Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Jaccard to Johnson

D.C. Jaccard & Co. / Jaccard & Co.

St. Louis, MO 1864-1873
Founded by D. Constant Jaccard.  Became Mermod, Jaccard & Co. in 1873.

E. Jaccard & Co.

St. Louis, MO 1852-1901
Founded by Eugene Jaccard and A.S. Mermod. D.C. Jaccard
joined the firm in 1855. The firm had a branch location in
Kansas City, MO, c. 1868-1876. Became the largest jewelry
house in St. Louis which continues today as Jaccards Jewelers.

Louis Jaccard / L. Jaccard & Co.

St. Louis, MO 1829-1848
Was in the partnership of Jaccard & Recordon 1830-1837.  Partnered with nephew Eugene Jaccard under the name of Louis Jaccard & Co. 1837-1848.

Judith Jack

New York, NY 1963-Present

Jacks & Woodruff

San Francisco, CA 1851-1853
Successors to Jacks & Bros.

William S. Jacks

New York, NY c. 1833-1835 and San Francisco, CA 1849-1853

A. Jackson

Norwalk, CT c. 1840

Daniel Jackson

New York, NY c. 1782-1790

John Jackson (1730-1772)

Boston, MA Before 1753 and Nantucket, MA 1753-1772

Joseph Jackson

Baltimore, MD 1802-1810 and 1817-1831; Richmond, VA 1815-1817

Thomas Jackson (1729-1806)

Preston, CT c. 1750-1806
Silversmith and clockmaker.  This person has often been confused with the clockmaker Thomas Jackson of Portsmouth, NH, and Kittery, ME, who died in 1783.

George Jacob

Baltimore, MD 1802-1846

Jacobi & Jenkins

Baltimore, MD 1895-1907
Founded by August Jacobi and successors to A. Jacobi & Co.
Makers of repoussé sterling flatware and holloware. Succeeded
by Jenkins & Jenkins.

Angel Jacobs

New York, NY 1821-1848
Jacobs died in 1850, and his son, Jacob Jacobs, continued to operate the business under his father’s name until his own death in 1874.

Phyllis Jacobs

Palo Alto, CA 1950s-1960s
Modernist studio jeweler.

Jacoby Bros. Ltd.

Vancouver, BC, Canada 1909-1985
Founded by Alfred James Jacoby.  Manufacturing jewelers; made souvenir spoons and novelties.  The firm dissolved in 1985 and reorganized as Jacoby Jewellers Ltd. which continues today, although all manufacturing ceased in 1994.

Robert Riddle Jarvie

Chicago, IL c. 1895-c. 1920
Jarvie began work in a variety of metals out of his home workshop c. 1895.  He opened The Jarvie Shop in 1904 and began working in sterling at that time.  Important maker of handwrought Arts & Crafts holloware – especially candlesticks – trophies, and a small amount of jewelry.  The Jarvie Shop closed around 1920.  The mark shown was found on a brass candlestick.

Munson Jarvis

Stamford, CT 1765-1776 and New York, NY 1780-1783
Moved to St. John, NB, in 1783; he did not continue silversmithing
in Canada.

Emmor Jefferis III

Wilmington, DE 1827-1842
Was a partner in the firm of Guthre & Jefferis with James Guthre c. 1840.

Jenkins & Jenkins

Baltimore, MD 1907-1919/1924
Successors to Jacobi & Jenkins and continued to use their tower mark.  Makers of sterling flatware and holloware.  Production ceased in 1919 and all machinery and equipment was sold off.  Talbot W. Jenkins continued to use the Jenkins & Jenkins name for a retail jewelry store; he died in 1922 and the store closed in 1924.  The dies of Jenkins & Jenkins ended up being owned by The Schofield Co. when Schofield purchased E.D. McParland & Son in 1932.

Harman Jenkins

Albany, NY 1815-1823
Was in the partnership of I. & H. Jenkins 1815-1816.

Ira Jenkins

Albany, NY 1813-1816
Was a partner in the firm of I. & H. Jenkins with Herman Jenkins 1815-1816.

Lewis E. Jenks

Boston, MA c. 1872-1888
Was in the partnership of Kennard & Jenks 1876-1880.

John Charles Jenckes

Providence, RI 1798-1852
A partner in the business of Jenckes & Co. with Elizabeth Gibbs, widow of silversmith John Gibbs, which ended in 1800. Jenckes continued as John Jenckes & Co. c. 1815-1852. Silversmith and jeweler.

Jennings & Lander

New York, NY 1846-1853
Oscar Jennings and Tobias D. Lander.

Jennings Silver Co.

Newark, NJ 1906-1907 and Irvington, NJ 1908-1943
Makers of silverplated wares and a small amount of sterling flatware.

Jacob Jennings (b. 1739 d. 1817)

Norwalk, CT 1763-1810
Master to Isaac Marquand.

Georg Jensen, Inc. USA

New York, NY 1941-1950
The famous Danish company, which began in 1904 in Copenhagen, opened a branch in the U.S. as a result of silver being unavailable in Europe during WWII.

S.C. & J.S. Jett

St. Louis, MO c. 1848-1860
Cousins Stephen C. and John S. Jett.

Steven C. Jett

Alton, IL 1846-1847 and St. Louis, MO 1848-1860
Was in the partnership of S.C. & J.S. Jett with his cousin John S. Jett.

Johnson & Ball

Baltimore, MD 1785-1790
A partnership between Israel Johnson and William Ball.

Johnson & Godley

Albany, NY 1842-1849
A partnership between Samuel Johnson and Richard Godley.

Johnson & Reat

Richmond, VA 1804-1815
A partnership between Reuben Johnson and James Reat, ending upon the death of Reat in 1815.

C. & A.W. Johnson

Albany, NY 1831-1838
Chauncey Johnson and Alonzo Johnson.

Chauncey Johnson

Albany, NY c. 1824-1841
In the partnership of C.& A.W. Johnson 1831-1838.

Maycock Ward Johnson

Albany, NY c. 1815-1816

Samuel Johnson

New York, NY c. 1780-1796

Samuel H. Johnson

New York, NY c. 1860-1887
Was in the partnerships of:
Gurnee & Johnson with Benjamin Gurnee 1861-1862.
Kidney, Cann & Johnson 1863-1864 and c. 1866-1867.
Kidney & Johnson with Edmund Kidney 1868-1874.