Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Radcliffe To Reeder

Radcliffe & Guignard

Columbia, SC  1856-1859
Thomas W. Radcliffe and James S. Guignard.

T.W. Radcliffe & Co.

Columbia, SC  1852-1856
Founded by Thomas W. Radcliff.

Thomas W. Radcliffe (1812-1870)

Columbia, SC 1827-1833, 1835-1836 and 1847-1870;
Camden, SC c. 1833; and Charleston, SC 1840-1841
Was in the partnerships of Radcliff & Glaze in 1835 Glaze & Radcliffe 1848-1851, both partnerships with William Glaze, and later the partnership of Radcliffe & Guignard 1856-1859.  Operated under the name of T.W. Radcliffe & Co. 1852-1856.  Radcliffe died in 1870, and his business was continued by his son, Thomas Radcliffe, Jr., and a  friend, Richard Davis, until 1897 when it was succeeded by Sylvan Bros.

Radke & Co.

San Francisco, CA 1899-1927
Makers of handwrought sterling holloware.

William T. Rae (b.c. 1832)

New York, NY  1856-1906
Silversmith and jeweler.

Joseph Rafel

Cincinnati, OH 1842 and New Orleans, LA c. 1850-1862
Silversmith, jeweler and watchmaker.

Raimond Silver Mfg. Co.

Chelsea, MA  1960s-1970s
Makers of sterling and silverplated holloware and novelties.  Acquired W. & S. Blackington Co. in 1966.
See flatware patterns.

Robert Rait (1807-1869)

New York, NY  1835-1867
Was in the firm of Robert Rait & Co. 1857-1862.  Silversmith, jeweler, and retailer.

Ramsey & Bro.

Louisville, KY 1855-1858
Milton C. Ramsey and Preston W. Ramsey.

Rand & Crane

Boston, MA 1886-1926
Successor to C.W. Kennard & Co. Primarily a retailer, they made a few lines of sterling flatware.

The Randahl Shop

Park Ridge and Chicago, IL 1901-1965
Founded by Julias Olaf Randahl who had previously worked
for Gorham, Tiffany & Co., and the Kalo Shop. Acquired
Cellini Craft in 1957. Makers of handwrought sterling
holloware, many of their earlier works being predominantly
in the Arts & Crafts style. Acquired by Reed & Barton in 1965.

C. Ray Randall & Co.

North Attleboro, MA c. 1903-c. 1940 and Attleboro Falls, MA c. 1940-1988
Manufacturing jeweler; also made small sterling novelties.

Joseph Volney Randall (1822-1854)

Burlington, VT  1846-1854
Silversmith and jeweler.

Myrick O. Randall (1819-1891)

Woodstock, VT 1842-1843 and Brockport (Sweden), NY c. 1845-1886
In the partnership of N.O. & N. Randall with Nathaniel Randall

Ranger & Thompson

Brattleboro, VT 1876-1895
Bethuel Ranger and Henry H. Thompson.

William D. Rapp

Philadelphia, PA 1828-1858

Anthony Rasch (1778-1858) / A. Rasch & Co.

Philadelphia, PA 1805-1820 and New Orleans, LA 1820-1858
Partnered with Simon Chaudron in the company of Chaudron & Rasch 1809-1812 then in 1817 with George Willig, Jr. in the firm of A. Rasch & Co.

Freeman Collins Raymond (1801-1879)

Belfast, ME 1834-1839 and Boston, MA 1839-1879
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.

Henry Raymond

Albany, NY 1833-1840

Joseph Raynes (1810-1879) / J. Raynes & Co.

Lowell, MA  c. 1831-1879
Was in the partnership of Wentworth & Raynes with Joshua L. Wentworth 1834-1838.  Operated a branch store in Portsmouth, NH, c. 1849.  Worked with his son George W. Raynes as the firm of J. Raynes & Co. 1860-1879.

Edward Raworth (d. 1835)

Nashville, TN  1808-1820
Was in the partnership of Hiter & Raworth with Thomas Hiter in
1811, but it lasted only a month. Was in the partnerships of
Raworth & Biddle 1814-1817 and Raworth & Gordon 1817-c. 1818.

William H.J. Read

Philadelphia, PA 1831-1861

James Reat / James Reat & Co.

Richmond, VA 1804-1815
Was in the partnership of Johnson & Reat 1804-1815 and also had a separate business under the name of James Reat & Co. 1812-1815.

Frank Rebajes

New York, NY 1934-1960
Modernist studio jeweler. Moved to Spain in 1960 and focused on creating steel sculptures.

J.W. Reddall & Co.

Newark, NJ  1891-c. 1906
Founded by John W. Reddall.  Makers of sterling novelties and buckles.

Jacob Redifer

Philadelphia, PA 1844-1858

Redlich & Co.

New York, NY  1895-1946 / 1970s
Makers of sterling flatware, holloware and souvenir spoons.  Started as Ludwig, Redlich & Co. and founded by Adolph Ludwig and A. Alec Redlich, the name was changed c. 1895 when Ludwig left the company. Became a division of Elgin Silversmiths in 1946 who continued the use of the Redlich mark through the 1970s.

Henry H. Redman

Norfolk, VA 1818-1839
Was in the partnership of Redman & Potter 1819-1821.

Reed & Barton

Taunton, MA  1840-2015
Founded by Henry Reed and Charles Barton with origins back to 1822. Started out as Britannia manufacturers and then silverplaters, they started manufacturing goods in sterling silver in 1889.  Acquired Dominick & Haff in 1928.  Acquired Theodore B. Starr and The Webster Co. Major manufacturer of a full line of sterling and silverplate flatware and holloware.  The firm went bankrupt in 2015 and its assets were purchased by the Lenox Co.
See flatware patterns.

Reed & Slader

Nashua, NH c. 1849-1853
Elbridge Gerry Reed and Edward A. Slader.

Reed & Stanley

Concord, NH c. 1850-1851

A.G. Reed & Co.

Nashua, NH c. 1843-1849

Isaac Reed & Son

Philadelphia, PA c. 1830-1841 and 1846-1857
Partnership of Isaac Reed and his son Osman Reed.

James Reed

Murfreesboro, TN 1832-1850

Osman Reed / Osman Reed & Co.

Philadelphia, PA 1830-1863
Was a partner with his father Isaac Reed in the business of I. Reed & Son c. 1830-1841 and 1846-1857.  Worked as Osman Reed & Co. 1841-1843.  Worked in later years as a wholesale jewelry and watch importer.

Stephen Reed

New York, NY 1802-1840

Abner Reeder

Philadelphia, PA 1793-1798 and Trenton, NJ 1798-1830
In the partnership of McFee & Reeder with John McFee