Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

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Kalo to Kind

The Kalo Shop

Chicago, IL 1900-1970
Founded by Clara Barck Welles and a major influence in the American Arts & Crafts Movement.  Maker of handwrought sterling flatware, holloware, jewelry and novelties.  When The Kalo Shop first opened, a variety of artistic goods were sold: textiles, copper and silver items, leather goods, baskets, and jewelry. In 1912 a branch was opened in New York, but was short lived. In 1914 Welles decided to focus on her handwrought copper and silver items for which she was becoming well known.  Many silversmiths who would later gain renown in their own right got their start at Kalo.  In 1939 Welles retired to California, and in 1959 she turned the shop over to four of her craftsmen.  When the last of the four died in 1970, The Kalo Shop closed its doors.
See flatware patterns.

Jacob Karr

Washington, DC 1857-1896
Primarily a watchmaker, patented several souvenir spoon designs in 1891.  Succeeded by J. Karr’s Sons.

John Kedzie / John Kedzie & Co.

Rochester, NY 1838-1868
J. Kedzie & Co. was in business 1847-1848.

Joseph Keeler

Norwalk, CT 1810-1820

Thaddeus Keeler

New York, NY 1805-1813
In the firm of N. & T. Keeler with Nathan Keeler in 1807.

C.F. Kees & Co.

Newark, NJ  1901-1905
Successor to the Henry I. Leibe Mfg. Co.  Succeeded by Archibald-Klement Co. in 1905.

George Keesee

Richmond, VA 1831-1847
Silversmith and watchmaker.

Alexander Keim

Philadelphia, PA 1841-1889

T. & W. Keith

Worcester, MA c. 1825-c. 1835
Timothy Keith, Jr. and William Keith.

Timothy Keith (b. 1774 d. 1806)

Boston, MA c. 1800-1805

William Keith

Shrewsbury, MA c. 1820-1824; Worcester, MA c. 1824-1835; and
Weston, MA c. 1850; Waltham, MA c. 1855-1861
Was a partner in the firm of T. & W. Keith. Continued after 1861 as
the president of the American Watch Co. until 1866.

Keller & Hoerner

New Orleans, LA 1860-1868
T.A. Keller and Julius Hoerner.

E. & J. Kelley

Nantucket, MA c. 1840-1849
Edward G. Kelley and James S. Kelley.

H.A. & E.G. Kelley

Nantucket, MA c. 1840
Brothers Henry A. Kelley and Edward G. Kelley.

James S. Kelley (1821-1900)

Nantucket, MA c. 1838-1855 and New Bedford, MA c. 1855-1895
A partner in the firms of E. & J. Kelley with his step brother
Edward G. Kelley c. 1840; Kelley & Bro. with brother Zeno Kelley
1856-1878; and J.S. Kelley & Son with William B. Kelley 1878-1895.
Silversmith, jeweler and chronometer maker.

Caleb Kendall

Woodstock, VT 1811-1812 and Windsor, VT 1812-1843

James Kendall (1768-1808)

Wilmington, DE  1790-1808

William Kendrick (1810-1880)

Louisville, KY  1831-1880
Was in the partnerships of Kendrick & Harris with John C. Harris in 1831; Lemon & Kendrick with James I. Lemon 1832-1843; and Kendrick & Son with William C. Kendrick 1873-1880.  Upon William Kendrick’s death in 1880, his other son, George P. Kendrick, joined with William C. Kendrick and continued the business as jewelers under the name William Kendrick’s Sons which closed temporarily in 1930 due to the Great Depression.  It reopened in 1932 as Wm. Kendrick Jewelers and was purchased by Gray & Merkley Jewelers in 1966, renaming it at that time to Merkley Kendrick Jewelers.  It is still in business today.  Most likely, any silver with the Kendrick mark made after 1840 was not actually made by Kendrick, but rather retailed by him.

Kennard & Jenks

Boston, MA 1876-1879
Succeeded by Kennard & Co. which was purchased by Gorham in 1880.

H. Kennedy & Sons

Philadelphia, PA 1855-1866
Hugh Kennedy, Hugh Kennedy, Jr., and Archibald H. Kennedy.

Jonathan L. Kenniston (1817-1884)

Manchester, NH  1844-1860

Kent & Michie

Cincinnati, OH 1865 and 1869-1878
Luke Kent, Jr. and W.M. Michie, Jr.

Kent Silversmiths

Taunton, MA 1936-c. 2000
Founded by Lewis E. Ellmore and Michael C. Fina.  Makers and importers of primarily silverplate holloware, some sterling.

Kent & Stanley

Providence, RI 1888-1897
Organized as the Kent & Stanley Co. in 1891. Manufacturing jewelers; also made souvenir spoons.

Luke Kent

Cincinnati, OH 1838-1879
Was a partner in the firms of:
Luke Kent & Son with Luke Kent, Sr. 1840-1842
Kent & Michie in 1865 and again 1870-1877.
Luke Kent & Co. 1866-1869 and again 1878-1879.

Samuel Keplinger (1770-1849)

Frederick Co., MD c. 1800; Gettysburg, PA 1806-1807;
and Baltimore, MD 1811-1841

Wm. B. Kerr & Co.

Newark, NJ 1890-1927
Art Nouveau jewelry, holloware, novelties, and vanity items.
Purchased by Gorham in 1906.

Robert Kersey

Easton, MD c. 1793

Ketcham & McDougall

Roseland, NJ 1875-Present
Successor to Ketcham Bros. & Co., with roots going back to 1832. Ceased silver manufacturing in the 1932.  Well known for their thimbles and gold and silver mounts for canes and various articles.  The company now produces precision optical and marine equipment.

James Ketcham (Ketchum) (b.c. 1783)

New York, NY 1806-1854 and Utica, NY 1847-1849
In the partnerships of Ketcham & White in 1809 and Ketcham & Hitchcock 1817-1822.

S.C. Keyes (b.c. 1810)

Batavia, NY 1830-1834 and Grand Gulf, MS c. 1840-1860
In the partnerships of Keyes & Fitch with William Fitch 1830-1831 and Keyes & Stocking with Reuben Stocking in 1831.

Keystone Silver Co.

Philadelphia, PA 1914-Present

Robert Keyworth (1795-1856)

Washington, DC  1822-1855

Kidney & Johnson

New York, NY 1868-1874
Edmund Kidney and Samuel H. Johnson.

Kidney, Cann & Johnson

New York, NY 1863-1864 and c. 1866-1867
Edmund Kidney, John Cann, and Samuel H. Johnson.

Cornelius Kierstede (b. 1675 d. 1757)

New York, NY 1696-1704 and 1706-1722; Albany, NY 1704-1706; and
New Haven, CT c. 1724-1754

Kimball & Gould

Haverhill, MA 1857-1870
A partnership between Leverett Kimball and Charles E. Gould.

L. Kimball & Co.

Haverhill, MA c. 1873-c. 1879
Leverett Kimball and James C. Bates.

L. Kimball & Son

Haverhill, MA c. 1879-1927
Founded by Leverett Kimball and his son Wallace Kimball.

John Kimball

Boston, MA c. 1785

Leverett Kimball

Haverhill, MA 1840-1898
In the partnerships of Kimball & Gould with Charles E. Gould
1857-1870, L. Kimball & Co. 1870-1890, and L. Kimball & Son

Lewis Kimball (1822-1886)

Boston, MA 1844-c. 1871 and 1879-1886
Was a partner in the firm of N. Harding & Co. 1851-1863 and
Kimball & Restarrick with Thomas C. Restarrick in 1884.

William Kimberly

New York, NY 1790-1797 and Baltimore, MD 1805-1821

S. Kind & Son

Philadelphia, PA 1874-c. 1960
Primarily jewelers, advertised in 1902 and 1903 as jewelers and silversmiths.