Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Dalrymple to Dennison

John Dalrymple (b.c. 1772-1819)

Portland, ME  1810-1818
Silversmith and watchmaker.

Daniel Rice Dana (1817-1907)

Manchester, NH 1846-1850; Warren, RI 1856-1860; and
Smithfield, RI 1865

Payton Dana

Providence, RI 1800-1820 and 1823-1851; Pawtucket, RI 1820-1823
Was in the partnerships of Payton & Nathan Dana with his brother Nathaniel Dana 1803-1805; Payton Dana & Son with his son George F. Dana 1815-1816; and Dana & Dexter with William Dexter in 1820.

Thomas Dane

Boston, MA 1747-1759

Jacob Danner (1763-1850)

Middletown, VA  c. 1794-1850
Silversmith and clockmaker.

Elias Darby (1797-1879)

Elizabeth, NJ  c. 1830-1877

John Darby

Charleston, SC  1795-1830

John F. Darrow (d. 1834)

Catskill, NY  1811-1830

John Davanne (Davane, Daverne)

Baltimore, MD c. 1795-1801 and Charleston, SC 1801

John Davenport

Baltimore, MD  c. 1789-1793

Henry David

New York, NY c. 1842-1864

John David (b. 1736 d. 1798)

Philadelphia, PA 1755-1793

Peter David

Philadelphia, PA 1738-1750

Davis & Brown

Boston, MA 1810-1814 and 1820
Samuel Davis and Robert J. Brown.

Davis & Galt

Philadelphia, PA  1888-1913
Founded by Junius H. Davis and Charles E. Galt, with Galt leaving the company in 1894.  Makers of sterling flatware and holloware.

Davis, Palmer & Co.

Boston, MA 1837-1845
Thomas Aspinwall Davis, Julius A. Palmer, and Josiah G. Batchelder.

Davis & Watson

Boston, MA c. 1815
Samuel Davis and Edward Watson.

Davis, Watson & Co.

Boston, MA c. 1822-1825
Samuel Davis, Edward Watson, and Bartlett M. Bramhill.

Elias Davis (b. 1746 d. 1783)

Newburyport, MA c. 1875-1883

Isaac Davis

Boston, MA 1810-1813 and 1818

John F. Davis, Jr.

Boston, MA c. 1948-c. 2005

John Wheelwright Davis

Newburyport, MA c. 1824-1830
Was in the partnership of Moulton & Davis with Abel Moulton 1824-1830.

Joshua George Davis

Boston, MA 1794-1813

Robert Davis / Robert Davis & Co.

Concord, NH 1812-1840
Was in a partnership with Seth Eastman under the name of Robert Davis & Co. 1826-1828.

Samuel Davis (1775-1856)

Boston, MA  1807-1842
Was involved with several partnerships:
Davis & Brown 1810-1814 and again in 1820.
Davis & Watson in 1815.
Davis, Brown & Co c. 1816-1818.
Davis, Watson & Co. c. 1822-1825

T.A. Davis & Co.

Boston, MA 1835

Thomas Aspinwall Davis

Boston, MA 1824-1845
Was in the partnership of Davis & Morong with Thomas N. Morong in 1820.  Was in the firm of Palmer, Davis & Co. with Julius Palmer and Josiah Bachelder 1837-1845.  Served as Mayor of Boston in 1845.

Charles Davison (Davidson)

Norwich, CT  1803-1805

Clement Davison

New York, NY  1819-1838

Emily A. Day

Mid-20th century silversmith.
Made jewelry and small items in the modernist style.

John Day

Boston, MA 1820-1825

Sidney B. Day (1820-1895)

Macon, GA 1847-1860 and Livonia, NY c. 1867-1880
Day was in the partnership of Day & Maussenet with Edward Maussenet 1854-1860.

E.L. Deacon Jewelry Co.

Denver, CO  c. 1900-1912
Eugene L. Deacon.  Makers of sterling souvenir spoons.

DeForest & Co.

New York, NY  1827-1828

William C. Defriez (Defrees)

St. Louis, MO 1849-1881
Was a partner in the firm of Monroe & Defriez with James F. Monroe 1849-1859.

William De Hart

New York Late 1940s-1950s
Silversmith and modernist jeweler.

Deitsch Bros.

New York, NY  1889-c. 1930
Primarily leather goods manufacturers. Made sterling novelties and mounts for items such as crystal vases and leather wallets.  Continued making leather goods to the 1960s.

I.N. Deitsch

New York, NY  1904-1915
Makers of sterling novelties.

Jabez Delano (1763-1848)

New Bedford, MA  c. 1784

Jean Noel DeLarue

New Orleans, LA 1802-1842

William G. deMatteo

Bergenfeld, NJ 1919-1968
Maker of handwrought sterling holloware in the Arts & Crafts style.

William L. deMatteo

Williamsburg, VA and Alexandria, VA 1923-1988
Son of William G. deMatteo and maker of handwrought Arts & Crafts and antique reproduction flatware and holloware.  Was the master silversmith at the Colonial Williamsburg Restoration in Virginia.  Co-founded Hand & Hammer Silversmiths in 1979.

Andrew Demilt

New York, NY c. 1800

Benjamin & Samuel Demilt

New York, NY  1819-1835
The mark shown is from a spoon retailed by the firm.

Henry Dennery

New York, NY c. 1819

Dennis & Fitch

Troy, NY  1835-1839
Stephen A. Dennis and Dennis M. Fitch.

Dennison & Adams

Boston, MA  1839-1843
Aaron L. Dennison and George E. Adams.

Dennison, Adams & Co.

Boston, MA  1843-1846
Aaron L. Dennison, George E. Adams and John Casey Farnsworth.

Aaron Lufkin Dennison / A.L. Dennison & Co.

Boston, MA  1839-1849
Was in the partnership of Dennis & Adams 1839-1843 then
Dennison, Adams & Co. 1843-1846. Was in the partnership of
A.L. Dennison & Co. with Nathan Foster 1846-1849. Continued
after 1849 in the watch manufacturing business.

Eliphalet W. Dennison

Bangor, ME 1842-1847 and Boston, MA c. 1852-1855
Was a partner in the firm of Thompkins & Dennison 1844-1847.