Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

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M to Mawdsley

M & M Silversmiths

Los Angeles, CA 1924-1940s

John Macauly

Albany, NY  1797-1812
Was in the partnership of Macauly & Campbell with Thomas Campbell c. 1809.

J. Stuart MacDonald (1849-1922)

Baltimore, MD  1879-1922 / 1927
Formed the J.S. MacDonald Co. in 1904 which remained in business to 1927.


Winchester, MA c. 1950-1980s
Name of studio operated by William Mace and Leonard Field, modernist jewelers.

Erik Magnussen

Noted Danish designer and silversmith who worked for The Gorham Co. 1925-1929.  He had his own shop in Chicago, IL in 1932 and then in Los Angeles, CA, 1932 to 1938.  Magnussen returned to Denmark in 1939.

Henry Mahler (1832-1895)

Raleigh, NC  c. 1854-1895
Silversmith and jeweler.  Was in the partnership of H. Mahler & Co. with P. Thiem in 1856.

H. Mahler’s Sons

Raleigh, NC 1896-1932
Upon Henry Mahler’s death in 1895, his business was continued by two of his sons, Louis A. and Frederick W. Mahler.  They continued to operate under the name H. Mahler until they formed H. Mahler’s Sons in 1896.  The firm went bankrupt in 1932.  Silversmiths and jewelers.

Maisel’s Indian Trading Post

Albuquerque, NM c. 1931-1960’s
Founded by Morris Maisel who sold the works of Native Americans who worked on the premises.  Maisel’s reopened in the 1980s as a retailer of local Navajo silver.

Maltby, Stevens & Curtiss Co.

Wallingford, CT  1880-1896
Founded by Chapman Maltby, Elizur S. Stevens, and John Curtiss.  Successor to Maltby, Stevens & Co.  Acquired by Watrous Mfg. Co. in 1896.
See flatware patterns.

Manchester Silver Co.

Providence, RI  1892-1985
Founded in 1892 by William H. Manchester as W.H. Manchester & Co.; it became the Manchester Mfg. Co. in 1898 then the Manchester Silver Co. in 1915.  Acquired the dies of Richard Dimes Co. in the 1950s.  Sold to the J.C. Boardman Co. in 1985.  Makers of sterling flatware and holloware.
See flatware patterns.

Mandalian Manufacturing Co.

North Attleboro, MA 1922-1935
Successor to Mandalian & Hawkins. The mark used at right is found on their silverplate items.  Mandalian’s sterling mark is an M in a diamond.  Makers of mesh handbags.

Charles A. Mann

Springfield, MA 1842-1849

Levan Mannerback

Reading, PA 1825-1870

William Mannerback

Reading, PA c. 1785-1838

Simeon Marble (1776-1856)

New Haven, CT  1800-1822
In the partnership of Sibley & Marble with Clark Sibley 1801-1806.

Marcus & Co.

New York, NY 1892-1962
One of the successors of Starr & Marcus.  Makers of sterling holloware, novelties and jewelry.

Louis H. Markowitz

New York, NY c. 1919-1922
Manufacturing jeweler.

William J. Marks

Pittsburg, PA 1839-1845; Allegheny City, PA 1845-1850; and
Wheeling, VA (now WV) 1855-1860
Silversmith, clockmaker, watchmaker, and jeweler.

Marquand & Bro. / Marquand & Bros.

New York, NY  1830-1833
Founded by Frederick and Cornelius P. Marquand. Became Marquand & Bros. with the addition of Josiah P. Marquand in 1831.  Succeeded by Marquand & Co. in 1933.  Makers and retailers.

Marquand & Co.

New York, NY 1833-1839
Founded by Frederick Marquand, Josiah P. Marquand, William Black, and Henry Ball. Erasuts O. Tompkins and J. Douglass Williams joined the firm c. 1836. Succeeded by Ball, Tompkins & Black.  Silversmiths and jewelers.

Frederick Marquand

Savannah, GA 1820-1826 and New York, NY 1826-1839
Son of Isaac Marquand.  Was in the partnerships of J. Penfield & Co. 1820-1826; Marquand & Bro 1830-1831; Marquand & Bros. 1831-1833; and Marquand & Co. 1833-1839.

Benedict Beal Marsh (1808-1875)

Flemingsburg, KY and Richmond, KY prior to 1844;
Paris, KY 1844-c. 1857
In the partnership of T.K. & B.B. Marsh with his brother Thomas King Marsh 1844-1857.  Silversmith and clockmaker.

Benjamin Marsh

Albany, NY 1838-1869 and 1880-1896
Co-founded the jewelry firm of Marsh & Hoffman 1880 with Frederick W. Hoffman until 1896.

Thomas Henry Marshall (1809-1852)

Albany, NY 1832-1836; Troy, NY 1836-1838; and
Rochester, NY 1838-1852

Thomas King Marsh (1804-1866)

Paris, KY 1831-1857
In the partnership of T.K. & B.B. Marsh with his brother Benedict Beal Marsh 1844-1857.  Silversmith and clockmaker.

Marshall & Tempest

Philadelphia, PA 1813-1865
Founded by Joseph Marshall and Robert Tempest.

John C. Marshall

Louisville, KY 1836-1855


See The Gorham Co.

Peter Martin II

New York, NY c. 1806-1841

Reino J. Martin

Manchester, NH c. 1955-1960

Maschmeyer-Richards Silver Co.

St. Louis, MO 1906-c. 1935

F. Masi & Co.

Washington, DC c. 1825-1851

Seraphim Masi

Washington, DC 1822-1870

Levant L. Mason (1826-1911)

Rochester, NY 1845-1850 and Jamestown, NY 1850-1909

Samuel Mason, Jr. (1798-1833)

Philadelphia, PA  1820-1830

Charles A. Masson

Philadelphia, PA  1829-c. 1864

Mather & North

New York, NY  1826-1829
Thaddeus Mather and Orrin S. North.

Mather & Pitkin

Buffalo, NY 1844-1850
Theodore Mather and Joseph F. Pitkin.

Augustus Mathey

New York, NY  1823-1836

Mathews & Prior

New York, NY 1898-c. 1903
Makers of sterling holloware.

Richard Mathews

Charlottesville, VA 1836-1847

Matson & Hoes

Chicago, IL 1864-1867
Newell Matson & J.H. Hoes.

Newell Matson / N. Matson & Co.

Louisburg, CT  1840-1845; Owego, NY 1845-1852; Painesville, OH 1855-1857; Milwaukee, WI 1857-1871; and Chicago, IL 1864-1887; a branch location was operated in Dansville, NY in 1850
Was a partner in a number of businesses, including:
Matson, Loomis & Hoes in Milwaukee and Chicago c. 1857-1859.
Matson & Loomis with L.L. Loomis in Milwaukee 1859-1864.
Matson & Hoes with J.H. Hoes in Chicago 1864-1867.
Formed N. Matson & Co. in Chicago 1867-1887.

Matson himself was not a silversmith, but rather employed a number of silversmiths who made items marked with the Matson name.  N.  Matson & Co. was sold to Henry A. Spaulding in 1888 and the business went on to become Spaulding & Co.

Matthews Co.

Newark, NJ 1906-c. 1936
Merged with Eleder-Hickok to become Hickok-Matthews Co.
Makers of sterling holloware.

Kurt Matzdorf

New Paltz, NY 1954-2008
Highly regarded silversmith, best known for his Judaica and
ceremonial work. Awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Society of North American Goldsmiths in 2006.

Mauser Manufacturing Co.

New York, NY 1892-1904 and Mt. Vernon, NY 1904-1913
Founded by Frank Mauser as Frank Mauser & Co. in North Attleboro, MA and moved to Mt. Vernon, NY c. 1890.  Succeeded by Max Ams in 1892 then the Mauser Mfg. Co. later that year.  Acquired J.B. & S.M. Knowles Co. in 1905. The Mauser Mfg. Co. was taken over by the Mount Vernon Co. Silversmiths in 1913. Some Mauser dies were purchased by the Wendell Mfg. Co. Maker of sterling flatware, holloware and vanity items.
See flatware patterns.

Richard Mawdsley

Carterville, IL 1960s-2004