Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Veal to Voute

Veal & Glaze

Columbia, SC 1838-1841
John Veal, Sr. and William Glaze.

John Veal, Sr. (b.c. 1793-1878)

Columbia, SC  c. 1820-1874
Veal was involved in a number of partnerships:
Gregg & Veal with William Gregg c. 1835-1837.
Young & Veal with Edward Young 1837-1838.
Veal & Glaze with William Glaze 1838-1841.

John Vent

Keene, NH c. 1783-1793

Peter Vergereau

New York, NY 1721-c. 1748

John Vernon / John Vernon & Co.

New York, NY 1786-c. 1817
In the partnership of Underhill & Vernon 1786-1787. Started
working under the name of John Vernon & Co. c. 1796.

Nathaniel Vernon / N. Vernon & Co.

Charleston, SC 1802-1835
Was in the partnership of N. Vernon & Co. in 1802 to 1908.  Silversmith and jeweler.

Samuel Vernon

Newport, RI c. 1705-1737

Vilas & Noyes

Burlington, VT 1844-1848
William R. Vilas and Morillo Noyes.  Succeeded by M. Noyes & Co.

R.H.L. Villard

Washington, DC and Georgetown, MD c. 1833-1835

J.A. & S.S. Virgin

Macon, GA 1834-1861 with a branch in Montgomery, AL c. 1853-1859
Brothers Jonathan A. Virgin and Samuel S. Virgin.

William M. Virgin

Concord, NH 1817-c. 1850

Visalia Stock Saddle Co.

San Francisco, CA and Morro Bay, CA 1871-Present
Well known as a saddlery, they also make sterling tack and other western items.

Elias Alexander Vogler

Salem, NC 1846-c. 1873

John Vogler

Salem, NC 1805-c. 1855

Paul Voltaire / Voltaire’s

New York, NY and Milford, CT 1949-1979
Modernist studio jeweler.

Volund Shop

Chicago, IL 1914-1915
A partnership between Grand Wood and Kristopher Haga.  Makers of handwrought sterling holloware and jewelry.  Was in business for only 18 months.

Volupté, Inc.

Elizabeth, NJ 1926-1980s
Makers of cigarette cases, compacts, and jewelry.  Acquired by Shields, Inc. in 1957.

Abraham Voorhees

New Brunswick, NJ c. 1840

John H.H. Vosburgh

Utica, NY c. 1850-1860 and Little Falls, NY 1867-1909
Silversmith, watchmaker, and jeweler.

S.L. Vosburgh

Ithaca, NY c. 1850-1876

George L. Vose Mfg. Co., Inc.

Providence, RI  1884-c. 1922
Successor to Vose & Southwick. Makers of sterling souvenir spoons, jewelry and novelties.

Voute & Groff

Philadelphia, PA 1855-1856 and 1861-1862
Lewis C. Voute and Jeremiah R. Groff.

Louis C. Voute

Bridgeton, NJ 1825-1834 and Philadelphia, PA 1835-c. 1886
Watchmaker. Was a partner in the firm of Voute & Groff
1855-1856 and 1861-1862 and the firm of Voute & Murphey