Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Peabody to Petzal

John Peabody (1792-1850)

Fayetteville, NC 1823-1836 and Nashville, TN 1836-1850
Was involved in a number of partnerships:
Peabody & Champbell with John Campbell 1836-1837.
Peabody & Guiteau with Calvin Guiteau in 1839.
Gowdey & Peabody with Thomas Gowdey 1843-1847.

William Whitman Peabody

Amesbury, MA  c. 1890-1930s
Owned the Peabody Craft Shop and worked as a silversmith for
George Gebelein in Boston. Member of the Boston Society of
Arts & Crafts. Maker of sterling Arts & Crafts handwrought flatware.

Pear & Bacall

Boston, MA 1848-1875
Partnership between Edward Pear and Thomas Bacall.

Pear & Brother

Boston, MA 1866-1913
Founded by Thomas and William B. Pear.

F.T. Pearce Co.

Providence, RI 1888-1918
Founded by Frank T. Pearce. Successor to Pearce & Hoagland. Manufacturer of pens and related items.

Hart Pearce

New York, NY c. 1833-1835

Walter Pearce / Walter Pearce & Co.

Norfolk, VA 1831-1842 and Mobile, AL 1844-1867
Worked as a bookkeeper for another jeweler in Mobile 1855-1859 and was presumably not working on his own during this time.  Was in the partnership of Walter Pearce & Co. 1859-1867.

William Pearman

Williamsburg, VA 1812-1825 and Richmond, VA 1827-1837
Silversmith and watchmaker.

J.G. Pearson & Co.

Newburyport, MA  c. 1849-1851
John G. Pearson with an unknown partner.

M. & T. Pearson

Portland, ME c. 1820
Brothers Moses and Thomas Pearson.

Moses Pearson

Portland, ME c. 1850-1892
In partnership with Thomas Pearson c. 1856 as M. & T. Pearson.

Ronald Hayes Pearson

Rochester, NY c. 1950-1971 and Deer Isle, ME 1971-1997
One of the founders of Shop One in Rochester (in business 1952-1976).  Founded Ronald Hayes Pearson Design Studio in Maine in 1971; Pearson died in 1997, and the Studio continued into the 2010s. Maker of handwrought modernist jewelry, accessories, sculpture and ecclesiastic items.

Lorna Pearson-Watson

Alfred, NY and Durham, NH 1950s-1970s

A.G. Peck

Ashtabula, OH 1823

Benjamin Peck

Providence, RI c. 1823-1843
Silversmith and jeweler.

John M. Peddinghaus

Colchester, CT c. 1835-1865 and Marietta, OH 1866

John Peirce (Pierce)

Boston, MA 1809-1816

Emmet T. Pell

New York, NY  1823-1841

Pelletreau, Bennett & Cook

New York, NY  1825-1828
Maltby Pelletreau, John Bennett and D.C. Cook.

Pelletreau & Upson

New York, NY  1823-1824
Maltby Pelletreau and William Upson.

Elias Pelletreau

New York, NY 1747-1750; Southampton, NY 1750-1776 and again
1782-1810; Simsbury, CT 1776-1780; Saybrook, CT 1780-1782

Maltby Pelletreau (1791-1846)

New York, NY  1813-1828 and 1834-1840; Newark, NJ 1829-1834
In the partnerships of:
Clark & Pelletreau with Curtis H. Clark 1818-1822
Clark, Pelletreau & Upson 1822-1823
Pelletreau & Upson with William Upson 1823-1824
Pelletreau, Bennett & Cook with John Bennett and D.C. Cook 1825-1828
Bennett, Cooke & Co. (in Charleston, SC) 1823-1828
Taylor & Pelletreau in 1831

William S. Pelletreau

Southampton, NY c. 1815 and New York, NY c. 1815-1825
Was in partnerships of Pelletreau & Van Wyck with Stephen Van Wyck in New York, NY c. 1815 and later Pelletreau & Richards with Thomas Richards c. 1825.

Asa Carter Pelton (b. 1804)

Great Barrington, MA  c. 1840-1880

Sylvester Pence (1814-1883)

Halifax Co., VA 1842-1850 and Lynchburg, VA 1870-1871

J. Penfield & Co.

Savannah, GA 1820-1828
A partnership between Josiah Penfield and Frederick Marquand.

Josiah Penfield (1785-1828)

Savannah, GA  1810-1828
Apprentice to his uncle Isaac Marquand c. 1800. Became a partner of the firm of Marquand & Paulding in 1810, renaming it to Marquand, Paulding & Penfield with Isaac Marquand and Cornelius Paulding until its dissolution in 1815.  Was in the partnership of Penfield & Co. 1820-1828.

Scarborough Pentecost (b.c. 1800-1852)

Henderson, KY 1819-1822 and 1824-1830;
Evansville, IN 1822-1823; and Mt. Vernon, IN 1830+
Silversmith, clock, and watchmaker.

H.J. Pepper & Son

Wilmington, DE  1846-1853
Henry J. Pepper and son Samuel W. Pepper.

Henry J. Pepper (1790-1853)

Wilmington, DE 1813-1826 and Philadelphia, PA 1826-1853
In the partnerships of Stockman & Pepper 1828-1831 and H.J. Pepper & Son 1846-1853.

Samuel W. Pepper

Philadelphia, PA 1846-1854, 1855-1861 and 1867-1881
Dover, DE 1854-1855
In the partnership of H.J. Pepper & Son 1846-1853.

D.C. Percival & Co.

Boston, MA 1876-1956
Founded by David C. Percival. Successor to Percival & Morris (see D.C. Percival Jr. & Co. below).  Primarily manufacturing jewelers. Sterling thimbles bearing their P mark were made for them by the Waite-Thresher Co.

D.C. Percival Jr. & Co.

Boston, MA 1864-1872
David C. Percival with partners Daniel Morris and Henry T. Salisbury.  Succeeded by Percival & Morris when Salisbury retired in 1872.

Peter G. Perdriaux (b.c. 1830-1865)

Philadelphia, PA  1856-1865

Houghton Perkins (1735-1778)

Boston, MA c. 1757-1770 and Taunton, MA 1772-1776

Isaac Perkins (b.c. 1710-1737)

Boston, MA  c. 1730-1737

Jacob Perkins (1766-1849)

Newburyport, MA 1783-c. 1816 and Philadelphia, PA 1816
Perkins was an apprentice to Elias Davis and inherited his business in 1783.

Joseph Perkins (1749-1789)

South Kingston, RI  1770-1789

T. Perkins

Boston, MA  c. 1810

Peter Perraux

Philadelphia, PA  c. 1797

Thomas Perry (1814-1898)

Westerly, RI  1828-1861
Silversmith, jeweler and watchmaker.

James Peters / James Peters & Co.

Philadelphia, PA 1813-1850
In the partnership of Peters & Stockman with Jacob Stockman 1817-1819.  Went by the firm name of J. Peters & Co. 1837-1850.

Carl Poul Petersen / C.P. Petersen & Sons

Montreal, QU, Canada 1944-1979
After working for Georg Jensen and Henry Birks & Sons, Petersen set up his own shop in 1944, registering the name C.P. Petersen & Sons in 1946.  Peterson retired in 1975, and the company continued until 1979.

John Pontus Petterson / The Petterson Studios

Chicago, IL 1912-1949
A former Jarvie Shop assistant and Tiffany & Co. silversmith, Petterson founded The Petterson Studio in 1912 at his home workshop.  The name was changed to The Petterson Studios when he moved to a more formal workshop in 1915.  The shop was closed in 1919 and Petterson continued working under his own name.  The TPS mark above right was used after about 1915.

E.P. Pettes

Boston and Suffolk, MA  c. 1833-1838

Matthew Pettit (Petit)

New York, NY  1811

Henry Petzal

La Jolla, CA  1957-1990s