Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

May to Mealy

Frank T. May Co.

New York, NY and Rutherford, NJ 1896-1943
Makers of sterling vanity items, novelties, and jewelry.

Joseph Mayer & Bros. / Mayer Bros.

Seattle, WA 1897-1980
Albert, Marcus and Joseph Mayer. The brothers split up in 1920, dividing the company between the wholesale division, which was named Mayer Bros. (which remained in business until 1991) and the manufacturing division which became Joseph Mayer & Co.  Joseph Mayer & Co. was acquired by the E.J. Towle Mfg. Co. in 1938.  Makers of sterling holloware, souvenir spoons, and a small line of sterling flatware.

Joseph Mayer Co.

Seattle, WA 1920-1937
See Joseph Mayer & Bros. above.

Maynard & Potter

Boston, MA 1907-1910
Silversmiths and jewelers.

Maynard & Taylor

Utica, NY 1852-1858
Thomas Maynard and William Star Taylor.

Clarendon Maynard

Worcester, MA 1847-1857
Was in the partnership of Forbush & Maynard with R.O. Forbush in 1850.  Silverware manufacturer.

Benjamin J. Mayo

Newark, NJ  1860-1910
Worked strictly as a silver and gold electroplater until 1883, and as a jeweler in later years.  Did some sterling manufacturing 1883-c. 1890.

Joseph B. Mayo (1837-1913)

Newark, NJ  1868-1898
Silversmith and silverplater.  Was in the partnership of Mayo & Wheeler with John C. Wheeler c. 1898-1899.

John McAllister

Philadelphia, PA 1785-1830
Made silver mounted canes and whips. Began making spectacles in 1799, eventually giving up his other lines.  Was in the partnerships of McAllister & Matthews with James Matthews 1798-1811 and then John McAllister & Son with son John McAllister, Jr. 1811-1830.  This business ended upon the death of McAllister Sr. in 1830.  The firm was then succeeded by John McAllister Jr. & Co. and remained in business under various iterations and McAllisters until 1941.

McCarty & Hurlburt

Philadelphia, PA 1876-1888
Edward McCarty and Henry O. Hurlburt. Successor to Butler &
McCarty and succeeded by H.O. Hurlburt & Sons.

Thomas McCarty (1805-1876)

Wellsburg, VA (now WV)  1822-1870
Silversmith, clockmaker, and jeweler.

John A. McCaulley

Richmond, KY c. 1865; Bloomington, IL 1867-1870 and 1872-1878;
and Lexington, KY in 1870 and 1875

William McCay (M’Cay)

Richmond, VA 1796-1798 and 1800-1811; Petersburg, VA 1798-1800 and 1811-1818; and Huntsville, AL 1818-1837
Was in the partnership of Needham & McCay with Joseph Needham that lasted for only four months in 1800 and later with William Cowan in the partnership of McCay & Cowan 1805-1807.

McChesney Co.

Newark, NJ 1921-1931
Founded by Samuel D. McChesney, the former president of
Wm. B. Kerr & Co. Sold to Dominick & Haff shortly after
McChesney’s death in 1926 then acquired by Reed & Barton in
1928. McChesney was then sold to Gorham in 1931. Makers of
quality sterling flatware, baby items, and novelties.

Thomas McConnell (1776-1825)

Wilmington, DE 1797-1814 and 1815-1818; Baltimore, MD 1814-1815;
and Richmond, VA 1818-1825
Joined with Hosea Wilson in the firm of H. Wilson & Co. 1814-1815.

Thomas McCowat

Leesburg, VA 1804-1821; Frankfort, KY 1921-1924; Nashville, TN c. 1824 and 1853; Jackson, TN 1838-1850
Silversmith, watchmaker, and jeweler.

George W. McDannold

Mount Sterling, KY 1826; Vicksburg, MS c. 1837; and
Covington, KY 1850-1863
Silversmith and watchmaker.

Daniel McDonald

Halifax, NS 1817-1822 and Philadelphia, PA 1825-1837

William McDougall, Jr. (b.c. 1820)

Goffstown and Meredith Bridge (now Laconia), NH c. 1840-1860

William H. McDowell

Philadelphia, PA 1817-1842

J.B. McFadden & Son

Pittsburgh, PA 1854-1860
John B. McFadden and James B. McFadden.

John B. McFadden / J.B. McFadden & Co.

Pittsburgh, PA 1821-1860
Was in the partnership of J.B. McFadden & Co. c. 1840-1854 and J.B. McFadden & Son 1854-1860.

John McFarlane

Salem, MA c. 1790 and
Boston, MA 1796-1813

McFee & Reeder

Philadelphia, PA 1793-1796
John McFee and Abner Reeder.

John McFee (d. 1800)

Philadelphia, PA  1793-1800
In the partnership of McFee & Reeder 1793-1796.

Joseph McFeely

Martinsburg, VA (now WV)  1808-c. 1826 and
Wheeling, VA (now WV) c. 1830
Silversmith and dentist.

McGrew & Beggs

Cincinnati, OH 1843-1848
Wilson McGrew and William Beggs.

Alexander McGrew

Cincinnati, OH 1805-1836
In the partnership of McGrew & Jonas with Joseph Jonas

Wilson McGrew

Cincinnati, OH 1836-1859
Was in the partnership of McGrew & Beggs 1843-1848 and later
Wilson McGrew & Son with his son William Wilson McGrew 1855-1859.

John McKee (1787-1871)

Chester, SC  1808-1871

Henry McKeen (1794-1889)

Philadelphia, PA  c. 1823-1865

McKenney & Weston

Lewiston, ME c. 1854-1855

Grainger McKoy

Pawleys Island, SC
Having gained renown as a wood sculptor, McKoy began working in sterling in the mid-1990s. Website.

McLure (McClure) & Valenti

Bowling Green, KY c. 1867-1870
James McClure and Philip Valenti.

John McMullin

Philadelphia, PA 1790-1841
In the firm of McMullin & Black with James Black 1811-1813 and Seal & McMullin with William Seal, Jr. c. 1814-1815.

Theodore W. McMurphey

Cincinnati, OH c. 1840

William McParlin

Annapolis, MD 1803-1850

Mead & Adriance

Ithaca, NY 1832-1835 and St. Louis, MO 1835-1842
Edward Mead and Edwin Adriance.

Mead, Adriance & Co.

Ithaca, NY  1831-1832
A partnership between Edward Mead, Edwin Adriance, and
Cornelius de Riemer. Succeeded by Mead & Adriance.

Almon Ainsworth Mead

Montpelier, VT 1846-1887
Was in the partnerships of Witherell & Mead with Elijah B. Witherell 1846-1849 and Phinney & Mead with Truman Phinney 1849-1857.

Benjamin Mead

Wiscasset, ME 1804; Castine, ME 1805-1810; Cumberland, RI 1814; and Smithfield, RI 1814

E. Mead & Co.

St. Louis, MO 1852-1861 and 1869-1877
Founded by Edward Mead, Edward H. Mead and William H.
Maurice.  Succeeded by the Edward Mead Co. 1877-1880.

Edward Mead

Ithaca, NY c. 1831-1835 and St. Louis, MO 1835-1881
In a number of partnerships:
DeRiemer & Mead with Cornelius B. DeRiemer 1830-1831.
Mead, Adriance & Co. with Edwin Adriance and Cornelius B. DeRiemer 1831-1832.
Mead & Adriance with Edwin Adriance 1832-1842.
E. Mead & Co. with son Edward H. Mead and William H. Maurice 1852-1881.

C. Meadows & Co.

Philadelphia, PA 1854-1870

Mealy Manufacturing Co.

Baltimore, MD 1913-1922
Formed as an offshoot of John W. Mealy, Sons & Co. Also began
producing toys c. 1920. Went into receivership and closed in 1922.

John W. Mealy, Son & Co. / John W. Mealy, Sons & Co., Inc.

Baltimore, MD 1899-1931
Began in 1899 as John W. Mealy, Son & Co. and incorporated c. 1906 as John W. Mealy, Sons & Co., Inc. Went into receivership in 1931.