Silverplate Marks

Waldo to Wrought

Waldo HE

A trademark of the Holmes & Edwards Silver Co.

Waldorf Silver Co.

A trademark of the Woodman-Cook Co.

Wallace Brothers

Wallingford, CT 1875-1986
Formed in 1875, Wallace Brothers became
part of R. Wallace & Sons Mfg. Co. in 1879.
Goods continued to be produced under the
Wallace Brothers name until 1986.

R. Wallace & Sons / Wallace Silversmiths

Listed under Silversmiths.
See silverplate flatware patterns.
The WB/W mark was registered in 1895 was for a line of cheap tinned steel goods.


A trademark of Wallace Silversmiths.
See flatware patterns.

Wallingford Co.

Listed under Silversmiths.
See flatware patterns.

Wards Silver Plate / Montgomery Ward & Co.

Chicago, IL 1872-2001
Department store.  Various manufacturers made silver patterns which were sold specifically through the Montgomery Ward department store chain.
See flatware patterns.

Warner Silver Mfg. Co.

Chicago, IL 1894-1904 and Dixon, IL 1904
Factory moved to Dixon, IL, in 1904 and the company went bankrupt later that year.
See flatware patterns.

Warren Silver Plate Co.

A trademark of Wm. A. Rogers Ltd., first used in 1901.

Watrous Mfg. Co.

Listed under Silversmiths.

W.B. 1900

A trademark of Wallace Bros.
See flatware patterns.

Webster Mfg. Co.

Brooklyn, NY 1859-1873
Was succeeded by E.G. Webster & Bro. (1873-1886) which in turn
was succeeded by E.G. Webster & Son.


Meriden, CT  1961-Present
Webster-Wilcox was formed in 1961 when the Wilcox Silver Plate Co., E.G. Webster & Son, and several other divisions of International Silver were consolidated.  Webster-Wilcox was acquired by Oneida in 1981.

E.G. Webster & Bro.

Brooklyn, NY  1873-1886
Successor to the Webster Mfg. Co. and succeeded by E.G. Webster & Son.

E.G. Webster & Son

Brooklyn, NY  1886-1961
Successor to E.G. Webster & Bro. Acquired by International in 1928.  Succeeded by Webster-Wilcox in 1961.
See flatware patterns.

Weidlich Bros. Mfg. Co.

Listed under Silversmiths.

E.M. Weinberg & Co.

New York, NY 1906-c. 1915
See flatware patterns.

Wendell August Forge

Brockway, PA 1923-1934 and Grove City, PA 1934-Present

Wessell Silver Co.

New York, NY 1893-1897
Not silverplaters, but rather manufacturers of goods made of a proprietary white metal alloy containing approximately 2% silver and sold under the trade name Wessell Silver.

West Silver Co.

Taunton, MA  1887-c. 1911
Originally, the F.B. Rogers Silver Co., the name was changed to the West Silver Co. in 1887 after being purchased by Edmund W. Porter and L.B. West.  The name was changed back to the F.B. Rogers Silver Co. around 1911.

Western Silver Metal Co.

Chicago, IL 1896-1898

Western Silver Plate Co.

Chicago, IL 1886-1889

Whitby Silver Plate

A trade name of the Rogers Cutlery Co., part of International Silver after 1898.
See flatware patterns.

White Silver Co.

Taunton, MA c. 1900-1930

Wilcox Britannia Co.

West Meriden, CT 1865-1867
Succeeded by Wilcox Silver Plate Co.

Wilcox Silver Plate Co.

Listed under Silversmiths.
See flatware patterns.

Williams Bros. Mfg. Co

Naubuc, CT 1880-1950
Founded by James B. Williams and William S. Williams when they acquired the American Sterling Co.  Went out of business in 1950.
See flatware patterns.

Wilshire Silver Plate

A trademark of International Silver.
See flatware patterns.

Winthrop Silver Plate

A trademark of International Silver.
See flatware patterns.

J. Wiss & Sons

Listed under Silversmiths.
See flatware patterns.

N.G. Wood & Sons

Listed under Silversmiths.

Woodman-Cook Co.

Portland, ME  1893-1914
Successor to Stevens, Woodman & Co.

W.R. / W.R. Keystone

See Wm. A. Rogers Ltd.
See flatware patterns.


A trademark of Marshall Field & Co.