Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Clayton to Columbian

Richard Clayton (1811-1878)

Cincinnati, OH  1834-1859
Silversmith and watchmaker who also made a name for himself as a balloonist.

Cleveland & Post

Norwich, CT 1812-1815
William Cleveland and Samuel Post.

Benjamin Norton Cleveland (b. 1767 d. 1837)

Newark, NJ 1790-1835
Silversmith and watchmaker.

William Cleveland

New London, CT 1792-1796; Worthington, MA c. 1797;
Salem, MA c. 1798-1804; and Norwich, MA 1812-1815
Silversmith, jeweler, and clockmaker. In the partnerships of Trott & Cleveland with John Proctor Trott in New London, CT 1792-1794 and later Cleveland & Post with Samuel Post 1812-1815.

Walter Cline

Utica, NY 1857-1861
Was in the partnership of W. & J. Cline 1857-1860.

Jan Cluett

Kingston, NY 1720-1725; Schenectady, NY 1726-1755; and
Albany, NY c. 1758

Matthew Cluff

Norfolk, VA c. 1802-1816 and Elizabeth City, NC 1816-1845
In partnership with George Ott as Ott & Cluff c. 1802-1805.

Coan & Pallais

Mobile, AL c. 1833-1835
Abraham L. Coan and Daniel Pallais.

Abraham L. Coan

Mobile, AL c. 1833-1841
In the partnership of Coan & Pallais c. 1833-1835.

John Coburn

Boston, MA c. 1750-c. 1803

Samuel Cockrell

Dumfries, VA Before 1838; St. Francisville, LA c. 1838;
and Natchez, MS 1838-1893

Herbert Cockshaw / Herbert Cockshaw, Jr.

See Howard & Cockshaw.

Codding Bros. / Codding Bros. & Heilborn / Codding & Heilborn Co.

North Attleboro, MA  1878-1918
Founded by Arthur, Edwin and James Codding.  Leo A. Heilborn joined the company in 1891 to form Codding Bros. & Heilborn.  Incorporated c. 1897 as the Codding & Heilborn Co.  Makers of sterling souvenir spoons and novelties.

John Coddington

Newport, RI c. 1711-1743

Codman & Codman

Providence, RI 1904-1905
A partnership between brothers Edwin Everett Codman and Frank Codman, sons of longtime Gorham head designer William Christmas Codman.  Made handwrought holloware in the style of Gorham Martelé which are highly sought after today.

Coe & Montgomery

Hartford, CT c. 1840

Coe & Upton

New York, NY c. 1840

L.P. & S.E. Coe

Mohawk, NY 1850-1867 with a branch in Ilion, NY
Brothers Lysander P. and Samuel E. Coe.

Henry Augustus Coe

New York, NY c. 1840

Lysander Philetus Coe (1816-1894)

New York, NY 1835-1850; Mohawk, NY 1850-1867;  Fort Plain, NY c. 1869; Minden, NY c. 1870; and Amsterdam, NY c. 1873-1876
Was in the partnerships of L.P. & S.E. Coe with Stephen Elsworth
Coe 1850-1867 and Coe & Tousley with Charles Tousley c. 1873-1874.

Daniel Bloom Coen

New York, NY 1779-1805

Henry Cogswell

Salem, MA 1845-1865

A. Cohen & Sons

New York, NY  1911-c. 1985
Founded by Hyman J. Cohen. A huge wholesale jewelry concern. They also wholesaled sterling and silverplated flatware and holloware under the trademark name Crosby.

Thomas Cohen (b.c. 1782-1863)

Petersburg, VA 1807-1808; Lynchburg, VA 1809-1814;
Chillicothe, OH 1814-1816; Belleville, IL 1817-1823; and
St. Louis, MO 1823-1860
Was in the partnership of Cohen & Stevens with Robert Stevens 1807-1808.  Clockmaker, watchmaker, silversmith, and jeweler.

Coit & Mansfield

Norwich, CT 1816-1819
Partnership formed when Thomas Chester Coit and Elisha Hyde
Mansfield bought out the business of Judah Hart.

Edward Coit

Norwich, CT 1825-1860
Silversmith and jeweler.

Thomas Chester Coit (1791-1841)

Norwich, CT c. 1811-1819; Natchez, MS 1820-1832; and
New York, NY 1833-c. 1840
In the firms of Coit & Mansfield 1816-1819; Coit & Whittemore
with Edwin Whittemore 1830-1831; Clark, Coit & Cargill c. 1834-1836; and Clark & Coit 1836-c. 1840.

Cole & Clark

Great Falls, NH c. 1865-1867
Shubael B. Cole.

Ebenezer Cole

New York, NY 1818-1820
Was in the partnership of Cole & Wood with Benjamin Wood.

James C. Cole

Rochester, NH 1814-1865
Silversmith and clockmaker.  Had a branch business in Somersworth, NH.

John A. Cole

New York, NY 1840-1859
The mark shown is from a spoon retailed by Cole.

Benjamin Coleman, Jr.

Burlington, NJ c. 1785 and Sag Harbor, NY c. 1802-1820

Charles C. Coleman

Canton, MA c. 1838 and Worcester, MA 1844-1860
Was in the partnership of Coleman & Putnam with F.H. Putnam in 1856.  Silversmith and watchmaker.

Nathaniel Coleman

Burlington, NJ 1787-1835

Samuel Coleman

Trenton, NJ c. 1793-1806

Coles & Reynolds

New York, NY c. 1871-1876
Gilbert E. Coles (nephew of Albert Coles) and David I. Reynolds.
Acquired by George W. Shiebler.
See flatware patterns.

Albert Coles / Albert Coles & Co.

New York, NY  1835-1877
Became Albert Coles & Co. c. 1851. The company was sold to
Montgomery & Co. in 1877, which was acquired by George W. Shiebler the following year.  Makers of sterling and coin silver flatware and novelties.
See flatware patterns.

William Coley II

New York, NY  1801-1816

Peleg Collins

Cincinnati, OH 1820-1850 and San Francisco, CA c. 1858
In the partnerships Shipp & Collins with S.A.M. Shipp 1825-1834 and later Hazen & Collins with Nathan L. Hazen 1843-1847.

Selden Collins

Utica, NY 1849-1885
Was in the partnership of Murdock & Collins with James Murdock 1849-1850.

William B. Collins

New York, NY  c. 1825-1835
Was a member of the firm of Colton & Collins 1825-1835.

Colton & Collins

New York, NY 1825-1835

Demas Colton, Jr.

New York, NY c. 1826-1864

Columbia Silversmiths

Brooklyn, NY 1957-1961
Manufacturers of sterling holloware.

Columbian Souvenir Mfg. Co.

Chicago, IL c. 1893