Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Steen to Story

Haldor S. Steen (b.c. 1817)

Rochester, NY c. 1842-1856 and Honolulu, HI c. 1859-1860

Henry Steig

New York, NY and Provincetown, MA 1950s-1973
Modernist studio jeweler.

Wilhelmina P. Stephan

Cleveland, OH c. 1905-c. 1930
Member of the Boston Society of Arts & Crafts.

Gotthelf Stephanis (George Stevens)

Shelburne and Halifax, Nova Scotia 1784-1787; and
New York, NY 1787-1799

Joseph Lawrence Stephens (1764-1848)

Paris, KY  1827-c. 1830

Sterling Silver Mfg. Co.

Providence, RI  1908-1932
Makers of sterling flatware, holloware, and souvenir spoons.  Their flatware dies were acquired by the Saart Bros. Co.
See flatware patterns.

Sterling Silver Souvenir Co.

Boston, MA c. 1890-c. 1915
Makers of souvenir spoons.

Stern Bros. & Co.

New York, NY
Founded by Nathan Stern and his sons Leopold and Isador Stern in 1871.  In 1912 the company split off into two separate companies:
Stern Bros. & Co. which handled diamond cutting and Goldsmith, Stern & Co. which carried on the thimble and jewelry manufacturing business.
The Stern Bros. anchor mark was used by Goldsmith, Stern & Co. after the split.

Louis Stern & Co.

Providence, RI  1898-1957
Manufacturing jewelers.

Stevens & Lakeman

Salem, MA 1819-1830
A partnership between John Stevens and Ebenezer K. Lakeman.

C.A. Stevens & Co.

New York, NY  1866-1870
Cyrus A. Stevens and Ernest E. Evers.
Silversmiths and jewelers.

George W. Stevens & Co.

Chicago, IL 1856-1862

Phineas Stevens (1789-1863)

Kennebunk, ME 1813-1860

John Stevenson

Pittsburgh, PA 1847-1874
In the partnerships of John Stevenson & Son 1866-1868 and
John Stevenson’s Sons & Co. 1868-1874.

Charles G. Stewart (1797-1864)

Charleston, VA (now WV)  1820-1864
Was in the partnership of Charles G. Stewart & Son with his son
George L. Stewart 1847-1849.

George W. Stewart

Lexington, KY  1843-1852

John Stewart

New York, NY c. 1790-1791 and Baltimore, MD c. 1810

Moses Peck Stickney (1802-1832)

Newburyport, MA c. 1820; Boston, MA c. 1822; New York, NY c. 1827;
and New Orleans, LA 1830-1832
Silversmith and watchmaker.

B.H. Stief Jewelry Co.

Nashville, TN  1890-1969
Jewelers and silversmiths.  Business originally founded by Bruno Hugo Stief in 1865.  Stief’s business was incorporated upon his death in 1890 as the B.H. Stief Jewelry Co.  It was acquired by Traditional Jewelers of America, a division of Gordon Jewelers, in 1969 and renamed Stief-Jaccards.

The Stieff Co.

Baltimore, MD 1904-1979
Founded as the Baltimore Sterling Silver Co. in 1892.  The name
was changed to The Stieff Co. in 1904.  Acquired the Schofield Co. in 1967.  Became the Kirk-Stieff Co. in 1979 when Stieff purchased S. Kirk & Sons, Inc.
See flatware patterns.

Stiles & Baldwin

Northampton, MA 1791-1792
Samuel Stiles and Jedediah Baldwin.

George K. Stiles (1805-1873)

Corland, NY 1834-1850 and Brooklyn, NY 1850-1873

Barton Stillman (1791-1837)

Westerly, RI  c. 1825-1837

George B. Stocking

Tacoma, WA 1890-1894 and Seattle, WA 1894
Used the trademark name Rhododendron for souvenir spoons.

Philo W. Stocking (1804-1882)

Wheeling, VA (now WV)  c. 1833-1839

Stockman & Pepper

Philadelphia, PA 1828-1831
Jacob Stockman and Henry J. Pepper.

Jacob Stockman (1791-1871)

Philadelphia, PA 1817-1856
In the partnerships of:
Peters & Stockman 1817-1819.
Stockman & Pepper 1828-1831.
J. Stockman & Co. 1844-1845.
J. Stockman & Son 1851-1853.

Stockton & Fuller

Erie, PA c. 1850-1855
A partnership between H.P. Stockton and A.N. Fuller.

Noah Stoddard

New York, NY 1818-1847
In the partnership of Stoddard & Martin in 1826 then Stoddard & Mitchell in 1827.

Stodder & Frobisher

Boston, MA 1816-1825
Jonathan Stodder and Benjamin C. Frobisher.

Robert Stoll

New York, NY 1886-Present
Medal and badge maker, now a holloware division of Wayne Silversmiths.

Pierre M. Stollenwerck (1752-1821)

New York, NY 1794-1797, 1804-1810, and 1814-1821 and Philadelphia, PA 1811-1821

Stone & Ball

Syracuse, NY 1853-1869
Seymour H. Stone and Calvin S. Ball.

Stone Sterling Silver Co.

New York, NY c. 1896-1900

Arthur J. Stone / Stone Silver Shop / Stone Associates

Gardner, MA  1901-1958
Founded by Arthur J. Stone, who is called the Dean of
American Silversmiths.  Sold to Henry Heywood in 1937
and the name was changed to The Stone Silver Shop then
shortly later to Stone Associates.  Makers of handwrought
sterling flatware and holloware.

Hubbard Goldsmith Stone (1819-1910)

New York, NY  1839-1895
Was in the partnership of Stone & Landon with John E. Landon 1848-1849.

Storm & Wilson

Poughkeepsie, NY 1802-1818
Abraham Gregorius Storm and James Wilson.

A.G. Storm & Son

Poughkeepsie, NY 1823-1826
Abraham G. Storm and son John A. Storm.

Abraham G. Storm (1779-1863)

Albany, NY and Poughkeepsie, NY  1802-c. 1840 4
Was a partner in several businesses:
Storm & Wilson with James Wilson 1802-1818
A.G. Storm & Son with son John Adriance Storm 1823-1826

Storr & Mortimer

A highly regarded London firm that operated a branch in New York, NY, 1839-1843.  The branch was short lived due to Congress imposing a high import duty on imported silver in 1842.

Storrs & Chubbuck

Utica, NY 1847-1849
Henry S. Storrs and Samuel W. Chubbuck.

Storrs & Cooley

Utica, NY 1827-1839
A partnership consisting of Charles Storrs, Oliver Blanchard Cooley, Horace P. Bradley, David S. Rowland and Erastus Charles Starin.

Frederick Storrs (1797-1854)

Chaplin, CT  1820-1850
Spoon manufacturer.

Nathan Storrs (1768-1839)

New York, NY c. 1791 and Northampton, MA 1791-1833
A partner in the businesses of Baldwin & Storrs with
Jedediah Baldwin 1792-1794 and Storrs & Cook with
Benjamin Ely Cook 1828-1833.

Simeon Norman Story (1817-1909)

Worcester, MA 1838-1895