Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Town to Tyler

Ira Strong Town (Towne) (1810-1902)

Montpelier, VT 1829-1852 and 1868-1889
Was in the partnership of I.S. & J. Town with his brother Josiah Town 1829-1832.  Worked independently 1832-1838 but retained the firm name of I.S. & J. Town.  Was in the partnerships of Town & Witherell with Elijah B. Witherell 1838-1845 and later Town & Hall with Jonas G. Hall 1848-1851.  Sold his business to Phinney & Mead in 1852 and returned to the silversmithing profession in 1868.

Obadiah W. Towson (b.c. 1791-1824)

Baltimore, MD 1814-1819 and Philadelphia, PA 1819-1824

Joseph Toy

Abingdon, MD  c. 1776-1795
Was a partner in the firm of Toy & Wilson with William Wilson

Tradition Sterling

A division of Lenox.
See flatware patterns.

Peter Traphagen

Riverside, CA 1931-1838 and Pasadena, CA 1938-1960s


A trademark used by Lunt Silversmiths (Rogers, Lunt & Bowlen) from 1921 to 1954.  See Lunt Silversmiths.

Joseph R. Treat

Milwaukee, WI 1847-1852

Benjamin N. Trees

Lexington, KY 1950s-1960s

John P. Trott & Son

New London, CT c. 1820
John Proctor Trott and son John Proctor Trott.

John Proctor Trott (1776-1852)

New London, CT 1792-c. 1820
Was in the partnerships of Trott & Cleveland with William Cleveland 1792-1794; Trott & Brooks in 1798; and John P. Trott & Son c. 1820.

Thomas Trotter

Greensboro, NC c. 1824 and Charlotte, NC c. 1827-1865
Silversmith and jeweler.  Involved in a number of partnerships:
Thomas Trotter & Co. 1827-1828.
Trotter & Huntington with John Huntington 1828-1831.
Trotter & Alexander with his apprentice Samuel P. Alexander 1837-1838.
Thomas Trotter & Son 1853-18576.
Joined J.G. Wilkinson & Co. in 1858.

Isaac Truax

Albany, NY c. 1795-1796

Armistead Truslow

Richmond, VA 1810-1812 and Lynchburg, VA 1813-1836

Peter Cornelius Tryner

Maroa, IL 1879-1882; Galesburg, IL 1892-1898 and 1910-1919;
and Indianapolis, IN 1920-1934

Tucker & Parkerhurst Co.

Ogdensburg, NY 1898-c. 1899
Successor to Bell Bros.

Albert G. Tucker

Cincinnati, OH c. 1842-1847 and Lebanon, OH 1847-1858
Silversmith and jeweler.

J.W. Tucker & Co.

San Francisco, CA  c. 1860-1885
Founded by John W. Tucker and John H. Baird.

John W. Tucker

San Francisco, CA  1850-1876
Tucker was in the partnership of Tucker & Reeve with George F. Reeve 1850-1851.  He founded the firm of J.W. Tucker & Co. c. 1860 and remained in the firm until his death in 1876.

Tuel & Ellis

Windsor, VT 1847-1848
Benjamin Tuel and John Ellis.

B. Tuells

Palmya, NY c. 1818

Tuttle Silversmiths

Boston, MA 1890-Present
Founded by Timothy Tuttle and acquired by Wallace Silversmiths in 1955.  Makers of sterling flatware and holloware.  Beginning in the 1920s, most pieces they make are marked with the initials of the President of the United States in office at that time.  Acquired by Syratech’s Lifetime Brands division in 1986.
See flatware patterns.

Twambley & Cleaves

Biddeford, ME  1863-1889
Samuel G. Twambley and Albert K. Cleaves

Rufus K. Twambley (Twombly)

Saco, ME 1850-1878
Succeeded by his son, George E. Twambley.

Twombly & Smith / Twambley & Smith

Saco, ME  1845-c. 1867
Charles Twambley and Daniel Smith, Jr.

Gertrude Twichell

Boston, MA 1910s-1920s
Member of the Boston Society of Arts & Crafts.

Andrew Tyler

Boston, MA c. 1710-1741

D.M. Tyler

Boston, MA c. 1810

David Tyler

Boston, MA  1785-1803

Edward A. Tyler

Belfast, ME 1834-1838 and New Orleans, LA 1838-1878

John H. Tyler / John H. Tyler & Co.

Richmond, VA 1840-1883
Partnered with Samuel P. Mitchell in the firm of Mitchell &
Tyler 1845-1866. Was in John H. Tyler & Co. from 1866 until
his death in 1883; the firm remaining in business by his sons until 1887.