Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Oakes to Owen

Oakes & Spencer

Hartford, CT 1811-1820
Frederick Oakes and Nathaniel Spencer.

Frederick Oakes (Sr.)

Hartford, CT c. 1804-1830
Was in the partnerships of Allyn & Oakes with Nathan Allyn
c. 1804; Greenleaf & Oakes with David Greenleaf, Jr. 1804-1807;
and Oakes & Spencer with Nathaniel Spencer 1811-1820.

Frederick Oakes (Jr.)

Hartford, CT 1842-1847
Was in the partnership of William & Frederick Oakes with brother
William Oakes 1842-1847.

Henry Oakes

Hartford, CT c. 1830-1843
Took over business of father Frederick Oakes in 1830.  Was in the partnership of Henry Oakes & Co. with his brother William Oakes 1841-1842.

William Oakes

Hartford, CT 1841-1850
Was in the partnership of Henry Oakes & Co. with his brother Henry Oakes and then William & Frederick Oakes with brother Frederick Oakes (Jr.) 1842-1847.

Perry O’Daniel

Philadelphia, PA 1834-1852

John Oenslager

Harrisburg, PA 1840-1860

William Ogle

Philadelphia, PA 1828-1835

W.A. O’Hara, Jr.

Cincinnati, OH c. 1854-1856

Old Newbury Crafters

Newburyport, MA 1915-Present
An important silversmithing company whose roots go back to the 1600s.  Makers of handwrought sterling and pewter flatware and holloware.  The words “hand wrought” were not used in their mark until 1956.
See flatware patterns.

Old New England Craftsmen

Newburyport, MA 1930s
Makers of sterling handwrought Colonial reproductions.

Old Sturbridge Village

Old Sturbridge Village, MA 1946-Present
A 19th century New England reenactment village, silver goods are made on site.

Peter Oliver

Boston, MA c. 1703-1712

Peter Olivier

Philadelphia, PA c. 1797-1798

N. Olmsted & Son

New Haven, CT c. 1837-1860
A partnership between Nathaniel Olmsted and son George Olmsted.  Silversmiths and jewelers.

Nathaniel Olmsted

Farmington, CT 1808-1826 and New Haven, CT 1826-1860
Was in the partnership of N. Olmsted & Son c. 1837-1860.


See Old Newbury Crafters

N. & D. Onderdonk

New York, NY 1874-1901
Nicholas and Daniel Onderdonk.

Oneida Ltd. / Oneida Silversmiths

Sherrill, NY 1880-Present
Formed as an experimental utopian social community at Oneida Creek in 1848, the group began making flatware in 1880, and their sterling line started in 1914.  The production of silverplated holloware began in 1926.  Oneida acquired Wm. A. Rogers, Ltd. in 1929 who had the trademark name Heirloom and Oneida also acquired S.L. & G.H. Rogers through that purchase.  Oneida manufactured three patterns in the 1940s for Empire Crafts Corp. under the name Royal Crest and produced another three patterns for private distribution under the name State House.  The “cube” mark was first used in 1965.  Goods are no longer produced in sterling silver.  Today, Oneida continues as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of flatware, holloware, barware, vanity and novelty items along with china, crystal, and glassware, with factories around the globe.
See flatware patterns.


See Otto R. Bade.

Clint Orms Silversmith & Engraving

Ingram, TX 1983-Present
Founded by Clint Orms. Makers of quality sterling belt buckles and jewelry.

Daniel D.R. Ormsby (1812-1870)

Cortland, NY c. 1832-1840 and Homer, NY c. 1845-1870
Was in the partnership of Boon & Ormsby c. 1832-1834.

Henry Ormsby

Philadelphia, PA 1839-1864

Orno Shop

Dekalb, IL 1910s
Founded by H.R. Sorensen, a former Kalo smith. Maker of sterling flatware and holloware.

Harry Osaki

Pasadena, CA c. 1947-1985

John Osborn

Utica, NY c. 1804-1807 and Homer, NY c. 1816-1853
In the partnerships of Rugg & Osborn in 1804; Osborn & Hammond c. 1804; and Butler & Osborn 1805-1807.

William Osborn

Pawtucket, RI 1825-1827 and Providence, RI 1829-1865

John Osgood, Sr. (1770-1840)

Andover, MA c. 1792 and Haverhill, NH 1793-1840
Silversmith and clockmaker. Mark also used by John Osgood, Jr.

John Osgood, Jr. (1798-1861)

Haverhill, MA c. 1820-1823 and Boston, MA 1823-1859
Silversmith and clockmaker. Mark also used by John Osgood, Sr.

Clemens Oskamp

Cincinnati, OH 1853-1887
Upon Oskamp’s death in 1887, his widow, son Alfred, and John C.
Daller took over the handling of the business, continuing it under Clemens Oskamp’s name.  In 1902 it was incorporated as the Clemens Oskamp Co., remaining in business until 1923.

Theodore Oskamp

Cincinnati, OH 1844-1854
Theodore’s brother, Clemens Oskamp, went to work for him in 1852, leaving in 1853 to start his own business.  Theodore’s business went to Clemens when Theodore died in 1854.

Andrew Osthoff

Baltimore, MD 1809-1814 and Pittsburgh, PA 1814-1818

Jonathan Otis (1723-1791)

Newport, RI c. 1747-1775 and Middletown, CT c. 1776-1791

Augustus F. Otto

Chicago, IL 1844-1878

Ephraim Outten

Accomac County, VA 1803-1816 and Maysville, KY 1816-1825

Owen & Carley

Cincinnati, OH 1846-1848
William Owen and Samuel T. Carley.

John Owen

Philadelphia, PA 1800-1839

John Owen, Jr.

Philadelphia, PA c. 1822-1828

Lewis Owen / L. Owen & Co.

Montgomery, AL 1831-1856
Was in the partnerships of Owen & Wright c. 1845 and L. Owen & Co. c. 1850-1856.  Silversmith and jeweler.

Wm. Owen & Co.

Cincinnati, OH 1866-1886
Founded by brothers William and Charles Owen. William Owen, Jr. joined the firm c. 1867.