Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Faber to Fisher

W. Faber & Sons

Philadelphia, PA  1866-1897
Founded by William Faber, William T. Faber, and Charles H. Faber.

Fahy’s Watch Case Co.

Sag Harbor, NY 1881-1931
Manufacturer of silver and gold watch cases. Was assigned a number of design patents for flatware which were then made by Alvin.

Fairchild & Johnson Co.

New York, NY  1898-1905
Makers of gold pens, pencil cases, smoking accessories, and novelties.  Succeeded by Fairchild & Co.

Artemus O. Fairchild (1809-1872)

Wheeling, VA (now WV) 1839-1852; New York, NY c. 1854-1855;
and Campbell, MO 1860-1870
Was in the partnership of Fairchild & Taylor with an unknown partner in the 1840s and A.O. Fairchild & Son with K.H.S. Fairchild c. 1865-1867.

Caleb Fairchild (1795-1877)

Waterloo, NY  c. 1820-1874
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.

George Wilson Fairchild / G.W. Fairchild & Co.

Bridgeport, CT 1865-c. 1910
Silversmith and jeweler. Was in business as G.W. Fairchild & Co.
c. 1865-1867 and G.W. Fairchild & Sons c. 1890-c. 1910 which
continued in business until the 1960s.

Joseph Fairchild

New Haven, CT 1824-1837

Robert Fairchild (1703-1794)

Durahm, CT 1725-1747; Stratford, CT 1747-1767; New Haven, CT 1767-1789; and Pawling, NY 1789

A. Fairleigh & Co.

Elizabethtown, KY  c. 1837
Andrew Fairleigh with unknown partner.

James Fales (1780-1857)

Newport and Bristol, RI 1800-1829 and New Bedford, MA
In the partnership of Fales & Gooding with Josiah Gooding
c. 1820.  Silversmith and instrument maker.

Fara Co.

New York, NY c. 1960-1970

William Faris (b. 1728 d. 1804)

Annapolis, MD 1757-1804

Charles Farley (1791-1877)

Portland, ME  1812-1850
In the partnerships of Wyer & Farley with Eleazer Wyer 1814-1818; Farley & Baker with Edward Baker 1829-1830; and Farley & Hammett with George Hammett c. 1834.

Farnham & Ward

Boston, MA 1816
A partnership between Henry Farnham and Richard Ward.

Henry Farnam (1773-1833)

Boston, MA 1796-1830 and Hanover, NH c. 1833
Joined with brother Rufus Farnham during the years 1800-1807.  Was in the partnership of Farnham & Ward c. 1815 with Richard Ward.

Rufus Farnam (b. 1771)

Boston, MA 1795-1833
Partnered with brother Henry Farnham 1800-1807.  Silversmith and jeweler.

John C. Farnsworth

Boston, MA 1843-1853
A partner in the firm of Adams & Farnsworth 1846-1851.

John C. Farr / J.C. Farr & Co.

Philadelphia, PA 1823-1858
Worked as J.C. Farr & Co. 1837-1853.  Later went on to become a partner in the firm of J.E. Caldwell & Co. 1848-1856.

Farrington & Hunnewell

Boston, MA  1835-1888
Founded by John Farrington, Jr. and George W. Hunnewell.

James W. Faulkner

New York, NY 1840-1866

John Federhen, Jr. (b. 1812 d. 1898)

Boston, MA 1831-1897
Was involved in a number of partnerships:
Arthur & Federhen with H.G. Arthur in 1831.
J. & J. Federhen with his brother Jacob Federhen 1834-1841.
R.H. Towle & Co. c. 1848
Wm. Perry, Jr. & Co. 1849-1851.
John Federhen & Sons with sons John Federhen III and Herbert M. Federhen 1874-1897.

Fellows, Read & Olcott

New York, NY 1828-1833
Abraham Fellows, William T.B. Read, and J. Olcott.

Fellows & Storm

New York, NY 1827-1829
Lewis S. Fellows and John A. Storm.

Abraham Fellows

Montreal, QU 1806-1810; Troy, NY 1810-1835 and again 1844-1850;
New York, NY 1836-1839; Albany, NY 1841-1844; and
Buffalo, NY 1850-1861

James Knowlton Fellows / J.K. Fellows & Co.

Lowell, MA c. 1832-1855
In the partnerships of I.W. & J.K. Fellows with Ignatius W. Fellows 1833-1837; J.K. Fellows & Co. 1847-1853; and Fellows & Ordway with Henry Ordway c. 1855.

Fenno & Hale

Bangor, ME  1848-1860
Jeremiah Fenno and Charles Hale.  Silversmiths, watchmakers, and musical instrument dealers.

James Fenno

Boston, MA 1820-1834 and Lowell, MA 1834-1846

W.D. Fenno & Son

Worcester, MA c. 1850-1870
William D. Fenno and son Charles William Fenno.

John Ferguson

Philadelphia, PA c. 1800-1810

Ebenezer Ferren, Jr.

Manchester, NH 1844-1865

Ziba Ferris (1786-1875)

Wilmington, DE  1808-1866
Partnered with his son in the firm of Ziba Ferris & Son 1851-1866.

Ziba Ferris & Son

Wilmington, DE 1851-1866
Partnership between Ziba Ferris, Sr. and Ziba Ferris, Jr.

Fessenden Bros.

Boston, MA 1851-c. 1854
Thomas F. Fessenden and William B. Fessenden.  Succeeded by Bailey, Kettell & Chapman.

Fessenden & Co.

Providence, RI 1862-1922
Makers of sterling flatware, holloware, and souvenir spoons.
See flatware patterns.

John Fessler, Jr. (1787-1869)

Frederick, MD 1813-1860
In the partnership of John Fessler & Son with his father John Fessler 1817-1820.

Marshall Field & Co.

Chicago, IL 1904-Late 1940s
This well known department store established the Craft Shop where handwrought items were made and bore the Marshall Field logo.  A large array of items were made from sterling and other metals, although the majority of sterling items were made in the first half of their operation.  The items the Craft Shop produced were very popular, and the shop became a training ground for quite a number Arts & Crafts silversmiths who would later gain importance in their own right.
See flatware patterns.

Peter Field (b. 1783 d. 1837)

New York, NY  1802-1837
Was in the partnership of Peter Field & Son with his father Peter Field 1806-1807.

George Fielding

New York, NY 1731-1755 and Albany, NY c. 1765

Littleton G. Figg

Huntsville, AL 1843-1860
Silversmith and watchmaker.


Attleboro, MA c. 1920-1936
Makers of compacts and cigarette cases.  Incorporated under the name Shields, Inc. in 1936.

Michael C. Fina Co., Inc.

New York, NY  1935-2019
Founded by Rose and Michael C. Fina and Lou Ellmore.  Primarily
retailers, but did manufacture some sterling flatware and holloware.

William C. Finck Co.

Elizabeth, NJ 1897-1909
Makers of sterling souvenir spoons, novelties, and jewelry.

The Fine Arts Sterling Silver Co.

Morgantown, PA 1944-1979
Founded by Jerry N. Ashway.  Marketed a line of six patterns of sterling flatware and sterling and silverplate holloware, all
manufactured by the International Silver Co. and sold directly to the consumer.
See flatware patterns.

John P. Fireng

Burlington, NJ c. 1834-1870

Fishel, Nessler & Co. / Fishel Nessler Co.

New York, NY  1892-1936
Founded by Henry W. Fishel and Louis D. Nessler; successors to Fishel, Nessler & Quitman.  After a bankruptcy filing in 1910, the company was reorganized as the Fishel Nessler Co.  Makers of sterling vanity ware and jewelry.

Fisher Silversmiths, Inc.

Jersey City, NJ and New York, NY 1936-1978;
Florence, SC 1978-Present
Still in business but stopped manufacturing in the 1970s.  Successors to M. Fred Hirsch Co. in 1945.  Makers of sterling and silverplate holloware.

James Fisher

Auburn, NY c. 1820 and New York, NY c. 1821-1832