Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Wagner to Watrous

A.L. Wagner Mfg Co. / A.L. Wagner & Son

New York, NY  1927-1950
Mark used by A.L. Wagner Mfg. Co., Inc. 1927-1931 (successors to the Weber-Wagner & Benson Co.)  and then by A.L. Wagner & Son, Inc. 1931-1950 (succeeded by J. Wagner & Son).  Makers of sterling and silverplated holloware.

J. Wagner & Sons / Weber-Wagner & Benson Co.

New York, NY  c. 1915-1927 and 1950-1965
Makers of sterling and silverplated holloware.  This mark used by Weber-Wagner Co. c. 1915; the Weber-Wagner & Benson Co. 1915-1927; and J. Wagner & Son, Inc. 1950-1965.  During the years 1927-1950 the company changed names to the A.L. Wagner Mfg. Co. then A.L. Wagner & Son and used a different maker’s mark.

John Waite (1742-1817)

Little Rest (now South Kingston), RI  c. 1767-1817

Waite-Thresher Co.

Providence, RI 1885-c. 1935
Founded by Daniel B. Waite and Henry G. Thresher as a successor to Waite, Smith & Co.  Thimble manufacturer and manufacturing jeweler.

Albert Wakefield

Great Falls and Dover, NH 1846-1867
Was a partner in the firm of Wakefield & Woodward with
James J. Woodward c. 1865-1867.

D.N. Walford

Washington, DC 1920s
A sporting goods, cutlery, and souvenir merchant.  Made sterling souvenir spoons.

George Walker

Philadelphia, PA 1795-1822
Was in the partnership of William & George Walker 1795-1796.

John Walker, Jr.

Philadelphia, PA 1798-1833

L. Walker

Boston, MA c. 1825

William Walker

Philadelphia, PA c. 1793-1816

John Wallace

Pittsburgh, PA 1818-1842

R. Wallace & Sons Mfg. Co. / Wallace Silversmiths

Wallingford, CT 1871-Present
R. Wallace & Sons Mfg. Co. was founded by Robert Wallace
as a successor to Wallace, Simpson & Co., a German silver
manufacturer.  Wallace’s sterling line began in 1875.  The
name was changed to Wallace Silversmiths in 1956.  Wallace
purchased the Watson Co. in 1956, Tuttle Silversmiths in
1958, and Smith & Smith in 1958.  In 1959, Wallace was sold
to the Hamilton Watch Co. and proceeded to change hands
several times until 1986 when it was bought by Syratech and
moved to Syracuse, NY.  Major manufacturer of sterling
flatware and holloware.
See flatware patterns.

James E.H. Wallin

New York, NY 1842-1849
Was in the partnerships of Freeman & Wallin with Norman A. Freeman and Samuel Wallin 1842-1845 and then S. & J. Wallin with Samuel Wallin 1845-1847.

The Wallingford Co.

Wallingford, CT  1903-1941
Makers of sterling and silverplate flatware and holloware.
Became part of Wallace Silversmiths.

John Walraven

Baltimore, MD 1792-1814

Jacob Walter

Baltimore, MD c. 1815

John S. Walter

New York, NY 1811-1835

Joseph M. Walter

Baltimore, MD c. 1845-1907

John Wanamaker & Co. / Wanamaker’s

Philadelphia, PA  1869-1994
Well known department store.  The manufacturing of silver
goods bearing their Wanamaker’s mark was outsourced to
other makers.

Vera Wang Silver

A line of sterling and stainless flatware and holloware inspired by the fashion designer and made by Towle Silversmiths.
See flatware patterns.

Edward Wanton

Richmond, VA  1799-1813

Ward & Bartholomew

Hartford, CT 1804-1809
A partnership between James Ward and Roswell Bartholomew.

Ward, Bartholomew & Trott

Goshen, CT c. 1802
A partnership between James Ward, Roswell Bartholomew and ? Trott.

Ward & Cox

Philadelphia, PA c. 1811
Jehu Ward and Benjamin Cox.

Ambrose Ward

New Haven, CT 1761-1808

Austin M. Ward

Concord, NH 1834-1853

James Ward (1768-1856)

Hartford, CT  1790-1830
Involved in a number of partnerships:
Beach & Ward with Miles Beach 1790-1797.
Ward, Bartholomew & Trott c. 1802-1803 in Goshen, CT, the only time it appears he was not doing business in Hartford.
Ward & Bartholomew 1804-1809.
Ward, Bartholomew & Brainard with Roswell Bartholomew and
Charles Brainard 1809-1830.

Jehu & W.L. Ward

Philadelphia, PA  1837-1839 and 1844-1850
Jehu Ward and William L. Ward.

Jehu Ward (1783-1850)

Philadelphia, PA  1810-1850
Ward was involved with numerous partnerships:
Ward & Cox with Benjamin Cox c. 1811.
Ward & Miller with William Miller 1821-1824.
Jehu & W.L. Ward with William L. Ward 1837-1839 and 1844-1850.
J. & W.L. Ward & Co. 1839-1842.
J. Ward & Co. c. 1843.

William Ward (1736-1829)

New Haven, CT 1766-1768 and Litchfield, CT 1768-1829
Silversmith and clockmaker.

Abijah B. Warden (1814-1882)

Philadelphia, PA  1842-1867
Was in the partnership of Wriggins & Warden 1856-1868.

James H. Warfield

Baltimore, MD c. 1827

Joseph Warford

Albany, NY 1800-1810 and Salem, NY 1810-c. 1815.

Andrew Ellicott Warner (1786-1870)

Baltimore, MD 1805-1870
Was in the partnerships of T. & A.E. Warner with Thomas Warner 1805-1812 and Andrew E. Warner & Son with son Andrew Ellicott Warner 1867-1870.

Andrew Ellicott Warner, Jr. (1814-1893)

Baltimore, MD 1864-1893
In the partnership of Andrew E. Warner & Son with his father
Andrew Ellicott Warner 1867-1870.

Caleb Warner (1784-1861)

Salem, MA 1805-1859
Was in a number of firms, including:
C. & J. Warner with John Warner 1820-1822 in Salem, MA
Charles Lord & Co. with Charles Lord 1825-1828 in Portland, ME
Warner & Lord with Thomas Lord 1830-1837 in Salem, MA
Warner & Fellows with John Foster Fellows 1837-1842 in Salem, MA

Elnathan Davis Warner (1809-1861)

Walpole, NH c. 1836-1840; Claremont, NH c. 1849-1850;
Brattleboro, VT 1851; and Worcester, MA 1852-1861
Silversmith and watchmaker.

T. & A.E. Warner

Baltimore, MD 1805-1812
Thomas H. Warner and Andrew Elicott Warner.

Thomas Warner

Baltimore, MD 1803-1828
Was in the partnership of T. & A.E. Warner 1805-1812.  Was Assayer of the City of Baltimore 1814-1824 and is credited for creating the system of duty marks for the Baltimore Assay Office.

C. Warriner & Co. / Warriner & Semken

Washington, DC  1853-1854
Chauncey Warriner and Henry Semken.  This firm advertised as C. Warriner & Co. in 1853 and as Warriner & Semken in 1854.  Silversmiths, watchmakers, and jewelers.

S.W. Warriner

Louisville, KY 1845-1855

Samuel R. Warrington (b.c. 1801)

Philadelphia, PA  1822-1853

William H. Warrock

Richmond, VA c. 1791-1795 and 1803-1805 and
Norfolk, VA 1795-1803
In the partnership of Brooks & Warrock with Samuel Brooks

Warwick Sterling Co.

Providence, RI  1907-1922
Founded by John F. Brady.  The firm’s remaining stock was sold to Gimbels department store in 1922.

Samuel Waters

Boston, MA c. 1793-1805

Watrous Mfg. Co.

Wallingford, CT 1896-Present
Successor to Maltby, Stevens & Curtiss. Makers of sterling and silverplated flatware, holloware, and novelties.  In 1898 Watrous was one of the founding companies of International Silver.
See flatware patterns.