Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Mechanics to Miraglia

Mechanics Sterling Co.

Attleboro, MA
Began in 1896 as the flatware branch of Watson & Newell Co. Makers of sterling flatware and souvenir spoons.

George Mecum

Boston, MA 1825-1846

Andrew G. Medley

Louisville, KY 1843-1848; San Francisco, CA 1850-1857; and
Petaluma, CA 1860-1876

J.F. & B.F. Meek

Frankfort, KY 1839-1848
Jonathan Fleming Meek and Benjamin F. Meek.

Thomas Jefferson Megear

Wilmington, DE 1831-1832 and Philadelphia, PA 1832-1858

Louis Zur Megede (1821-1897)

St. Louis, MO 1847-1849; Lexington, MO 1849-1877; and
Richmond, MO 1858-1897
While operating his shop in Lexington, Megede opened up a branch store in Richmond in 1858, moving there in 1877.  He also maintained a branch store in Lawrence, KS.  Was in the partnerships of L. Megede & Co. With Albert C. Dollinger 1869-1873 and L. Megede & Son with Louis Z. Megede, Jr. 1885-1897.

Melville & Co.

New York, NY and New Orleans, LA 1849-1856
Brothers David and Henry B. Melville.

Anthony Henry Menkens

St. Louis, MO c. 1840-1866
Was a partner in the firms of Menkens & Recordon with Charles
Recordon 1841-1851 and later A.H. Menkens & Brother with
Diedrich Menkens 1851-1860.

Meredith & Campbell

Winchester, VA 1923-1824
James Meredith and Thomas B. Campbell.

James Meredith (1791-1860)

Winchester, VA c. 1812-1860
Involved in a number of partnerships:
Hartman & Meredith with Daniel Hartman c. 1816-1820
Meredith & Campbell with Thomas B. Campbell 1823-1824
Meredith & Johnston with Samuel Johnston 1826-1827
J. Meredith & Son with son Charles B. Meredith 1855-1860


St. Louis, MO c. 1864-1866
Henry A. Menkens and his sons Herman and Henry W. Menkens.

Benjamin F. Meek

Frankfort, KY 1834-1882 and Louisville, KY 1882-1898
Was a partner in the firms of J.F. & B.F. Meek 1839-1848, J.F. Meek & Co. 1848-1852, and Meek & Milam with Benjamin C. Milam 1852-1855.  Was also involved with making fishing reels until about 1858, although Benjamin C. Milam continued to mark his reels with the Meek & Milam name until 1880.

The Meriden Britannia Co.

Meriden, CT 1852-1898
First organized as Britannia ware manufacturers, silverplate production began c. 1855. Their sterling holloware line began in 1896 when they acquired Wilcox & Eversten; sterling flatware production began in 1897. Purchased Rogers Bros. Mfg. Co. in 1862, acquiring the 1847 Rogers Bros. trademark at that time.  Meriden Britannia Co. was one of the original companies that joined together in 1898 to became International Silver.  The M.B.Co. mark continued to be used into the 1930s.
See flatware patterns.

Meriden Cutlery Co.

South Meriden, CT  1855-1924
A cutlery manufacturer that specialized in mother of pearl handled knives.  The company was acquired by Landers, Frary & Clark in 1918 and closed in 1924.

Mermod, Jaccard & Co. / Mermod, Jaccard & King Jewelry Co.

St. Louis, MO 1864-1980s
Founded by D.C. Jaccard and A.S. Mermod as D.C. Jaccard & Co., becoming Mermod, Jaccard & Co. in 1873. Goodman King joined the firm in 1865 and the name was changed to Mermod, Jaccard & King Jewelry Co. in 1905. Primarily retailers and jewelers, also made some sterling and silverplate flatware, holloware and souvenir spoons, but was outsourcing all of its silver manufacturing by 1890.

The Merrill Shops / The Merrill Co.

New York, NY and Newark, NJ 1893-1931
Makers of handwrought sterling holloware and novelties.

Jonathan Ambrose Merrill (1829-1909)

Portland, ME  1850-1909

Merriman & Bradley

New Haven, CT 1817-1826
A partnership between Marcus Merriman and Zebul Bradley,
with Charles O’Neill joining the firm in 1823.

James Edward Merriman (1815-1879)

New York, NY 1837-1840 and Memphis, TN 1841-1866
Was in the partnerships of Merriman & Clark with Frederick H. Clark 1841-1847 and J.E. Merriman & Co. with Charles G. Merriman 1847-1866.

Marcus Merriman & Co.

New Haven, CT 1802-1817
A partnership between Marcus Merriman, Zebul Bradley, and
Bethuel Tuttle (who died in 1813).

Marcus Merriman (1762-1850)

New Haven, CT 1787-1826
In the partnerships of Merriman & Tuttle with Bethuel Tuttle in 1802, Marcus Merriman & Co. 1802-1817, and Merriman & Bradley

Reuben Merriman (1783-1866)

Cheshire, CT c. 1810 and Litchfield, CT 1827-1865

Samuel Merriman (1769-1805)

New Haven, CT  1794-1803

Mesick Mfg. Co.

Los Angeles, CA c. 1950
Makers of sterling holloware.

Storrs Messinger

Esperance, NY c. 1820-1885
Partnered with Avery Brazee in the firm of Messinger & Brazee
c. 1870-1873.

Metallurgic Art Co.

Baltimore, MD 1895-1900

The Metcalf Co.

New York, NY 1904-c. 1920
Founded by James A. Metcalf. Succeeded by A.W. Mather & Co.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York, NY
Mark used on sterling giftware, reproductions, and miniatures sold at the museum.

Ludwig Meyer

St. Charles, MO 1835-1874

Walter Meyer

West Orange, NJ 1940s-1950s

William B. Meyers Co.

Newark, NJ 1907-c. 1958
Makers of antique reproductions, ceremonial religious vessels and, beginning in 1932, silver miniatures.

Jo Michels

New York, NY 1940s-1950s
Studio jeweler.

Richard P. Micks

Platteville, WI c. 1855-1856; Lancaster, WI 1857-1858;
Mansfield, OH 1858-1860; and Niles, MI c. 1867-1882
Was in the partnership of LaPierre & Micks with Edward M.
La Pierre c. 1880-1882.

John Matthew Micksch

Bethlehem, PA c. 1828-1841

Middletown Silver Co.

Middletown, CT c. 1900-1940
Makers of sterling and silverplate holloware. Their sterling mark
is shown at the top and one of their silverplate marks in the bottom position.

A.H. & J.W. Miller

Newark, NJ 1852-1860
Brothers Abner Halsey Miller and James Wesley Miller.

Abner Halsey Miller

Newark, NJ 1852-1860 and Chicago, IL 1856-1883
Was in the partnership of A.H. & J.H. Miller in Newark 1854-1888 and opened a branch location in Chicago in 1856 under the name of A.H. Miller & Bros.

Burton Miller

Providence, RI 1841-1845

D.B. Miller

Boston, MA c. 1840-1855

Frederick A. Miller

Brecksville, OH 1940-1976
Began working in 1940 almost exclusively making holloware.  Started working occasionally for Potter & Mellen in 1946, he and fellow silversmith Jack Schlundt bought the company in 1967 and continued to work until his retirement in 1976.

Edward F. Miller (1801-1866)

Providence, RI  1824-1849
Silversmith and watchmaker.  Miller was succeeded by his son, Henry F. Miller.

John Paul Miller (1918-2003)

Cleveland and Brecksville, OH 1940-2003
Highly regarded silversmith and jeweler affiliated with the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Lawrence Miller & Co.

Alexandria, VA c. 1995-Present

Matthew Miller (1780-1840)

Charleston, SC  1805-1838
Silversmith and jeweler.

Pardon Miller

Providence, RI 1822-1852

William Miller (b.c. 1782-1866)

Philadelphia, PA 1810-1840
In the partnership of Ward & Miller 1821-1824 and Wm. Miller & Son 1833-1835.

Mills & Forristall

Boston, MA 1846-1861
Elisha S. Mills and Philander J. Forristall.

George F. Mills

New York, NY 1834-1848

Edmund Milne

Philadelphia, PA 1757-c. 1785

Thomas Milne

New York, NY 1793-1815

Samuel Minott

Boston, MA c. 1753-1803
In the partnership of Minott & Austin with Josiah Austin

Frank Miraglia

New York, NY 1950s
Modernist studio jeweler.