Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Moulton to Mytinger

Moulton & Pike

Worcester, MA c. 1873-1879
Edward Moulton and Edmund J. Pike.

Moulton & Wood

Newburyport, MA 1818-1820
A partnership between Abel Moulton and David Wood.

Abel Moulton (1784-1850)

Newburyport, MA  1815-1830
Was in the partnership of Moulton & Wood 1818-1820.

Ebenezer Moulton

Boston, MA c. 1794-1816 and Newburyport, MA 1816-1824

Enoch Moulton (1780-1818)

Portland, ME  1801-1818

Joseph Moulton II (1724-1795)

Newburyport, MA c. 1750-1795

Joseph Moulton III (1744-1816)

Newburyport, MA c. 1765-1810
Wasin the partnership of Moulton & Bradbury with Theophilus Bradbury c. 1796.

Joseph Moulton IV (1814-1903)

Newburyport, MA 1835-1894
Moulton’s spoon manufacturing business was sold to Towle & Jones in 1860, which would go on to become Towle Silversmiths.

William Moulton III (1720-1793)

Newburyport, MA 1742-1762; Hempstead, NH 1763-1788; and
Marietta, OH 1788-1793

Lydia Moulton (b. 1757)

Newburyport, MA 1780-1789
Daughter of William Moulton (b. 1720), it is believed she may have made some silver objects prior to her moving to Marietta, OH, in 1789. Several LM marks, including the above, have been found in the Newburyport area to support this possibility.

William Moulton IV (1772-1861)

Newburyport, MA 1796-1845

Mount Vernon Co. Silversmiths

Mt. Vernon, NY 1913-1923
A merger between Mauser Mfg. Co., Roger Williams Silver Co. and H.A. McFarland, Inc.  Acquired by Gorham in 1920 but continued to produce under the Mount Vernon name until 1923.
See flatware patterns.

Mueck-Carey Co.

New York, NY 1940s-1950s
The trademark is now owned by Towle Silversmiths.  Makers of sterling holloware.

Louis Müh

New Orleans, LA 1822-1866
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.

H. Muhr’s Sons

Philadelphia, PA  1873-1903
Founded by Henry Muhr and his son Simon Muhr as Henry
Muhr & Son in 1865.  Henry Muhr retired in 1873 and another
son, Joseph Muhr, joined the business, changing the name to H. Muhr’s Sons at that time.  Thimble makers and manufacturing jewelers.

Mulford & Wendell

Albany, NY 1842-1854
John H. Mulford and William Wendell.

Mulholland Brothers / Mulholland Silver Co.

Park Ridge, IL 1912-1915; Evanston, IL 1916-1919; and
Aurora, IL 1919-1934
Founded by Walter and David Mulholland.  Makers of handwrought sterling Arts & Crafts flatware and dinnerware.  Began producing silverplated goods with the acquisition of the Aurora Silver Plate Co. after World War I.  The Mulholland brothers sold their interests in the  business in 1924 and the name was changed to Mulholland Silver Co., which continued until 1934.

Peter Muller-Munk

New York, NY
Best known as an industrial designer, produced sterling holloware through the Peter Muller-Munk Studio 1928-c. 1935.

Hugh Mulligan

Philadelphia, PA 1852-1878

Charles H. Mumford

Newport, RI c. 1827-1863

Henry G. Mumford

Providence, RI 1813-1824
Was in the partnership of Gorham, Hadwen & Mumford 1824-1828.

Munger & Benedict

Auburn, NY 1818-1820 and 1825-1833
Initially a partnership between Asa Munger and J.H. Benedict 1818-1820, a different partnership was formed with Thaddeus Benedict 1825-1833 using the same name.

A. Munger & Son

Auburn, NY c. 1839-1847
Asa Munger and son Austin E. Munger.

Asa Munger (1778-1851)

Ludlow, MA 1800-1803; Herkimer, NY c. 1814-1816 and
Auburn, NY 1816-1847
Was a partner in the firms of:
Munger & Gillmore in 1818.
Munger & Benedict with J.H. Benedict 1818-1820.
Munger & Benedict with Thaddeus Benedict 1825-1833.
A. Munger & Co. 1833-1834.
A. Munger & Son with Austin E. Munger c. 1839-1847.

Munn & Jones

Greenfield, MA 1827-1828
Elisha Munn, Jr. and Albert Jones.

John Munro (1758-1810)

Charleston, SC  1785-1810

Munroe & Jones

Boston, MA c. 1813-1814
Daniel Munroe and Ezekiel Jones.

Daniel Munroe

Roxbury, MA 1798-1800; Concord, MA 1900-1807; Boston, MA 1807-1838 and 1841-1856; New York, NY 1839-1840
In the partnerships of :
Daniel Munroe & Co. with his brothers Nathaniel and William 1798-c. 1804
Daniel & Nathaniel Munroe with his brother Nathaniel 1800-1807
Munroe & Jones with Ezekiel Jones c. 1813-1814

James Munroe

Barnstable, MA c. 1810

John Munroe

Barnstable, MA c. 1810-1879

Nathaniel Munroe (1777-1861)

Concord, MA 1798-1817; Norfolk, VA 1805-1806; and
Baltimore, MD 1817-1837 Clockmaker, silversmith, and optician.
Was involved in a number of partnerships:
Daniel Munroe & Co. with his brothers Daniel and William
1798-c. 1804
Daniel & Nathaniel Munroe with his brother Daniel c. 1804-1807
Munroe & Whiting with Samuel Whiting 1808-1817
Munroe & Haggar with Benjamin K. Haggar in 1817
Munroe & Holman with David Holman 1826-1828

Barton Munsey (1812-1892)

Manchester, NH  c. 1840-1844

Murdock & Andrews

Utica, NY 1822-1826 and 1838-1849
A partnership between James Murdock and Elon Andrews.

James Murdock & Co.

Utica, NY 1826-1838
A partnership between James Murdock, Elon Andrews and Julius Spencer.

James Hooper Murdock

Woodstock, VT 1840-1875
In the firm of J.H. Murdock & Son with son James R. Murdock 1865-1870.

John Murphy

Norfolk, VA 1784-1837

James Musgrave

Philadelphia, PA 1792-1809
In the partnership of Parry & Musgrave 1792-1796.

Samuel Musgrove

Cincinnati, OH 1820-1840; Larue County, KY c. 1850; and
Nashville, TN 1851-1860

Henry Beekman Myer

Newburg, NY 1818-1835 and Buffalo, NY 1835-1851
In the partnership of Myer & McClanahan with James McClanahan 1835-1837.  In the firms of H.B. Myer & Co. 1838-1840
and Myer, Teller & Fernald 1843-1845.  Silversmith and jeweler.

John Myers

Philadelphia, PA 1785-1804

Myer Myers

New York, NY 1744-1776 and 1783-1795; Norwalk, CT
1776-1780; and Philadelphia, PA 1780-1782
Was a partner in the firm of Halsted & Myers with
Benjamin Halsted 1756-1766 and 1769-1770.

Comfort Starr Mygatt

Danbury, CT 1783-1807 and Canfield Mahoning, OH 1807-1823
Succeeded his father Eli Mygatt’s business with his brother David Mygatt 1804-1807.  Silversmith, clock, and watchmaker.

John P. Mylius

Harpers Ferry, VA 1830-1836 and St. Louis, MO 1838-1839
Was in the partnership of Houck & Mylius with Frederick Houck 1830-1836.

Myrick, Roller & Holbrook

Philadelphia, PA c. 1889-1896
Primarily makers of souvenir spoons; some flatware.

Gideon Myrick

Cape Cod, MA c. 1760

Jacob Mytinger (1797-d.c. 1882)

Stephensburg, VA 1818-c. 1854; Romney, VA (now WV) c. 1840;
Warrenton, VA c. 1854-c. 1880