY 1795-1819 and Schenectady, NY after 1820
In the partnership of Bassett & Warford 1800-1805.

Bates & Klinke, Inc.

South Attleboro, MA 1919-Present
Founded by Harold Bates and Oscar F. Klinke. Makers of sterling
souvenir spoons and military insignia along with brass and silverplated souvenir wares.

Battin & Co.

Newark, NJ  1894-c. 1927
Founded by John D. Battin.  Makers of sterling and gold novelties.

Louis Bauman / L. Bauman & Co.

New York, NY and Mobile, AL 1838-1843; St. Louis, MO 1844-1872
Was in the partnership of L. Bauman & Co. 1866-1872.

Henry F. Bayeux

Troy, NY 1801-1842
Was in the firms of H. Bayeux & Son 1825-1833 and H. Bayeux & Co. 1839-1842.

Simeon A. Bayley (b.c. 1758)

New York, NY  1784-1799
Was in various partnerships:
VanVoorhis, Bayley & Coley 1784-1785
Van Voorhis, Bayley, Coley & Cox in 1785
Alexander & Simeon Bayley in 1791
Bayley & Douglas 1797-1799

John Bayly

Philadelphia, PA 1754-1785

Beach & Sanford

Litchfield, CT in 1785 and Hartford, CT 1785-c. 1788
Miles Beach and Isaac Sanford.

Beach & Son

Hartford, CT 1813-1828
Miles Beach and John Beach.

Beach & Ward

Hartford, CT 1790-1797
Partnership of Miles Beach and his former apprentice James Ward.

Andrew S. Beach

Nashville, TN 1847-1857
Silversmith and jeweler.

Miles Beach (1743-1828)

Goshen, CT c. 1770-1785 and Hartford, CT 1785-1828
In the partnerships of Beach & Sanford 1785-1788, Beach & Ward 1789-1797, and Beach & Son 1813-1828.

Caleb Beal

Boston, MA c. 1771-1800

H.L. Bean / H.L. Bean & Co.

Skaneateles, NY c. 1844-1850

Jacob Bear

Lexington, VA 1823-1860

Beasom & Reed

Nashua, NH  1834-1843
A partnership between William D. Beasom and Elbridge G. Reed. Silversmiths and dry goods merchants.

Evans C. Beard (1796-1864)

Louisville, KY  c. 1820-1864
Was in the partnership of Ayers & Beard with Elias Ayers
c. 1820-1831. Partnered with George A. Zeumar in the business of E.C. Beard & Co. 1831-1851.

John M. Beasley

Fayetteville, NC 1838-1886

W.D. Beasom & Co.

Nashua, NH  1831-1834

George Beatty

Harrisburg, PA 1808-1848
Silversmith and jeweler.

John Beauchamp

Bowling Green, KY c. 1847-1850 and Paducah, KY c. 1850-1870
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.