Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Phelps to Poore

Phelps & Cary Co.

New York, NY 1899-1900
Acquired by the Hartford Sterling Co.

Ebenezer S. Phelps (1788-1872)

Northampton, MA 1812-1830; Springfield, IL 1831-1838; and
Princeton, IL 1838-1860
Silversmith and watchmaker. Was involved in a number of partnerships:
Crooks & Phelps with James Crooks 1812-1814.
Phelps & Strong 1823-1826.
Phelps & Holland with nelson Holland 1827-1828.
Phelps & White with G.W. White 1828-1830

Samuel F. Phelps

Bennington, VT 1832-1834 and Troy, NY 1834-1838

Phillips & Foster

Winchester, VA 1817
William Phillips and John Foster.

James D. Phillips (Philips)

Cincinnati, OH 1823-1835

Thomas Phillips (1774-1843)

Paris, KY c. 1795-1818 and 1820-1827; Hopkinsville, KY 1818-1820;
and Lawrenceburg, KY 1827-1831
Was in the partnership of Phillips & Frazer with Robert Frazer Sr.
and Alexander Frazer c. 1799.

William Phillips (1755-1836)

Winchester, VA  c. 1775-1836
In the partnerships of Hartman & Phillips with Daniel Hartman 1802-1816 and Phillips & Foster with John Foster 1817-1820.

Phinney & Mead

Montpelier, VT  1849-1857
Truman Phinney and Almon Ainsworth Mead.

Truman C. Phinney (1827-1901)

Montpelier, VT  1849-1863
Was in the partnership of Phinney & Mead 1849-1857. Silversmith and jeweler.


See Phyllis Jacobs

John Pickering

Philadelphia, PA 1814

Fred Pieper

Covington, KY 1866-1905
In the partnership of H. Terlau & Co. with Henry Terlau and Charles Carlt 1866-1881. Pieper’s business continued after his death in 1905 as F. Pieper, Jeweler until c. 1931.

Benjamin Pierpont

Roxbury, MA c. 1752 and Boston, MA 1760-1797

Lillian Pines

New York, NY  1915-1950s

Pinkus Bros.

New York, NY c. 1900-1935
Cigarette manufacturer, they also made smoking accessories.

Charles Piquette

Detroit, MI 1835-1859
Founded the Piquette Pen Co., a gold pen manufacturing company, c. 1845.

Pitkin & Root

East Hartford, CT c. 1830

Pitkin & Sumner

East Hartford, CT c. 1820-1830

J.O. & W. Pitkin

East Hartford, CT 1829-1836
Brothers John O. Pitkin and Walter M. Pitkin. This firm had a branch location in Vicksburg, MS, 1835-1836 which operated under the name Seeger & Pitkin.

John Owen Pitkin

Hartford, CT 1826-1850
In the partnership of J.O. & W. Pitkin 1829-1836.

William Leonard Pitkin

Hartford, CT 1854-1894
Was in the partnership of W.L. & H.E. Pitkin 1863-1894.

W.L. & H.E. Pitkin

W.L. & H.E. PitkinHartford, CT 1863-1894
Partnership between William Leonard Pitkin and Horace Edward Pitkin.  The business was sold to the Eagle Sterling Co.

Walter M. Pitkin (1808-1885)

Hartford, CT  c. 1825-1859
Silversmith and jeweler. In the partnership of J.O. & W. Pitkin with
his brother John O. Pitkin 1829-1836.

Benjamin Pitman (1728-1814)

Providence, RI c. 1750-1800

Benjamin Pitman (1800-1886)

New Bedford, MA c. 1825-1877

Saunders Pitman (1732-1808)

Providence, RI  1755-1802
Partnered with Samuel Dorrance in the firm of Pitman &
Dorrance 1795-1800 and then with Nehemiah Dodge in
Pitman & Dodge in 1800.

William Robinson Pitman (1804-1891)

Providence, RI 1826; New Bedford, MA 1836-1856; and
Newport, RI 1856-1889

Daniel Place

Ithaca, NY  1839-1845

Platt & Bro.

New York, NY 1842-1861
George W. and Nathan C. Platt.  Successors to Platt & Brothers.

Platt & Bros.

New York, NY 1835-1842
A partnership between brothers David D., Elkana, George W. and Nathan C. Platt.  Succeeded by Platt & Brother.

G.W. & N.C. Platt

New York, NY  1828-1835

George Wood Platt (1798-1881)

New York, NY  1824-1881
A partner in the firms of G.W. & N.C. Platt 1828-1835, Platt & Bros. 1835-1842 and Platt & Bro. 1842-1861.

William A. Platt / W.A. Platt & Co.

Columbus, OH 1838-1850
Was in the firm of W.A. Platt & Co. 1840-1847.

John F. Plummer (1817-1896)

Baltimore, MD  1842-1896

William A. Poindexter (1818-1884)

Lexington, KY 1836-1851 and 1858-c. 1881
Was in the partnership of William Poindexter & Son with his father William P. Poindexter 1838-1839.  Joined with brother Charles H. Poindexter in the firm of C.H. & W.A. Poindexter c. 1848-1868.  Was in the partnership of Parrish & Poindexter with E.H. Parrish c. 1875.

William P. Poindexter (1792-1869)

Lexington, KY 1818-1859
Took son William A. Poindexter on as a partner and went by the name William Poindexter & Son 1838-1839.

Polhamus & Strong

New York, NY 1859-1863
John Polhamus and George E. Strong.

John Polhamus

New York, NY c. 1833-1877
Was a partner in a number of firms:
Vancott & Polhamus with Albert B. Van Cott 1837-1838.
Henry Hebbard & Co. with Henry Hebbard c. 1851-1859.
Polhamus & Strong with George E. Strong 1859-1863.
John Polhamus & Co. with Will Bogert c 1870-1874.
Important maker of sterling flatware and for a short time produced silver for Tiffany & Co. Many items produced by Polhamus carry only a retailer’s mark or simply the initials JP. Most flatware dies were acquired by Geo. W. Shiebler & Co.; at least one was acquired by the Whiting Mfg. Co.
See flatware patterns.

Robert Isaac Watts Polk (1818-1861)

Woodstock, VA 1837-1839 and Winchester, VA 1839-1861
In the partnership of Campbell & Polk with Thomas Campbell

Lewis Joseph Poncet

Alexandria, VA 1796 and Baltimore, MD 1797-1822

Theodore H. Pond

Baltimore, MD
An educator at the Rhode Island School of Design who also designed glass for Tiffany Studios, Pond headed up the Pond Applied Arts Studio 1911-1914.

Thomas Pons (1757-c. 1827)

Boston, MA  1782-1816

Poole Silver Co.

Taunton, MA 1895-1970
Successor to Poole, Roche & Co. Production of their sterling wares began in 1946.  The Bristol Silver division was started in 1950 to manufacture silverplated holloware. Acquired by the Towle Manufacturing Co. in 1970.
See flatware patterns.

Edward Poole (1812-1847)

Keene, NH  c. 1835-1847

William Poole (b. 1764 d. 1829)

Wilmington, DE  c. 1785-1789

G.L. & J.R. Poor

Selma, AL 1851-1859
George L. Poor and James R. Poor

Daniel Poore (1767-1840)

Portland, ME  1794-1795