Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Cain to Cayce

Thomas Cain (1784-1856)

Petersburg, VA 1806-1807; Raleigh, NC 1807; Knoxville, TN 1809-1813; and Huntsville, AL 1816-1851
Was involved in a number of short lived partnerships:
Garner & Gain with John Garner in 1809.
T. & C. Cain with brother Claiborne 1812-1813.
T. & J. Cain with brother James 1816-1819.
Cain & Miller with John Miller 1823-1824.
Cain & Murrell with William Murrell 1832-1833.
Cain & Fisher with Charles F. Fisher in 1844.

James E. Caldwell / J.E. Caldwell & Co.

Philadelphia, PA 1839-2009
James Emmett Caldwell worked independently 1839-1843.
He entered into partnership with James M. Bennett by the name
of Bennett & Caldwell 1843-1848. Started J.E. Caldwell & Co. in
1848, taking on John C. Farr as a partner. Silver manufacturing ceased around 1860.

G.R. Calhoun & Co.

Nashville, TN 1865-1885 and 1893-1916
The first partnership consisted of George R. Calhoun and A. Tyler and dissolved in 1885.  In 1893, George R. Calhoun and his sons George R. Calhoun, Jr. and Tyler Calhoun formed another G.R. Calhoun & Co. George R. Calhoun died in 1903 and the business was continued by his sons until 1916.

William Henry Calhoun / W.H. Calhoun & Co.

Nashville, TN 1835-1865
Was in partnership with J. Flowers as Calhoun & Flowers
1840-1844. Went by W.H. Calhoun & Co. 1855-1865.

Thomas G. Calvert (b. 1832)

Lexington, KY  1852-1899
Was in the partnership of Calvert & Burnet with Benjamin L. Burnet 1855-1857.  Stopped silversmithing in 1857, but continued to retail silver made by others and stamp these wares with his mark until 1899.

Cameron & Mallory

Delhi, NY  1833-1834
Daniel Cameron and Samuel Mallory.

Campbell & Church

Boston, MA 1833-1834
John Campbell and E.H. Church.

Campbell & Donigan

Nashville, TN 1853-1855
John Campbell and George Washington Donigan.  Silversmiths and watchmakers.

Campbell Metcalf Silver Co.

Providence, RI 1892-1898
Founded by Ernest W. Campbell and Joseph M. Metcalf.  Makers of sterling flatware and souvenir spoons.
See flatware patterns.

Campbell & Polk

Winchester, VA 1850-1856
Thomas Campbell and Robert I.W. Polk.

R. & A. Campbell

Baltimore, MD 1835-1854
Robert and Andrew Campbell.

John Campbell (1805-1875)

Fayetteville, NC 1826-1836; Cheraw, SC c. 1835; and Nashville, TN 1836-1855
Was in a number of partnerships:
Selph & Campbell with John Selph 1826-1829.
Campbell & Prior with Warren Prior 1834-1836.
Peabody & Campbell with John Peabody 1836-1837.
Campbell & Stevens with Abram Stevens 1849-1850
Campbell & Donigan with George W. Donigan 1853-1855

Robert Campbell (1799-1872)

Baltimore, MD  1818-1835
In the partnerships of:
Richards & Campbell with John R. Richards in 1819.
Montgomery & Campbell with Andrew Montgomery 1820-1822.
R. & A. Campbell with Andrew Campbell 1835-1854.
R. Campbell & Sons 1856-1859.

Robert Ely Campbell (1804-1860)

Ravenna, OH 1826-c. 1855

Thomas Boyle Campbell (1796-1858)

Winchester, VA  1821-1858
Was in the partnerships of Meredith & Campbell with James Meredith 1823-1824 and Campbell & Polk with Robert I.W. Polk 1850-1856.

William L. Campbell

Winchester, VA 1810-1815

Canada Manufacturing Co.

Montreal, QU, Canada 1890s

Lewis Burton Candee / L.B. Candee & Co.

Woodbury, CT 1826-c. 1835
Was in the partnerships of Curtiss, Candee & Co. 1826-1831 and
then Curtis, Candee & Stiles 1831-1835. Worked under the name
L.B. Candee & Co. after 1835.

Caney & Bradley

Batavia, NY 1887-1896
Aston W. Caney and C.C. Bradley. Succeeded by C.C. Bradley & Co.

Canfield & Bro.

Baltimore, MD c. 1835-1845
A partnership between Ira C. Canfield, William Canfield, and
Jared Canfield. Succeeded by Canfield, Bro. & Co.

Canfield, Bro. & Co.

Baltimore, MD  1845-1881
Ira Canfield, William Canfield and J.R. Arminger.  Succeeded by Welsh & Bro.

Samuel Canfield (1756-1814)

Middletown, CT 1780-1799; Lansingburgh, NY 1801;
New York, NY c. 1805; and Scanticoke, NY c. 1807.
In the partnerships of Canfield & Foote c. 1795-1796 and Canfield & Hall in 1805.

Cann & Dunn

New York, NY c. 1855 and Brooklyn, NY 1855-1857
John Cann and David Dunn.

George Cannon (Canon)

Warwick, RI c. 1800-1825 and Nantucket, MA 1825-1835

John W.H. Canoll

Albany, NY 1824-1848

Carence Crafters

Chicago, IL 1908-c. 1918
Founded by R.D. Camp, J.H. Dunham, and C.D. Greene. Makers of
handwrought, usually etched Arts & Crafts wares of various metals; some small sterling items and jewelry.

Henry A. Cargill (1811-1899)

New York, NY c. 1833-1836 and Nashville, TN 1836-1839
Was in the partnerships of Clark & Cargill c. 1833 and Clark, Coit & Cargill c. 1834-1836.

Willaim Cario (b.c. 1712 d.c. 1770)

Boston, MA c. 1735-1770

Carleton & Kimball

New York, NY c. 1820

James Hazen Carleton (1818-1893)

Haverhill, MA  1849-1853
Silversmith and jeweler.

Samuel T. Carley

Cincinnati, OH 1837-1865
Was a partner in a number of businesses:
Rhodes, Anthony & Carley in 1837.
Owen & Carley with William Owen 1846-1848.
Carley & Wray with Henry Wray in 1849.
S.T. Carley & Co. 1850-1852.

Abraham Carlile

Philadelphia, PA 1785-1795

David Carlson

Gardner, MA 1920-1931
A Boston Society of Arts & Crafts “Master Craftsman,” Carlson worked with Arthur Stone until 1919 then operated his own shop until his death in 1931.

Caron Bros.

Montreal, QU, Canada  1901-1933
Makers of military and other insignia, jewelry, and souvenir spoons.

Charles Augustus Carpenter (b. 1783)

Norwich, CT c. 1800-1804 Boston, MA 1807-c. 1810

Joseph Carpenter

Norwich, CT 1769-1804 and Canterbury, CT 1797
Silversmith and clockmaker.

M.W. Carr & Co.

Boston, MA 1870-1894 and West Somerville, MA 1894-1995
Primarily a picture frame manufacturer. Carr Craft is the brand name given to their sterling and metal wares.

W. Carrington & Co.

Charleston, SC  1853-1871
Founded by William Carrington and Adrian L. Michel.  Succeeded by Carrington, Thomas & Co.

William Carrington (1813-1901)

Charleston, SC NY  1835-1901
Was in the partnerships of W. Carrington & Co. 1853-1871 and Carrington, Thomas & Co. 1871-1901.

Carson & Hall

Albany, NY  1810-1818
Thomas Carson and Green Hall.

Thomas Carson (1785-1868)

Albany, NY 1810-1818 and 1834-1851; Pittsfield, MA 1819-1830
Was in the partnership of Carson & Hall with Green Hall 1810-1818.

Thomas H. Carson (1812-1862)

Albany, NY 1838-1844 and Geneva, NY 1845-1850

Carter & Caberey

Chicago, IL  1854-1859
Otis G. Carter and Harvey R. Caberey.

Carter, Howe & Co. / Carter, Gough & Co.

Newark, NJ
Originally began business as Pennington, Carter & Doremus in 1841, and after numerous partnership and name changes the company Carter, Howe & Co. was formed in 1902. A final change occurred in 1915 becoming Carter, Gough & Co. The firm closed in 1922. Primarily manufacturing jewelers, both companies used the mark shown.

Carter & Whitford

Concord, NH  1854-c. 1857
Abiel Carter and George H. Whitford.

Jacob Carter (1796-1881)

Concord, NH  1842-1872
In the partnership of J. Carter & Son with son Abiel Carter 1853-1854.  Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.


Paris, France 1859-Present and New York, NY 1908-Present
Founded by Louis Philippe Cartier; his grandson, Pierre Cartier, opened the New York shop.

Cary, Boynton & Woodford

Boston, MA 1835-1837
Isaac H. Cary, James Boynton, and Philip R. Woodford.

Lewis Cary

Boston, MA 1815-1834

William Williams Cary

Alton, IL 1836-1870 and Sacramento, CA c. 1870-1880
Silversmith and jeweler.

Clayton H. Case / C.H. Case & Co.

Hartford, CT 1868-1919
Was head of the firm of C.H. Case & Co. 1889-1919.

Samuel Casey

Exeter, RI c. 1745-1864 and South Kingston, RI 1764-1770


See Art Silver Shop

Stephen Castan & Co.

Philadelphia, PA 1819-1820

Daniel B. Castle

Buffalo, NY 1837-1882
Silversmith, watchmaker, and jeweler.  Was a partner in the firm of Castle & Morrell with Joseph Morrell 1840-1844 and later D.B. Castle & Co. with George G. Castle 1881-1882.

J. & W. Catlin

Augusta, GA  1823-1832
Brothers Joel and Willis Catlin.

Charles Catlin (b.c. 1816)

Athens, GA 1841 and Augusta, GA c. 1843-1853

Rebecca Cauman

Boston, MA c. 1900-c. 1940
Named a Master Craftsman of the Boston Society of Arts & Crafts in 1924.  Cauman specialized in making boxes and bowls, producing them in sterling, copper, and pewter.

Milton Cavagnaro

San Francisco, CA Late 1940s-1970s
Silversmith and modernist jeweler.

Eldred Beverly Cayce, Sr. (1837-1905)

Franklin, TN  c. 1865-1898
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.  Was in the partnerships of J.M. & E.B. Cayce with his brother John M. Cayce c. 1868-1869 and E.B. & J.A. Cayce with James A. Cayce c. 1872-1874.

John M. Cayce (1827-1902)

Franklin, TN  1850-1870
Silversmith and watchmaker.  Was in the partnership of
J.M. & E.B. Cayce with his brother Eldred B. Cayce c. 1868-1869.