Silversmiths Directory & Sterling Marks

Alphabetical by Name

Ladd to Lefevre

Horatio Homer Ladd (1820-1881)

Manchester, VT  1844-1881
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.  Was in the partnership of H.H. Ladd & Co. c. 1866-1881.

William F. Ladd (1807-1889)

New York, NY  c. 1827-1889
Was in the partnership of Gelston, Ladd & Co. with George S. Gelston 1839-1844.

Jacob Ladomus

Philadelphia, PA 1843-1884

Lewis Ladomus / L. Ladomus & Co.

Philadelphia, PA  1844-1878
Had the business of L. Ladomus & Co. 1853-1878.  Silversmith and watchmaker.

Vincent Laforme & Brother

Boston, MA 1850-1854
Francis Laforme and Vincent Laforme.

Vincent Laforme

Boston, MA 1844-1877/1893
Joined with his brother Francis J. Laforme in the firm of
Vincent Laforme & Brother 1850-1854. After 1877 Laforme
worked as a silverplater. Upon his death in 1893, his son
Elmer Laforme continued the plating business until 1909 when
it was bought by Hallet & Smith.

Ebenezer Knowlton Lakeman

Salem, MA 1819-1857
In the partnership of Stevens & Lakeman with John Stevens

Matthias Lamar (Lamaire)

Philadelphia, PA c. 1782-1803

Walter Lampl Co.

New York, NY 1921-1959
Primarily a jewelry manufacturer, they also made some
sterling novelties.

John Lamson

Boston, MA 1816 and Baltimore, MD 1817-1818

Americus Lancaster

Philadelphia, PA 1839-1858 and 1866-1892

Tobias D. Lander (d. 1870)

Newburgh, NY 1826-1843 and New York, NY c. 1845-1870
In the partnerships of Jennings & Lander with Oscar Jennings
1846-1853 and Squire & Lander 1853-1855.

Lane & Bros.

Clarks Mills, NY c. 1840

David H. Lane

Gloucester, MA c. 1855-1881

Edward Lang

Salem, MA c. 1764-1786

Jeffrey Lang

Salem, MA c. 1730-1758

Nathaniel Lang (b. 1757 d. 1824)

Salem, MA c. 1780

Richard Lang

Salem, MA 1754-1809

Anthony Langford, Jr.

Portsmouth, NH 1827 and Boston, MA 1835-1865
Was a partner in the firm of T.A. Davis & Co. in 1835.

E.P. Langworthy & Son

Ballston Spa, NY c. 1814

Elisha Perkins Langworthy

Ballston Spa, NY 1795-1823
Was in the partnership of E.P. & L.B. Langworthy 1812-1814 and then E.P. Langworthy & Son c. 1814.

Alphonse La Paglia

Meriden, CT
Noted designer and silversmith, he set up his shop with the assistance of International Silver in 1952.  Upon La Paglia’s sudden death in 1953, his widow continued the shop for a short while, eventually moving it to International’s facilities.  Much of the shop’s wares were purchased by Georg Jensen, and the Jensen name was added to these items.

Frank H. LaPierre / LaPierre Manufacturing Co.

New York, NY c. 1886-1897 and Newark, NJ 1897-Present
Founded by Frank H. LaPierre c. 1886; incorporated in 1896 as the LaPierre Mfg. Co.  Makers of sterling vanity items and novelties. Became a division of International Silver in 1929.

James E. Latimer

Philadelphia, PA 1813-1822

Ralph Lauren

Sterling and stainless flatware made by license agreement for the famous fashion designer.
See flatware patterns.

William Lawler

St. Louis, MO 1842-1846; New Orleans, LA 1846-1854;
and San Francisco, CA 1854-1881

F. Walter Lawrence

Newark, NJ and New York, NY 1889-1929
Maker of handwrought sterling flatware, holloware, and jewelry, F. Walter Lawrence also retailed sterling wares made by others and added his mark to theirs. Two cousins joined in him 1913, the company was incorporated, and the letters “Inc.” were added from that point forward to Lawrence’s mark.

Martin M. Lawrence

New York, NY 1832-1840


See Lawrence B. Smith Co.

Leach & Bennett

Utica, NY 1856-1858
Almon Leach and L.M. Bennett.

Leach & Bradley

Utica, NY 1832-1835
Ebenezer Leach and Horace S. Bradley.

Leach & Davies

Utica, NY 1835-1840
Ebenezer Leach and Thomas Davies.

Almon Leach (1823-1901)

Utica, NY 1850-1897
In the partnership of Hawley & Leach with Horace Hawley 1853-1856 and then in the firm of Leach & Bennett with L.M. Bennett 1856-1858. The mark shown is from a spoon retailed by Leach.

Charles Leach

Boston, MA 1789-1792

John Leacock

Philadelphia, PA 1751-c. 1782

Thomas B. Leavenworth

Buffalo, NJ c. 1849-1850, Detroit, MI 1850-1876; and
Central City, SD c. 1880-1881

Lebkuecher & Co.

Newark, NJ 1896-1918
Founded by Arthur E. Lebkuecher, Frank A. Lebkuecher, and
Charles C. Wientge. Went by the name Francis A. Lebkuecher & Co. 1912-1918.  Acquired by The Eleder Co. 1918 which became the Eleder-Hickok Co. in 1922, although they continued to use the Lebkuecher mark. Eleder-Hickok merged with the Matthews Co. to become Hickok-Matthews Co.  Makers of sterling holloware and novelties.

Lebolt & Co.

Chicago, IL 1899-1983
Founded by J. Myer LeBolt as a manufacturing jeweler, a silversmith’s shop was added in 1912 and was later managed by John LeBolt, the founder’s son.  Makers of handwrought sterling flatware and holloware.

Lee & Bro.

Buffalo, NY 1852-1857
Charles Timothy Lee and Oliver Lee.

Lee & Wilkinson

Mansfield, OH 1864-c. 1875
John A. Lee and Edward Wilkinson.

J. Lee

Middletown, CT  c. 1790-1800

Samuel Waters Lee (b. 1795 d. 1861)

Providence, RI 1815-1819 and Rochester, NY 1822-1851
Was in the partnerships of Burr & Lee with Ezekiel Burr
1815-1819 and Scofield & Lee with Salmon Scofield in 1822.

Gideon Howard Leeds

Philadelphia, PA 1840-1842

Charles Lefavour

Lynn, MA 1841-1860 and Boston, MA c. 1863

John Felix Lefevre

Philadelphia, PA 1806-1813
In the partnership of Lefevre & Gravelle with Rene Gravelle