Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Hayden to Henry

Hayden, Bro. & Co.

Charleston, SC 1852-1855
A partnership of Augustus H. Hayden, Hezekiah S. Hayden, and
William G. Wilden.

Hayden, Gregg & Co. / Gregg & Hayden / Gregg, Hayden & Co

Charleston, SC
A succession of partnerships involving William Gregg and one or several Hayden brothers.  The name of the business would change as one would leave or another partner was added:

Hayden, Gregg & Co. (aka Hayden & Gregg) 1838-1842; Nathaniel and H. Sidney Hayden and William Gregg.

Gregg & Hayden 1843-1845; William Gregg and H. Sidney Hayden.

Gregg, Hayden & Co. 1846-1852; William Gregg, H. Sidney Hayden, and Augustus H. Hayden.

Hayden Mfg. Co.

Newark, NJ 1892-1905
Founded by William W. Hayden.  Succeeded by G.W. Parks Co.  Makers of sterling holloware, vanity items, and novelties.

Hayden & Whilden

Charleston, SC 1855-1863
A partnership between Augustus Hayden and W.G. Whilden.
Successor to Hayden, Bros. & Co.

William W. Hayden Co.

Newark, NJ 1898-1907

Nathaniel Hayden (1805-1875)

Charleston, SC 1832-1843 and New York, NY 1843-1855
Was involved in a number of businesses:
Eyland & Hayden with James Eyland 1832-1835.
Hayden & Gregg with William Gregg and H. Sydney Hayden
Gale & Hayden with William Gale 1846-1850.

Hayes & Adriance

Poughkeepsie, NY 1816-1826
Peter Perret Hayes and John Adriance.

Hayes & McFarland

Mount Vernon, NY c. 1900-1911

Hayes & Robbins

New York, NY 1844-1847
Edmund M. Hayes and Jeremiah Robbins.

Edmund M. Hayes (d. 1857)

Poughkeepsie, NY 1841-1844; New York, NY 1844-1847;
and San Francisco, CA c. 1850-1854
In the firm of P.P. Hayes & Son with his father Peter P. Hayes 1841-1842; Hayes & Robbins with Jeremiah Robbins 1844-1847; Hayes & Bailey with Major Bailey c. 1850-1852; and Hayes & Lyndall with William E. Lyndall 1852-1853.

Peter Perret Hayes

Poughkeepsie, NY 1816-1842
Was in the partnerships of Hayes & Adriance 1816-1826 and P.P. Hayes & Son with his son Edmund M. Hayes 1841-1842.

Andrew Hays

New York, NY 1769-c. 1790

Hayward & Sweet

North Attleboro, MA 1887-1898
Walter E. Hayward and George L. Sweet. Successors to Hayward & Briggs.  Makers of sterling flatware and jewelry.

Hazen & Collins

Cincinnati, OH 1843-1847
Nathan Lord Hazen and Peleg Collins.

Nathan Lord Hazen

Troy, NY 1829-1831 and Cincinnati, OH 1831-1851
A partner in the firm of Hazen & Collins 1843-1847.

John S. Heald

Baltimore, MD c. 1810-1812 and Pittsburgh, PA c. 1815-1841
Was in the partnership of Ball & Heald with William Ball 1811-1812
and Heald & Troth with James Troth c. 1815.

John Heath

New York, NY 1761-c. 1765

Hebbard & Moore

New York, NY c. 1865-1866
Henry Hebbard and George E. Moore.

Hebbard, Moore & Strong

New York, NY 1866-1868
Henry Hebbard, George E. Moore, and George E. Strong.

Henry Hebbard / Henry Hebbard & Co.

New York, NY 1835-1870
Made goods for early Tiffany & Co. Some flatware dies acquired by Shiebler.  Worked with John Polhamus as Henry Hebbard & Co. c. 1851-1859.
See flatware patterns.

Lewis (Ludwig) Heck

Lancaster, PA 1778-1817

George Hedge

Waterford, NY c. 1819-1828 and Buffalo, NY 1828-1852

David Hedges

East Hampton, NY 1801-1830

Heer-Schofield Co.

Baltimore, MD  1910-1928
Successors to the Baltimore Silversmiths Mfg. Co. and succeeded by The Schofield Co.

Heintz Art Metal Shop

Buffalo, NY 1905-1930
Otto Heintz acquired the Arts & Crafts Co. in 1903, and changed the name to Heintz Art Metal Shop in 1905 and later became Heintz Bros. Mfg. Well known for handwrought copper and bronze wares with sterling overlay in the Arts & Crafts style.


See Oneida Ltd.

Daniel Booth Hempsted (1784-1852)

New London, CT c. 1806-1810; New York, NY c. 1811-1821;  Eatonton, GA 1821-1823; and New London, CT  c. 1830-1852
Was in the partnerships of:
Spencer & Hempsted with Asa Spencer c. 1806.
Hempsted & Chandler with Stephen Chandler c. 1811-1816.
D.B. Hempsted & Co. with Nathaniel Saltonstall and Asa Spencer c. 1821.
D.B. Hempsted & Son with Daniel B. Hempsted, Jr. c. 1849.

Clemens Hellebush

Cincinnati, OH 1866-1900
Hellebush died in 1893; his business continued to operate under his name by his estate until they became insolvent in 1900.

George Heller

Reading, PA c. 1820-1886
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.

Nathaniel Helme

South Kingston, RI 1782-1789

Hemming Manufacturing Co.

Montreal, QU, Canada 1903-1912
Succeeded by Canadian Jewelers, Ltd.

Elisha Hempsted

Litchfield, CT  1823-1824; Bath and Pike, NY c. 1836-1850
Silversmith and watchmaker.

Richard Hemsley / Richard Hemsley Co. Ltd.

Montreal, QU, Canada 1870-c. 1970
Hemsley’s business was incorporated as Richard Hemsley Co., Ltd. in 1912; he died in 1931.

George A. Henckel & Co.

New York, NY 1902-c. 1940
Silver workshop that sold to the trade. Succeeded by Currier &
Roby. Makers of sterling holloware and novelties.

George Hendel

Carlisle, PA 1802-1840

Henderson & Lossing

Poughkeepsie, NY 1833-1835
Adam Henderson and Benson J. Lossing.

Henderson, Union & Hopkins

Not a maker, but rather a mark applied to fair premiums (awards) which were given out at the Henderson, Union & Hopkins Fair (three adjoining counties in Kentucky) in the 1850s.  These premiums were made by an array of makers and usually bear their marks.

A.A. Henderson

Philadelphia, PA 1837

Robert Hendery (1814-1897)

Montreal, QU, Canada  1851-1895
Important and well regarded silver manufacturer. Worked in
the of Bohel & Hendery with Peter Bohle 1851-1855.  Operated
a retail store under the name of Robert Hendery & Co.
1866-1870.  Formed the partnership of Hendery & Leslie with John Leslie 1887-1895.  Hendery retired in 1895, selling his share of the business to Leslie.  The business was purchased by Henry Birks & Sons in 1897.

Peter Heneberger

Chambersburg, PA 1800-1810; Rapho, PA 1807; and
Harrisonburg, VA c. 1813-1869
Silversmith and clockmaker.

Hennegan, Bates & Co. / Hennegan-Bates Co.

Wheeling, WV 1874-1877 and Baltimore, MD 1877-c. 1957
Founded by William H. Hennegan, James O. Bates, and John D. Reynolds.  In 1874 they succeeded W.H. Hennegan & Co. in Wheeling, WV, which had been in business 1869-1874.  W.H. Hennegan & Co. was also in business in Baltimore, MD, 1874-1877 with William H. Hennegan, James O.  Bates, and John D. Reynolds as partners.  They changed names to Hennegan, Bates & Co. in 1877.  The business was incorporated in 1899 as the Hennegan-Bates Co.

Felix Henry

New York, NY c. 1815