Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Taber to Thibault

Samuel Macomber Taber / S.M. Taber & Co.

Providence, RI  c. 1824-1852
Silversmith and jeweler.  Working as S.M. Taber & Co. c. 1843-1850.

William E. Taber (1811-1863)

Providence, RI  c. 1836-1863
In the partnerships of S.M. Taber & Co. c. 1843-1850; Wm. E. Taber & Co. with Henry G. Taber c. 1852-1854 and W.E. Taber & Son with
William E. Taber, Jr. in 1863.  Silversmith and jeweler.

Taft & Mitchell

Richmond, VA  1818-1820
Elisha Taft and William Mitchell, Jr.

Talbott, Bailey & Co.

Indianapolis, IN  c. 1852-1853
Washington H. Talbott, Samuel P. Bailey, and ?

W.H. Talbott & Co.

Indianapolis, IN c. 1855-1865
Washington Houston Talbott.

H.H. Tammen & Co. / H.H. Tammen Curio Co.

Denver, CO  1881-1962
Founded by Harry Heye Tammen as H.H. Tammen & Co.
which became the H.H. Tammen Curio Co. in 1896.  Succeeded
by the Thrift Novelty Co.  Makers of sterling souvenir spoons and novelties.

John Tanguy (1780-1858)

Philadelphia, PA 1801-1818
Was in a number of partnerships:
Desquet & Tanguy with Lewis Desquet 1805.
John & Peter Tanguy 1805-1809.
Repiton & Tanguy with Joseph Repiton 1806.
Chevalier & Tanguy with Clement E. Chevalier 1816-1818.

T.C. Tanke

Buffalo, NY 1867-1990
Business founded by Theodore C. Tanke.

Tanner & Cooley

Utica, NY 1840-1842
Oliver Blanchard Tanner and Perry Gallup Tanner.

Perry G. Tanner (1816-1898)

Utica, NY 1840-1844 and Cooperstown, NY 1844-1898
Was in partnership with Oliver Blanchard Cooley in the firm of
Tanner & Cooley 1840-1842 and later with Frederick P. Tanner in the firm of P.G. Tanner & Son 1878-1898.

Benjamin Tappan (1742-1831)

Northampton, MA 1761-c. 1788
Married Sarah Holmes, the grand-niece of Benjamin Franklin.  Tappan quit silversmithing c. 1788 to go into the dry goods business.

John Targee

New York, NY 1797-1828
Was in the partnerships of John & Peter Targee 1809-1814.

John & Peter Targee

New York, NY 1809-1814

Taylor, Baldwin & Co.

New York, NY 1817-1841
John Taylor and Isaac Baldwin. Succeeded by Baldwin & Co.

Taylor & Hinsdale

New York, NY 1804-1829
A partnership between John Taylor, Horace Hinsdale,
and Epaphras Hinsdale. Epaphras Hinsdale died in 1810.

Taylor & Lawrie

Philadelphia, PA  1837-1862
Robert H. Taylor and Robert D. Lawrie.  The pictorial mark above is of an eagle/thistle/harp.

Taylor, Lawrie & Wood

Philadelphia, PA c. 1853
Robert Taylor, Robert D. Lawrie, and John D. Wood.

Andrew A. Taylor

Newark, NJ  c. 1930-1973
Sterling holloware manufacturer.

George W. Taylor

Philadelphia, PA  1823-1851

Najah Taylor / N. Taylor & Co.

Danbury, CT c. 1793-1795 and New York, NY c. 1795-1816
Involved in the partnerships of Lemuel Wells & Co. 1798-1807; Wells, Taylor & Co. 1800-1807; N. Taylor & Co. 1807-1816; and Richards, Upson & Co. 1807-1916.

Pardon L. Taylor (1824-1860)

Brooklyn, NY  1844-1850

W.S. Taylor & Co.

Utica, NY  1866-1872
A partnership between William S. Taylor and Theodore M. Timms.

The TC Shop

Chicago, IL 1910-1928
Founded by emery W. Todd (a former Kalo Shop employee) and Clemencia C. Cosio.  Cosio was the designer, Todd the silversmith. Makers of handwrought Arts & Crafts sterling flatware and holloware.

Bill Tendler

New York, NY c. 1950-1973
Modernist studio jeweler.

Jacob Coenraedt Ten Eyck

Albany, NY 1725-1770

Tennant Co.

New York, NY c. 1895-1899
Stock, dies, and plant were acquired by the Phelps & Cary Co.

William Ingalls Tenney (1806-1848)

New York, NY  1828-1848

Henry Terlau / H. Terlau & Co.

Covington, KY  1854-1897
Was in the partnerships of Ruttle & Terlau with Daniel R. Ruttle 1859-1860 and H. Terlau & Co. 1866-1881.

Geer Terry (1775-1858)

Worcester, MA 1797-1815 and Enfield, CT 1813-1816
Partnered with Aaron Willard as Terry & Willard 1814-1815.

Lucien B. Terry

Enfield, CT 1810

Wilbert Terry

Enfield, CT c. 1785; Rhinebeck & Washington, NY c. 1790;
Mechanic Town, NY c. 1799; New York, NY 1805-c. 1820
In the partnership of Terry & Taylor with John Taylor c. 1820.

Joseph Blake Thaxter (1791-1863)

Hingham, MA  1815-c. 1860

Thibault & Bros.

Philadelphia, PA 1810-1836
Makers of coin silver flatware and jewelry.

Frederick Thibault (1788-1866)

Philadelphia, PA 1810-1856 and New York, NY 1856-1866
Was in the partnerships of Francis & F. Thibault 1807-1809 and Thibault & Bros. 1810-1836.