Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Holden to Howell

John Holden

Quincy, MA 1820-1833 and 1842-1858; Castleton, VT c. 1833;
and Springfield, VT c. 1835-1841

Littleton Holland

Baltimore, MD  1800-1846


San Angelo, TX 1918-Present
Founded by Chase Holland. Makers of sterling western accessories and jewelry.

Julius Hollister

Hartford, CT 1841-1846; Oswego, NY 1846 and 1850-1905; and
Greenfield, MA 1849
Was in the partnership of Seymour & Hollister 1842-1846.

John M. Holloway

Baltimore, MD 1850-1858

Henry Ralph Holman (b.c. 1832)

Cincinnati, OH c. 1855-1857; Kansas City, MO 1859-1871;
Denver, CO 1875-1883; and Sioux City, IA 1895-1912

The Holmes & Edwards Silver Co.

Bridgeport, CT 1882-1831 and Meriden, CT 1931-c. 1970
Founded in 1882 by George C. Edwards and Israel Holmes.
Best known as silverplate manufacturers, sterling flatware
production began in 1894 and was originally made for them
by the Campbell-Metcalf Silver Co. Became a part of International Silver in 1898 who continued to produce silver under the Holmes & Edwards name until about 1970.

Adrian Bancker Holmes (1846-1902)

Newark, NJ c. 1867-1889 and Orange, NJ 1888-1890 (overlap)
Partnered with his nephew James S. Holmes, Jr. in the firm of A.B. & J.S. Holmes 1886-1889.

Adrian Bancker Holmes

New York, NY 1801-1850

Emmanuel Holsey (1798-1840)

Williamsport, MD 1820-1821, Boonsboro, MD 1821-1823, and
Chambersburg, PA 1824-1839

Moses Kimball Holt

Haverhill, MA 1840-1848

Harry Hibbard Holton

Wells River, VT c. 1849-c. 1888
Went into partnership with his son Harry A. Holton as Harry Holton & Son 1880-c. 1888.

Geo. E. Homer

Boston, MA  c. 1875-1990
Founded by brothers George E. Homer and Joseph J. Homer.  It was sold to Edward Levine in the late 1920s, who retained the Geo. E. Homer name.  The name was later changed to Homer’s and remained in business to 1990.  Primarily jewelers; makers of sterling and silverplated souvenir spoons.

William Homes, Sr. (Holmes) (1717-1783)

Boston, MA 1739-1783

Hood & Tobey

Albany, NY 1845-1854
A partnership between Benjamin Lochlin Hood and Edward M. Tobey.

Benjamin L. Hood (1811-1894)

Rochester, NY 1841; Buffalo, NY 1842-1844; Albany, NY 1845-1894
Silversmith and jeweler. Was in the partnerships of Hood & Tobey in Albany , NY 1845-1854 and Hood & Bro. with Henry O. Hood c. 1870-1871.

William Hookey

Newport, RI c. 1764-c. 1799

Hovey, Parker & Co.

Manchester, NH 1850-1852
A partnership between Stanford Hovey and Amos Parker.

Hope Silver Co.

See G.W. Parks Company

David Large Hope

Knoxville, TN 1852-1869
Purchased Samuel Bell’s business in 1852.

Joseph W. Hopkins

Waterbury, CT c. 1755-1780

Stephen Hopkins (b. 1721 d. 1796)

Waterbury, CT 1744-1780

Benjamin C. Hopper

Philadelphia, PA 1844-1890

Samuel M. Hopper

Philadelphia, PA 1834-1859

Horton & Rikeman

Savannah, GA  1851-1856
Humphrey P. Horton and Cornelius Rikeman.  Silversmiths, watchmakers, and jewelers.

Humphrey P. Horton

New London, CT c. 1849-1850 and Savannah, GA 1850-1863
Was in the partnership of Horton & Rikeman 1851-1856.

Hotchkiss & Norton

Palmyra, NY  1841-1842
David Hotchkiss and Benjamin R. Norton.

Hotchkiss & Schreuder

Syracuse, NY 1857-1895
David Hotchkiss and Andrew B. Schreuder.  Hotchkiss left the company in 1871 and Schreuder continued to use the H&S mark. Made mostly sterling flatware, some holloware.  Purchased by the Syracuse Silver Mfg. Co. The marks above utilizing the H&S in circles was used 1857-1864.  The H&S shown in the bottom position was used after 1864.

David Hotchkiss (1796-1874)

Palmyra, NY 1825-1845 and Syracuse, NY 1849-1871
Was in the firms of Hotchkiss & Lakey with Ira Lakey in 1836 and Hotchkiss & Norton with Benjamin R. Norton in Palmyra 1841-1842. Was one of the founders of Hotchkiss & Schreuder in 1857 and remained in the firm until 1871.

Hottenroth & Cachot

Bardstown, KY 1813-1817
Ignatus Hottenroth and Felix Ferjeaux Cachot.

John Houlton

Philadelphia, PA c. 1794-1798 and Baltimore, MD 1799-1801
In the partnership of Brown & Brown with Liberty Brown in 1799.

John K. Housel (1800-1881)

Lewisburg, PA 1823-1845 and Freeport, IL 1848-1858 and 1859-1862
Silversmith, watch, and clockmaker.

Stanford Hovey (1823-1887)

Manchester, NH  1850-1869
In the partnerships of Hovey, Parker & Co. with Amos Parker
1850-1852 and Stanford Hovey & Co. 1854-1869.

Howard & Co.

New York, NY 1866-1937
Branch stores were located in Newport, RI (1880 to 1937) and Paris, France

Howard & Cockshaw / Herbert Cockshaw

New York, NY  1885-1915
Howard & Cockshaw was in business 1885-1912.  Succeeded by Herbert Cockshaw in 1912; he retired in 1915.

Howard Sterling Co.

Providence, RI 1891-1901
Successor to Howard & Son and The Sterling Co.  Makers of sterling flatware, holloware and souvenir spoons.  Many of their pattern dies were acquired by the Roger Williams Silver Co.
See flatware patterns.

N. Howard & Son

Springfield, MA  1870-1885
Nathaniel Howard and Nathaniel W. Howard; manufacturing silversmiths and jewelers.

Howe & Guion

New York, NY  1838-1840
George C. Howe and John Guion.

George C. Howe / George C. Howe & Co.

New York, NY  1827-1841
Was in the partnership of Stebbins & Howe with Edwin Stebbins 1827-1831 and the firm of Howe & Guion 1838-1840.  Worked under the name of George C. Howe & Co. 1837-1838 and again 1841-1842.

Benoni H. Howell

Newburgh, NY 1835-1839 and 1850-1852; Buffalo, NY 1839-1849

James Howell / J. Howell & Co.

Philadelphia, PA 1800-1813
In the partnership of J. Richardson & Co. with Joseph Richardson 1801-1813.  Operated under the business name of J. Howell & Co. c. 1800.  Master to Samuel Kirk c. 1810.

Paul Howell

New York, NY 1805-1812
Silversmith and watchmaker.  Was in the partnership of Eoff & Howell with Garrett Eoff 1805-1807.

Silas White Howell (1770-1818)

Morristown, NJ 1793-1797 and Albany, NY 1797-1801
In the firm of Howell & Arnold 1797-1798 then later in partnership with Joseph Hall in the firm of Howell & Hall in 1801.