Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Fowle to Fuselli

Fowle & Kirkland

Northampton, MA  1828-1833
Nathaniel Fowle, Jr. and Samuel Kirkland.

John H. Fowle (1818-1891)

Northampton, MA c. 1840-1882 and Michigamme, MI  c. 1887-1891

Nathaniel Fowle, Jr.

Boston, MA 1803-1815 and Northampton, MA c. 1816-1833 with a branch in Charleston, SC 1806-1807
Was in the partnerships of John & Nathaniel Fowle with John Fowle 1805-1815 and Fowle & Kirkland with Samuel W. Kirkland 1828-1833.

Gilbert Fowler

New York, NY 1825-1830

John T. Fox (1822-1907)

Rochester, NY  c. 1840-1907
Was a partner in the firm of C.A. Burr & Co. 1857-1863.

Foxcroft & Clark

Baltimore, MD 1831-1838
A partnership between James A. Foxcroft and Gabriel D. Clark.

James Alexander Foxcroft (1791-1839)

Baltimore, MD  1822-1839
Was in the partnership of Foxcroft & Clark 1831-1838.

J.F. Fradley & Co.

New York, NY 1883-1936
Founded by Joseph F. Fradley, who began working in 1867 and started producing sterling goods in 1873. Makers of sterling holloware, vanity items, and novelties.

Edward Francis

Leesburg, VA 1828-1835; Raymond, MS 1837-1850; Brandon, MS 1860; and Henderson, TX 1870-1879

Nathaniel Francis

New York, NY 1803-1827

George Franciscus, Jr.

Baltimore, MD 1810-1818 and Lancaster, PA 1819-1840

The Franklin Mint

Franklin Center, PA 1963-Present
Founded by Joseph M. Segel.  Producers of currency for foreign countries.  Makers of a wide array of limited edition art and commemorative and items.

Alexander Frazer (d. 1810)

Philadelphia, PA c. 1795-1798; Paris, KY 1799-1801; and
Lexington, KY c. 1801-1810
Was in the partnership of Frazer & Phillips with Thomas Phillips in 1799.

Robert Frazer, Sr. (b. 1770 d. 1851)

Paris, KY c. 1799 and Lexington, KY 1799-1851
In partnership with Thomas Phillips as Phillips & Frazier c. 1799.

Robert Frazer, Jr.

Lexington, KY 1800-1860

William N. Frederick

Chicago, IL 1959-Present
Highly regarded silversmith, primarily producing ecclesiastic silver and ceremonial objects.

Noel Freeborn (1787-1869)

Newport and North Kingstown, RI  1810-1865

Freeman & Bennett

New York, NY 1853-1862
Norman A. Freeman and Edwin Bennett.

Freeman & Pollard

Norfolk, VA 1831-1835
Joseph M. Freeman and Lewis R. Pollard.

Freeman & Wallin

New York, NY 1842-1845
Norman A. Freeman and Samuel Wallin.

Joseph M. Freeman

Norfolk, VA 1828-1871
Silversmith and jeweler. Was involved in a number of businesses:
Freeman & Pollard with Lewis Ross Pollard 1831-1835.
J.M. Freeman & Co. with Fitch W. Burwell 1843-1844.
J.M. Freeman & Sons with sons Joseph M. Jr. and William
J.M. Freeman & Son with son Joseph M. Jr. 1854-1857.
J.M. Freeman & Son with son Arthur 1870-1871. Freeman retired in 1871 and Arthur continued in business until his death in 1908.

Norman A. Freeman

New York, NY 1842-1862
Was in the partnerships of Freeman & Wallin with James and Samuel Wallin 1842-1845 and Freeman & Bennett with Edwin Bennett 1853-1862.

Stephen Freeman

Montpelier, VT  1863-1872

Thomas W. Freeman (d. 1853)

Augusta, GA  c. 1836-1853
Silversmith and jeweler.

French & Franklin Mfg. Co.

North Attleboro, MA 1889-c. 1898
Makers of sterling flatware, holloware, and novelties.

G.H. French & Co.

North Attleboro, MA 1920-1939
Makers of sterling flatware and holloware and novelties. Acquired by the Ellmore Silver Co.

Elsie Freund

Eureka Springs, AR 1936-1995
Modernist studio jeweler.  Her “Elsa” mark is a shortening of her business name “Elsaramics”.

John Frick Jewelry Co.

New York, NY c. 1910-c. 1980
Makers of sterling medals, trophies, and miscellaneous small items.

Clemens Friedell

Pasadena, CA 1912-1920 and 1928-1963
Important maker of quality handwrought sterling holloware and jewelry.

Isadore V. Friedman

Chicago, IL 1920s
Made handwrought sterling items in the Arts & Crafts style.  Many of Friedman’s pieces also bear the mark of the Hull House Shops, which was an industrial museum where various crafts were carried on as demonstrations.

David H. Friend

Athens, AL 1818-1877

J. & P. Fries

Philadelphia, PA 1837
John and Phineas Fries.

John Fries

Philadelphia, PA 1830-1874

Phineas Fries

Philadelphia, PA 1837-1861
In the partnerships of J. & P. Fries in 1837 and P. Fries & Son with Edgar Fries 1866-1894.

Benjamin C. Frobisher

Boston, MA 1816-1842
In the partnership of Stodder & Frobisher with Jonathan Stodder 1816-1825.

Frost Arts & Crafts Workshops

Dayton, OH 1906-c.1920
Founded by George W. Frost. Produced handwrought wares in the Arts & Craft style in a variety of metals, including sterling.

Ebenezer Frothingham (Frotheringham)

Boston, MA c. 1779

John W. Fryer

Albany, NY c. 1784-1819
In the partnership of Balch & Fryer with Joseph Balch c. 1784.

Fuchs & Beiderhase

New York, NY 1891-1896
Founded by Rudolph Fuchs and George Beiderhase. Acquired by the Alvin Corp.
Makers of sterling holloware, novelties and vanity items.

Ferdinand Fuchs & Bros.

New York, NY  1884-1922
Founded by Ferdinand and Rudolph Fuchs, with Richard Fuchs heading up sales.

August H. Fuchsel

Alexandria, VA 1850-1861

Daniel Christian Fuerter

New York, NY 1754-1765; Southbury, CT 1765-1768; and New York, NY 1769

Lewis Fuerter

New York, NY 1769-1783

David C. Fulton

Louisville, KY 1838-1841 and Little Rock, AR 1842-1862
Silversmith and jeweler.

Philip Heartt Furman

Schenectady, NY 1821-1845
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.

Fuselli & McGoodwin

Bowling Green, KY c. 1873-1875
Peter Fuselli and Isaac D. McGoodwin.