Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Porter to Putnam

Franklin Porter

Danvers, MA  1925-1940s
Maker of handwrought flatware, holloware and jewelry in the Arts & Crafts style.

Frederick Wadsworth Porter / F.W. Porter & Co.

Springfield, VT 1845-1875
In the partnership of Cook, Porter & Co. with George Washington Porter and Selden Cook 1848-1850.  Later partnered with William H. Wheeler as F.W. Porter & Co. 1854-1875.

Henry Chester Porter / H. Porter & Co.

New York, NY 1820-1840
Went by H. Porter & Co. 1830-1840.

Joseph S. Porter (1783-1862)

Canandaigua, NY 1808-1811 and Utica, NY after 1811-1837 and
In the partnership of Porter & White with Philo White 1808-1809.  In the partnership of Barton & Porter 1811-1816. Partnered with Richard Huntington 1817-1837.  Sold his business in 1837 and worked as a general merchant.  Worked again as a silversmith and jeweler 1848-1862, first for H.S. Bradley then on his own again in 1850.

Frederick Jerome Posey (d. 1881)

Shepherdstown, VA (now WV) c. 1842 and
Hagerstown, MD 1843-1864

Potter Studio

Cleveland, OH 1915-1928
Succeeded by The Potter-Bentley Studio.

The Potter-Bentley Studios

Cleveland, OH 1928-1933
Horace E. Potter and Gurdon W. Bentley. Succeeded by Potter & Mellen, Inc.

J.O. & J.R. Potter

Providence, RI  c. 1848-1850
John O. Potter and James R. Potter.

Horace E. Potter

Cleveland, OH 1897-1907
Well known maker of handwrought sterling wares in the Arts & Crafts style.  Founder of the Potter Shop 1908-1915 and Potter Studio 1915-1928.  Was in the partnership of Potter-Bentley Studios with Gurdon W. Bentley 1928-1933 then in the partnership of Potter and Mellen until his death in 1948.

Niles Potter

Westerly, RI c. 1825-1850

John Potwine

Boston, MA c. 1719-1737; Hartford, CT 1737-1761; Coventry, CT c. 1762-1766; and East Windsor, CT c. 1768-1792
Was in the partnership of Potwine & Whiting with Charles Whiting c. 1761.

Abraham Poutreau

New York, NY c. 1725

Henry Power

Poughkeepsie, NY 1822-1864
Worked with his son Henry R. Power under the name of H. Power & Son 1848-1852.

Pratt & Reath

Philadelphia, PA 1851-1862
Dundas T. Pratt, Benjamin B. Reath, and William G. Billin.

Azariah Pratt

Marietta, OH 1788-1821 and Athens Co., OH 1821-1835

Edward P. Pratt (1801-1866)

Chillicothe, OH c. 1827-1828 and 1830-1866; and
Cincinnati, OH 1828-1830
In the partnership of Pratt & Beard in Chillicothe in 1828.  In Cincinnati, he was a partner in the firm of Pratt, Stretcher and Beard 1828-1829; Stretcher leaving the firm in 1829 to become Pratt & Beard, but the business was dissolved later that year.

Katherine Pratt

Dedham, MA  c. 1915-c. 1940
Member of the Boston Society of Arts & Crafts.

William Pratt / W. Pratt & Co.

Boston, MA 1835-c. 1885
In the firm of Wm. Pratt & Brother 1844-1849.  Went by W. Pratt & Co. 1855-1873.

Wm. Pratt & Brother

Boston, MA 1844-1849
William and Joseph Pratt.

William T. Pratt

Black Rock, NY 1826 and New York, NY 1828-1829

Preisner Silver Co.

Wallingford, CT 1935-1990
Makers of sterling and silverplate holloware.  Went out of business in 1990.

Pressed Metal Products

Vancouver, BC c. 1925-Present

Henry Prescott (Prescot) b. 1781 d. 1810

New York, NY 1803-1806 and Springfield, MA 1806-1810

Presto Cigarette Case Corp.

North Attleboro, MA 1920s-1930s
Makers of sterling and silverplated cigarette cases and other small items.

James Bond Preston

Alexandria, VA 1817; Baltimore, MD 1818-1829; Norfolk, VA 1830

Lafayette W. Preston

Castleton, VT 1844-1882 with a branch store in Fair Haven, VT
Formed a partnership with his son George L. Preston as L.W. Preston & Son 1878-1882.

Edward Prevear

Amherst, MA 1840-1849; Lynn, MA 1849-1858; and
Leominster, MA 1858-1895
Was in the partnership of Prevear & Harrington with Samuel Harrington 1841-1842.

John Price

Newark, NJ 1840-1860

Philip Price, Jr.

Philadelphia, PA 1812-1825

Prill Silver Co.

New York, NY 1936-Present
Succeeded Edward Prill, Inc; became Prill Silver Co. c. 1940.  Makers of sterling and silverplated holloware.

Warren Prior (1811-1909)

Fayetteville, NC  1834-1887
In the partnership of Campbell & Prior with John Campbell 1834-1836.  Upon Prior’s retirement in 1887, his son took over his business as Warren Prior & Son.

Warren Prior & Son

Fayetteville, NC 1887-c. 1914
Primarily a retailer.

Nathaniel Langdon Proctor

Oxford, CT c. 1840

Prouhet & Witt

St. Louis, MO 1857-c. 1862
Hyppolite Prouhet and Thomas D. Witt.

Emile Profilet

New Orleans, LA 1822 and Natchez, MS 1823-1866
Succeeded by his son, J. Queg Profilet, in 1866.

Hyppolite Prouhet

Union, KY 1850-1854 and St. Louis, MO 1854-c. 1878
In the firm of Prouhet & Witt 1857-c. 1862. Silversmith and watchmaker.

Pryor Mfg. Co.

Newark, NJ 1909-c. 1915
Became a part of B.M. Shanley, Jr., Co.

Charles Pryse

Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC 1824-1834
Was in the partnership of Lanphier & Pryse in Washington, DC,
c. 1827-1829.

Samuel B. Purple (1814-1857)

Columbus, GA 1844-1856 and Northfield, MA 1856-1857
In the partnership of Foster & Purple 1844-1845.

Thomas Purse (1776-1823)

Baltimore, MD 1795-1799 and 1805-1810; Winchester, VA
1799-1805; and Charleston, SC 1810-1822

Edward Putnam

Boston, MA 1822-1830
In the partnership of Putnam & Low with John J. Low 1822-1828.

Fayette H. Putnam (1819-1857)

Worcester, MA c. 1830-1856

John S. Putnam (1814-1899)

Albany, NY 1835-1836 and Buffalo, NY 1836-1881
Partnered with William S. Wright as the firm of Wright & Putnam c. 1836.