Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Veal to Voute

Veal & Glaze

Columbia, SC 1838-1841
John Veal, Sr. and William Glaze.

John Veal, Sr. (b.c. 1793-1878)

Columbia, SC  c. 1820-1874
Veal was involved in a number of partnerships:
Gregg & Veal with William Gregg c. 1835-1837.
Young & Veal with Edward Young 1837-1838.
Veal & Glaze with William Glaze 1838-1841.

John Vent

Keene, NH c. 1783-1793

Peter Vergereau

New York, NY 1721-c. 1748

John Vernon / John Vernon & Co.

New York, NY 1786-c. 1817
In the partnership of Underhill & Vernon 1786-1787. Started
working under the name of John Vernon & Co. c. 1796.

Nathaniel Vernon / N. Vernon & Co.

Charleston, SC  1801-1827
Was in the partnership of N. Vernon & Co. 1801-1806.  Silversmith and jeweler.

Samuel Vernon

Newport, RI c. 1705-1737

Vilas & Noyes

Burlington, VT 1844-1848
William R. Vilas and Morillo Noyes.  Succeeded by M. Noyes & Co.

R.H.L. Villard

Washington, DC and Georgetown, MD c. 1833-1835

J.A. & S.S. Virgin

Macon, GA 1834-1861 with a branch in Montgomery, AL c. 1853-1859
Brothers Jonathan A. Virgin and Samuel S. Virgin.

William M. Virgin

Concord, NH 1817-c. 1850

Visalia Stock Saddle Co.

San Francisco, CA and Morro Bay, CA 1871-Present
Well known as a saddlery, they also make sterling tack and other western items.

Elias Alexander Vogler

Salem, NC 1846-c. 1873

John Vogler (1783-1881)

Salem, NC  1805-c. 1855

Paul Voltaire / Voltaire’s

New York, NY and Milford, CT 1949-1979
Modernist studio jeweler.

Volund Shop

Chicago, IL 1914-1915
A partnership between Grand Wood and Kristopher Haga.  Makers of handwrought sterling holloware and jewelry.  Was in business for only 18 months.

Volupté, Inc.

Elizabeth, NJ 1926-1980s
Makers of cigarette cases, compacts, and jewelry.  Acquired by Shields, Inc. in 1957.

Abraham Voorhees (b. 1817)

New Brunswick, NJ  c. 1840

John O. Vorse (d. 1848)

Palmyra, NY  1841-1845

John H.H. Vosburgh

Utica, NY c. 1850-1860 and Little Falls, NY 1861-1909
Silversmith, watchmaker, and jeweler.

S.L. Vosburgh

Ithaca, NY c. 1850-1876

George L. Vose Mfg. Co., Inc.

Providence, RI  c. 1882-1926
Successor to Vose & Southwick.  Makers of sterling souvenir spoons, jewelry and novelties.

Voute & Groff

Philadelphia, PA 1855-1856 and 1861-1862
Lewis C. Voute and Jeremiah R. Groff.

Louis C. Voute (1804-1885)

Bridgeton, NJ 1825-1834 and Philadelphia, PA 1835-c. 1886
Watchmaker. Was a partner in the firm of Voute & Groff
1855-1856 and 1861-1862 and the firm of Voute & Murphey