Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Yates to Yurman

William P. Yates (1813-1894)

Elmira, NY  c. 1841-1893
In the partnership of Yates & Kimball 1842-1843.  Silversmith and jeweler.

Elijah Yeomans (1738-c. 1794)

Hadley, MA 1771-1783; Middletown, CT 1792; Hartford, CT c. 1794
Silversmith and clockmaker.

York Silver Co.

New York, NY  c. 1950

Young & Veal

Columbia, SC  1837-1838
Edward Young and John Veal, Sr.

Alexander Young / A. Young & Co.

Baltimore, MD c. 1799-1806 and Camden, SC 1807-1856.
A branch location was added in Columbia, SC c. 1841 under the name of A. Young & Co. (aka A. Young & Son) and operated by Young’s son Edward; it closed when Edward died in 1848.

Charles Young

Chambersburg, PA 1791-1833

James T. Young (1825-1892)

Petersburg, VA  1853-1885
Was in a partnership with Thomas Nowlan under the name of Nowlan & Young 1853-1854.  Joined with his brother, William Young, as J.T. Young & Co. 1871-1885.

Nicholas E. Young (1815-1860)

Saratoga Springs, NY  1839-1860

Levi Young / L. Young & Co.

Bridgeport, CT 1824-1827

Samuel Young

Winchester, VA c. 1809-1811 and
Charles Town, VA (now WV) 1811-1851

William Young (b. 1783 d. 1860)

Hagerstown, MD 1795-1804 and Staunton, VA 1806-1839

William Mitchell Young (1830-1910)

Mount Vernon, OH  1854-1909
Was in partnership with Joshua Hyde as Hyde & Young
1854-1868.  The firm’s name was changed to Young, Stone & Hyde 1868-1872 when Levi Stone joined the business.

C. Youngs

Bridgeport, CT 1824-1827

David Yurman

New York, NY 1980-Present
Primarily a high end jewelery manufacturer.