Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Depasse to Dowry

Depasse Manufacturing Co.

New York, NY 1909-c.1920
Succeeded by Depasse, Pearsall Silver Co. Makers of sterling overlay and silver deposit items

Margaret De Patta

San Francisco, CA c. 1935-1964
Modernist studio jeweler. One of the founders of the San Francisco Metal Arts Guild.

Derby Silver Co.

Derby, CT 1873-1933
A well known silverplate manufacturer; did make some small sterling items until 1895.  One of the companies which formed International Silver in 1898.  The mark above was registered in 1888.

C.B. De Riemer & Co.

Auburn, NY 1831-1833 and Springfield, IL 1838-1842

John Deverell

Boston, MA 1784-1806

Abram Henry Dewitt

Columbus, GA 1847-1861 and Russell Co., AL 1865
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.  Left the trade in 1861 to become a sword maker for the Confederacy.

Dexter & Haskins

New Bedford, MA 1860-1879
Benjamin Dexter and Cyreneus W. Haskins.

Benjamin Dexter (1816-1879)

New Bedford, MA  1837-1879
Silversmith and watchmaker. In partnership of Dexter & Haskins
with Cyreneus W. Haskins 1860-1879.

Michael DeYoung

Baltimore, MD 1816-1836

Oscar J.H. Dibble

Savannah, GA  1839-1843
In the partnership of Dibble & Jacks 1841-1842.

Nathan Dickinson

Amherst, MA c. 1833-1853 and Romeo, MI 1853-1855

Pliny Dickinson / P. Dickinson & Co.

Springfield, MA 1820-1822 and Syracuse, NY 1828-1847
In the partnership of Dickinson & Hannum with John Hannum
c. 1843-1844.

Carl H. Didrich (1878-1940)

Chicago, IL  c. 1910-1940
Arts & Crafts era silversmith.

Aaron Dikeman

New York, NY 1821-1837 and Grand Rapids, MI 1837-1867
Was in numerous partnerships:
Dikeman & Jackson with Henry Jackson 1821-1822.
With Charles E. Bolza 1855-1857.
Dikeman & Marsh with E.S. March c. 1856.
Dikeman & Parks with Samuel D. Parks 1864-1867.

Richard Dimes

South Boston, MA 1908-1955
Acquired by the King Silver Co. in 1955; flatware dies were sold to the Manchester Silver Co.  Makers of sterling flatware and holloware.
See flatware patterns.

Isaac M. Dimond

New York, NY  1828-1841
In the partnerships of Gurnee, Dimond & Co. in 1829; Dimond, Gurnee & Co. 1830-1831; and Dimond & Tillotson 1831-1832.

Dirksen Silver Filigree Co.

Freeport, IL  1890-1905
Production ceased in 1904.

Gerritt Dirksen

Freeport, IL  c. 1856-1893
Founded the Dirksen Silver Filigree Co. in 1890.

Charles Edwin Disbrow

Norwalk, CT 1815-1840 and 1849-1850 and New York, NY c. 1825

Isaac Dixon

Philadelphia, PA 1843-1891
Was in the partnership of Isaac Dixon & Son 1872-1884.

John Dixwell

Boston, MA c. 1702-1725

Dodge & King

Boston, MA 1851-1852

Abraham Dodge, Jr.

Ithaca, NY 1820-1825
Was in the partnership of Munger & Dodge with Sylvester Munger 1824-1825.

John Dodge

New York, NY 1800-1818 and 1820-1826 and Catskill, NY 1818-1819
Silversmith and watchmaker.

Nehemiah Dodge (1774-1856)

Providence, RI  1794-1820
Master to Jabez Gorham in 1806.  Was in a number of partnerships:
Pitman & Dodge with Saunders Pitman c. 1790
With William Stanton 1796-1798
Dodge & Williams with Stephen Williams 1799-1805
With William Greene 1805-1806.

Seril Dodge

Providence, RI 1784-c. 1796 and Pomfret, CT c. 1796

William Waldo Dodge, Jr.

Asheville, NC 1924-1943
Trained as an architect at MIT, Dodge learned the silversmithing trade after he was wounded during WWI.  He continued to design homes and businesses, eventually working full time as an architect. Dodge produced handwrought Arts & Crafts sterling flatware and holloware which is much sought after today.  The Asheville Silvercraft mark was used prior to 1929.

Daniel Noyes Dole (1775-1841)

Newburyport, NH c. 1800-1811; Hallowell, ME c. 1812; and
Wiscasset, ME c. 1813-1814

Ebenezer Gove Dole

Hallowell, ME 1825-1885

Henry Lyman Dole / H. L. Dole & Co.

Hollowell and Cumberland, ME c.1855-1865 and
Haverhill, MA 1865-c. 1903
Operated as H.L. Dole & Co. 1865-1877. Silversmith and jeweler.

Joseph Doll

York, PA c. 1792-1795 and Harrisurg, PA 1797-1818

Dominick & Haff

New York, NY 1872-1928
The origins of Dominick & Haff can be traced back to Gale & Sticker in 1821. Important makers of a full line of sterling flatware and holloware.  Acquired by Reed & Barton in 1928.
See flatware patterns.

Dominion Jewelry Manufacturing Co.

Toronto, ON, Canada  1904-1910
Makers of souvenir spoons.  Acquired by Breadner Mfg. Co.

George Washington Donigan

Nashville, TN 1845-1864
In the partnership of Campbell & Donigan with John Campbell

Amos Doolittle

New Haven, CT 1775-c. 1800
Well known as an engraver. Served under Benedict Arnold in the Revolutionary War.

Samuel Dorrance (1778-1815)

Providence, RI  1795-1815

William Henry Dorrance (1809-1883)

Albion, NY  c. 1841-1883
Was in the partnership of Munger & Dorrance with Lyman F. Munger 1846-1851.

Joshua Dorsey

Philadelphia, PA 1796-1804

Leonore Doskow, Inc.

Montrose, NY 1934-2008
Founded by Leonore and David Doskow.  Handmade gold and sterling jewelry and novelties.

George Doty

Buffalo, NY c. 1835 and Detroit, MI c. 1837-1876

Ula N. Dow (1901-1980)

Duluth, MN c. 1925-1940s
Silversmith and jeweler.

The Dowd-Rodgers Co., Inc.

Wallingford, CT  1915-1937
Successor to the Biggins-Rodgers Co.

George G. Dowell

Philadelphia, PA c. 1843-1853
Was in the partnership of Dunlevy & Dowell with Robert Dunlevy, Jr. c. 1843-1846.

George Christopher Dowig

Philadelphia, PA 1745-1774 and Baltimore, MD 1774-1793

Downing & Phelps

Newark, NJ 1812-1824
A partnership between George R. Downing and Silas Phelps.

Downing & Woodward

New York, NY  1822-1823

George R. Downing (1790-1876)

Newark, NJ; Richmond, VA; and New York, NY 1812-1861
Silversmith and watchmaker. Downing was involved with many businesses, running concurrently in different cities at the same time:
Downing & Phelps with Silas Phelps in Newark, NJ 1812-1824.
G.R. Downing & Co. in Richmond, VA, 1818-1819.
G.R. & Benjamin Downing in New York, NY, 1828-1833.
Downing & Baldwin with Sam Baldwin in Newark, NJ, c. 1835-1844.
G.R. Downing & Co. with various partners in New York, NY,
1836-1837 and 1841-1847.
Downing, Hoyt & Canfield in New York, NY, with Henry I. Hoyt and George R. Canfield 1847-1848.
Downing & Hoyt with Henry I. Hoyt in New York, NY, 1849-1850.
G.R. Downing & Co. with his sons George R. Jr. and Theodore R. in New York, NY, 1855-1861.

Samuel P. Downing

Canadaigua, NY c. 1817

Dowry Sterling

A trademark of Oneida. Examples of the patterns under the Dowry name can later be found under the Oneida-Heirloom name.
See flatware patterns.