Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Gaither to Germon

Greenbury Gaither

Washington, DC 1818-1834

John Gaither

Alexandria, VA 1807-1812 and Washington, DC 1812-1817
Was in the partnership of Griffith & Gaither with Greenberry Griffith 1809-1812.

Gale & Hayden

New York, NY 1845-1850
William Gale and Nathaniel Hayden.

William Gale & Son

New York, NY 1850-1853; 1854-1857; and again 1863-1866
Successor to Gale & Hayden.  After a series of partnerships, the firm evolved into Dominick & Haff.
See flatware patterns.

William Gale, Son & Co.

New York, NY 1853-1854

Gale & Mosely

New York, NY 1828-1833
William Gale and Joseph Mosely.

Gale & Stickler

New York, NY 1821-1822
William Gale and John Stickler.

Gale & Willis

New York, NY 1859-1862
William Gale and John R. Willis (Gale’s son-in-law).

Gale, Wood & Hughes

New York, NY 1834-1845
Founded by William Gale, Jacob Wood and Jasper W. Hughes.  Became Wood & Hughes in 1845.  Makers of sterling flatware and holloware.

Cynthia Gale

New York, NY Mid-1990s-Present

William Gale

New York, NY 1821-1866
Involved in many partnerships and businesses:
Gale & Stickler with John Stickler 1821-1822.
John L. & W. Gale 1825-1827.
Gale & Mosely with Joseph Mosely 1828-1833.
Gale, Wood & Hughes with Jacob Wood and Jasper W. Hughes 1834-1845.
Gale & Hayden with Nathaniel Hayden 1845-1850.
William Gale & Son with son William Gale, Jr. 1850-1853; 1854-1857; 1863-1866.
William Gale, Son & Co. 1853-1854.
Gale & Willis with John R. Willis 1859-1862.

William Gale, Jr.

New York, NY 1850-1872
Was involved in a number of partnerships:
Wm. Gale & Son with his father William Gale 1850-1853, 1854-1857 and 1863-1866
Wm. Gale, Jr. & Co. 1867-1869.
Dominick & Corning (a wholesale business) 1867-1868.
Gale, North & Dominick 1868-1869.
Gale & Corning (wholesale) 1869-1870.
Gale, Dominick & Haff 1870-1872.

Peter Gallard (Gillard)

Philadelphia, PA 1807-1822
Working as Peter Gallard & Co. 1811-1822.

Christopher Gallup

North Groton, CT c. 1800

Galmer Sterling Silver

Long Island City, NY c. 1990-Present
Founded by Michael Izrael. Website.

Galt & Bro.

Washington, DC  1892-2000
Successor to M.W. Galt, Bro. & Co.

M.W. Galt & Bro.

Washington, DC 1847-1871
Silversmith James Galt’s business was succeeded by his sons, M.W. and William Galt upon his death in 1847 and was renamed at that time  M.W. Galt & Bro.  Their clientele included such notables as Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis.  Succeeded by M.W. Galt, Bro. & Co. then Galt & Bro.

M.W. Galt, Bro. & Co.

Washington, DC 1871-1892
Successor to M.W. Galt & Bro. Became Galt & Bro. in 1892.  Makers of the George Washington spoon, the first souvenir spoon made in the United States.

Albert J. Gannon

Philadelphia, PA 1906-1914
Went by Albert J. Gannon Company beginning 1911.

Thomas D. Gard / T.D. Gard Co.

St. John, NB, Canada 1856-1857 and Worcester, MA 1867-c. 1905
Silversmith and jeweler. The business continued as the
T.D. Gard Co., manufacturing jewelers who made masonic
insignia, until c. 1931.

Garden Silversmiths

New York, NY c. 1960-Present
Acquired Arrowsmith Silver c. 1966.  Acquired the dies of Apollo Silver Co. and Bernard Rice & Sons.  Makers of sterling flatware and holloware.

Baldwin Gardiner / B. Gardiner & Co.

Philadelphia, PA 1814-1826 and New York, NY 1827-1847
Was in the partnerships of Gardiner & Veron with Lewis Veron 1815-1817 and Gardiner, Veron & Co. 1817-1825, both fancy hardware merchants.  Operated B. Gardiner & Co. in 1835 as a silversmith and retailer.

J. & A. Gardiner

St. Louis, MO 1853-1874
James M. Gardiner and Andrew Gardiner.

John Gardiner

New London, CT 1760-1776

William Garland

New York, NY c. 1820-1840

Garner & Winchester

Lexington, KY 1842-1862
Eli C. Garner, Sr. and Daniel Frank Winchester.

Eli C. Garner

Lexington, KY c. 1839-1877
Was in the partnership of Garner & Winchester 1842-1862.

Eliakim Garretson

Wilmington, DE c. 1785-1811

Philip Garrett (1780-1851)

Philadelphia, PA  1800-1835
Was in partnership with his son Thomas Cresson Garret as
Philip Garret & Son 1828-1835.

Thomas Cresson Garrett / T.C. Garrett & Co.

Philadelphia, PA 1828-1866
Was in the partnership of Philip Garrett & Son with his father
Philip Garrett 1828-1835. Ran the business of T.C. Garrett & Co.
1841-1855. Was master to Samuel Biddle.

Isaac Garrison

Pittsburgh, PA c. 1850-1860

James Gaskins (Gafkins)

Portsmouth, VA 1780-1804 and 1806-1827 and
Norfolk, VA 1804-1806

Gaylord Silvercraft

Wallingford, CT c. 1920-1944
Founded as a form of therapy by the Gaylord Sanitarium, a hospital for tuberculosis patients which eventually was converted to a rehabilitation home for WWI veterans.

Gebelein Silversmiths

Boston, MA  1909-1968
Makers of quality handwrought Arts & Crafts sterling flatware, holloware, and novelties.

James Geddy (b. 1731 d. 1807)

Henrico County, VA 1757; Williamsburg, VA 1760-1777;
Dinwiddie County, VA 1778-1783; and Petersburg, VA 1783-1807
Was in the partnership of James Geddy & Sons 1789 to c. 1800.

Nicholas Geffroy

Newport, RI c. 1795-c. 1830
Partnered with John Allen Shaw in the firm of John A. Shaw & Co.
c. 1795-1802.

Gelston, Ladd & Co.

New York, NY 1839-1843
Henry Gelston, William F. Ladd, and Henry R. Treadwell.

Gelston & Co.

New York, NY 1837-1838
A partnership between George Sears Gelston, a silversmith, and Henry Gelston, a jeweler.

Gelston & Treadwell

New York, NY 1843-1849
Henry Gelston and Henry R. Treadwell.

George Sears Gelston

New York, NY 1829-1839
In the partnership of Gelston & Co. with Henry Gelston 1837-1838.

Hugh Gelston

Boston, MA c. 1816-1830 and Baltimore, MD 1816-1833
Was involved in the partnerships of Welles & Co. with George Welles c. 1816-1821.

Gennet & James

Richmond, VA 1847-1855
Charles Gennet, Jr. and Joseph H. James. Silversmiths and jewelers.

Charles Gennet, Jr.

Richmond, VA 1831-1887
Was in the partnership of Gennet & James 1847-1855 and
later C. Gennet & Co. with Alexander Grant, Jr. c. 1881-1887.

Genova Silver Co.

New York, NY c. 1950
Makers of sterling holloware.

Arthur R. Geoffroy

New York, NY 1877-1902 and Newark, NJ 1903-1909
Manufacturing silversmith and jeweler. Geoffroy continued working after 1909 as president of the Geoffroy-Heiser Co.

Isaac Gere (Geer)

Northampton, MA 1793-1812

George E. Germer

Boston, MA and Mason, NH 1912-c. 1930
Awarded the Society of Arts & Crafts Masters Medal in 1927.  Maker of handwrought sterling holloware and ecclesiastic items.

John Germon

Philadelphia, PA 1782-1825