Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Gaither to Germon

Greenbury Gaither

Washington, DC 1818-1834

John Gaither

Alexandria, VA 1807-1812 and Washington, DC 1812-1817
Was in the partnership of Griffith & Gaither with Greenberry Griffith 1809-1812.

Gale & Hayden

New York, NY 1845-1850
William Gale and Nathaniel Hayden.

William Gale & Son

New York, NY 1850-1853; 1854-1857; and again 1863-1866
Successor to Gale & Hayden.  After a series of partnerships, the firm evolved into Dominick & Haff.
See flatware patterns.

William Gale, Son & Co.

New York, NY 1853-1854

Gale & Mosely

New York, NY 1828-1833
William Gale and Joseph Mosely.

Gale & Stickler

New York, NY 1821-1822
William Gale and John Stickler.

Gale & Willis

New York, NY 1859-1862
William Gale and John R. Willis (Gale’s son-in-law).

Gale, Wood & Hughes

New York, NY 1834-1845
Founded by William Gale, Jacob Wood and Jasper W. Hughes.  Became Wood & Hughes in 1845.  Makers of sterling flatware and holloware.

Cynthia Gale

New York, NY Mid-1990s-Present

William Gale (1799-1867)

New York, NY 1821-1866
Involved in many partnerships and businesses:
Gale & Stickler with John Stickler 1821-1822.
John L. & W. Gale 1825-1827.
Gale & Mosely with Joseph Mosely 1828-1833.
Gale, Wood & Hughes with Jacob Wood and Jasper W. Hughes 1834-1845.
Gale & Hayden with Nathaniel Hayden 1845-1850.
William Gale & Son with son William Gale, Jr. 1850-1853; 1854-1857; 1863-1866.
William Gale, Son & Co. 1853-1854.
Gale & Willis with John R. Willis 1859-1862.

William Gale, Jr. (b. 1825)

New York, NY 1850-1872
Was involved in a number of partnerships:
Wm. Gale & Son with his father William Gale 1850-1853, 1854-1857 and 1863-1866
Wm. Gale, Jr. & Co. 1867-1869.
Dominick & Corning (a wholesale business) 1867-1868.
Gale, North & Dominick 1868-1869.
Gale & Corning (wholesale) 1869-1870.
Gale, Dominick & Haff 1870-1872.

Peter Gallard (Gillard)

Philadelphia, PA 1807-1822
Working as Peter Gallard & Co. 1811-1822.

Christopher Gallup

North Groton, CT c. 1800

Galmer Sterling Silver

Long Island City, NY c. 1990-Present
Founded by Michael Izrael. Website.

Galt & Bro.

Washington, DC  1892-2000
Successor to M.W. Galt, Bro. & Co.

M.W. Galt & Bro.

Washington, DC 1847-1871
Silversmith James Galt’s business was succeeded by his sons, M.W. and William Galt upon his death in 1847 and was renamed at that time  M.W. Galt & Bro.  Their clientele included such notables as Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis.  Succeeded by M.W. Galt, Bro. & Co. then Galt & Bro.

M.W. Galt, Bro. & Co.

Washington, DC 1871-1892
Successor to M.W. Galt & Bro. Became Galt & Bro. in 1892.  Makers of the George Washington spoon, the first souvenir spoon made in the United States.

Albert J. Gannon / Albert J. Gannon Co.

Philadelphia, PA 1906-1914
Went by Albert J. Gannon Co. beginning in 1911.

Thomas D. Gard / T.D. Gard Co.

St. John, NB, Canada 1856-1857 and Worcester, MA 1867-c. 1905
Silversmith and jeweler. The business continued after c. 1905 as
the T.D. Gard Co., manufacturing jewelers who made masonic
insignia, until c. 1931.

Garden Silversmiths

New York, NY c. 1960-Present
Acquired Arrowsmith Silver c. 1966.  Acquired the dies of Apollo Silver Co. and Bernard Rice & Sons.  Makers of sterling flatware and holloware.

Baldwin Gardiner / B. Gardiner & Co.

Philadelphia, PA 1814-1826 and New York, NY 1827-1847
Was in the partnerships of Gardiner & Veron with Lewis Veron 1815-1817 and Gardiner, Veron & Co. 1817-1825, both fancy hardware merchants.  Operated B. Gardiner & Co. in 1835 as a silversmith and retailer.

J. & A. Gardiner

St. Louis, MO 1853-1874
James M. Gardiner and Andrew Gardiner.

John Gardiner

New London, CT 1760-1776

William Garland

New York, NY c. 1820-1840

Garner & Winchester

Lexington, KY 1842-1862
Eli C. Garner, Sr. and Daniel Frank Winchester.

Eli C. Garner

Lexington, KY c. 1839-1877
Was in the partnership of Garner & Winchester 1842-1862.

Eliakim Garretson

Wilmington, DE c. 1785-1811

Philip Garrett (1780-1851)

Philadelphia, PA  1800-1835
Was in partnership with his son Thomas Cresson Garret as
Philip Garret & Son 1828-1835.

Thomas Cresson Garrett / T.C. Garrett & Co.

Philadelphia, PA 1828-1866
Was in the partnership of Philip Garrett & Son with his father
Philip Garrett 1828-1835. Ran the business of T.C. Garrett & Co.
1841-1855. Was master to Samuel Biddle.

Isaac Garrison

Pittsburgh, PA c. 1850-1860

James Gaskins (Gafkins)

Portsmouth, VA 1780-1804 and 1806-1827 and
Norfolk, VA 1804-1806

Gaylord Silvercraft

Wallingford, CT c. 1920-1944
Founded as a form of therapy by the Gaylord Sanitarium, a hospital for tuberculosis patients which eventually was converted to a rehabilitation home for WWI veterans.

Gebelein Silversmiths

Boston, MA  1909-1968
Makers of quality handwrought Arts & Crafts sterling flatware, holloware, and novelties.

James Geddy (b. 1731 d. 1807)

Henrico County, VA 1757; Williamsburg, VA 1760-1777;
Dinwiddie County, VA 1778-1783; and Petersburg, VA 1783-1807
Was in the partnership of James Geddy & Sons 1789 to c. 1800.

Nicholas Geffroy

Newport, RI c. 1795-c. 1830
Partnered with John Allen Shaw in the firm of John A. Shaw & Co.
c. 1795-1802.

Gelston, Ladd & Co.

New York, NY 1839-1843
Henry Gelston, William F. Ladd, and Henry R. Treadwell.

Gelston & Co.

New York, NY 1837-1838
A partnership between George Sears Gelston, a silversmith, and Henry Gelston, a jeweler.

Gelston & Treadwell

New York, NY 1843-1849
Henry Gelston and Henry R. Treadwell.

George Sears Gelston

New York, NY 1829-1839
In the partnership of Gelston & Co. with Henry Gelston 1837-1838.

Hugh Gelston

Boston, MA c. 1816-1830 and Baltimore, MD 1816-1833
Was involved in the partnerships of Welles & Co. with George Welles c. 1816-1821.

Gennet & James

Richmond, VA 1847-1855
Charles Gennet, Jr. and Joseph H. James. Silversmiths and jewelers.

Charles Gennet, Jr.

Richmond, VA 1831-1887
Was in the partnership of Gennet & James 1847-1855 and
later C. Gennet & Co. with Alexander Grant, Jr. c. 1881-1887.

Genova Silver Co.

New York, NY c. 1950
Makers of sterling holloware.

Arthur R. Geoffroy

New York, NY 1877-1902 and Newark, NJ 1903-1909
Manufacturing silversmith and jeweler. Geoffroy continued working after 1909 as president of the Geoffroy-Heiser Co.

Isaac Gere (Geer)

Northampton, MA 1793-1812

George E. Germer

Boston, MA and Mason, NH 1912-c. 1930
Awarded the Society of Arts & Crafts Masters Medal in 1927.  Maker of handwrought sterling holloware and ecclesiastic items.

John Germon

Philadelphia, PA 1782-1825