Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Valiant to Vautrot

John Valiant

Palmyra, MO 1848-1864

John Vanall

Charleston, SC  1747-1752

Peter Van Bueren

New York, NY 1797-1798

VanCott & Polhamus

New York, NY  1837-1838
Albert B. Van Cott and John Polhamus.

Albert B. VanCott

New York, NY 1832-c. 1845; Milwaukee, WI c. 1845-1871;
Chicago, IL 1871-1880; and Madison, WI c. 1880-1895
Was in the partnership of VanCott & Polhamus with John Polhamus 1837-1838.

James S. Vancourt

New York, NY c. 1840-1861
Was in partnership with William L. Coles in the firm of Coles & Vancourt 1848-1852 and in the firm of J.S. Vancourt & Co. 1852-1853.

Clarence A. Vanderbilt

New York, NY c. 1891-1935
Maker of sterling holloware and novelties.

W.K. Vanderslice & Co.

San Francisco, CA 1860-1906
Founded by William Keyser Vanderslice.  Made sterling and coin silver flatware and holloware.  Acquired by Shreve & Co.  Many Vanderslice items can be dated by the address that often accompanies the maker’s mark:
134 Washington St.   1858-1860  (Wm. K. Vanderslice working alone)
728 Montgomery St.   1860-1862
810 Montgomery St.   1863-1871
136 Sutter St.   1872-1906
See flatware patterns.

John Van Derveer (b.c. 1776)

Somerville, NJ  1800-1830

Peter Van Dyck (Van Dyke)

New York, NY c. 1710-1740

Richard Van Dyck (Van Dyke)

New York, NY c. 1750-1756

Dirk Van Erp Studios

San Francisco, CA 1910-1977
Founded by Dirk Van Erp.  Best known for their handwrought Arts & Crafts copper work, they did work in other metals, including sterling. Upon Dirk Van Erp’s retirement in 1929, his son William took over the shop.  William added the word “handwrought” to the original Dirk Van Erp mark.

C. & J. Vanhouten

Cincinnati, OH c. 1860-1862
Charles and Joseph C. Vanhouten.

Abraham Van Nice

Danville, KY c. 1813

Tunis Van Riper

New York, NY 1813-1819 and 1827-1829

John T. Vansant & Co.

Philadelphia, PA
Makers of sterling flatware and holloware.  The silverware manufacturing portion of the business was sold to Simons, Bro. & Co. in 1886.  This business operated under the following names and dates:
John T. Vansant & Co.   1881-1884.
John T. Vansant Mfg. Co.   1884-1886.
Vansant Silver Co., Ltd.   1886-1892.

Benjamin Cromwell Van Vliet

Poughkeepsie, NY 1830-1851
In the partnership of Van Vliet & Cromwell in 1844.

Van Voorhis & Coley

New York, NY 1785-1787
A partnership between Daniel Van Voorhis and William Coley.

Van Voorhis & Schanck

New York, NY 1791-1793
Daniel Van Voorhis and Garret Schenck.

Daniel Van Voorhis (1751-1824)

Princeton, NJ 1782-1784; New York, NY 1784-1785 and 1790-1818;
and Rupert, VT 1786-1788
Involved in a number of partnerships:
Van Voorhis, Bayley & Coley with Simeon A. Bayley and William Coley 1784-1785.
Van Voorhis, Bayley, Coley & Cox in 1785.
Van Voorhis & Coley with William Coley 1785-1787.
Van Voorhis & Schanck with Garret Schanck 1791-1793.
Van Voorhis & Son with stepson Thomas Richards 1797-1798, changing the name to Van Voorhis & Richards 1798-1803.

Lester Howard Vaughan

Taunton, MA 1915-1961
Member of the Arts & Crafts Society of Boston.  Primarily a
pewtersmith, but also worked in silver and copper.

Jules F. Vautrot

Warren, OH 1849-1890
Was in numerous partnerships:
Vautrot & Micksch c 1853.
Vautrot & Gillett with August B. Gillett c. 1856.
J. Vautrot & Co. c. 1865-1866.
Vautrot & Ackley with Thaddeus D. Ackley 1866-c. 1875.
Vautrot & Hull c. 1882-1885.
Vautrot was succeeded by his son, Jules Vautot, Jr. in the partnership of Vautrot & Myers (1890-1923).